Two Sunday’s ago, Noah and Levi were baptized at our church.  I haven’t had much time to write about it, mainly because I was hoping to get my iMac into the Apple store for a repair (it hasn’t worked since the end of March, and I just haven’t had the opportunity to take it in for service) in order upload the 1500+ pictures that are currently stored on my SD card in my Nikon.  I have some really great pictures I wanted to add, but alas, I’ll just have to post the ones that people sent me, and that Callie and had the opportunity to take on our phones.

So back to the baptism.  I have to say (and so did everyone that attended), it was a beautiful service.  Our pastor had come over a few days before to go over the service with us.  From beginning to end, it focused on our little family.  It incorporated some our favorite hymns.  The readings (they escape me now) had to do with brother/sisterhood and loving one another.  One song that we sung that was performed by our choir at a music festival on the day the boys were born.  I had a solo to perform at the festival, and ended up having to cancel because I was in the hospital, and they sang it in it’s place.  Talk about full circle! It was just beautiful.  During the children’s portion of the service, our pastor explained to the kids what a baptism really is.  How it’s an outward expression of our love for God and an embrace from the congregation to love those children in God’s way.  And embrace us they did.  It was so touching to see so many people love on our our boys, our family, our friends.



For the actual baptism, the whole congregation moved to the back of the church where the baptismal font is.  It is stationed right in front of the huge stained glass windows depicting Jesus’ own baptism performed by John.  Also, a huge (floor to ceiling) pride flag hung in the background.  The sun was shining in, and there were rainbows everywhere.  The whole congregation and our family and friends stood around the font, as Noah and Levi, being held by their godparents, cooed and laughed and blew raspberries. Our pastor read some affirmations and the godparents, Callie and myself responded, and then she asked questions of the church and they responded as well.  Something along the lines of, raising them in faith, denouncing evil  and oppression both in our personal lives and in the church, about teaching and guiding them, and a promise to serve or community through God’s love.  We were totally with that, so every one said “I do” and “I will”.  The church reaffirmed the same.  Then she took the boys one at time, first Levi and then Noah, prayed over them, blessed them with Holy Water, making the sign of the cross on their tiny, curious (and not crying!) heads, and asked us (the 4 godparents and the parents and their big sister Mary of course) to put our hands on them as we all prayed for them.  I have to admit, I got a little misty eyed when people in our congregation closed their eyes, and with their whole hearts prayed for our boys.  Pastor K grabbed both the boys, walked around with them and showed them off the the throngs of people who were so impressed with how well behaved they were.









After service, Callie and I had set up a really great BBQ for everyone, and we spent the day passing babies around, eating cake and hot dogs and hamburgers, and enjoying the beautiful 80+ degree weather.  It was a great day had by all.  We played some games, talked a little more about our super inclusive church (we have a couple of new members actually), and just enjoyed time with the people we love the most. All in all, it was just a great day, with great people, celebrating our cute little guys…

Also, Mary wants to get baptized when she’s adopted.  That’ll probably be one of the first things she’ll want to do after we change her last name.  She’s all about that too….

25 thoughts on “Blessed…

  1. So beautiful! Ansel will be baptized on the 10th of July – in the same church building (not the same church organization) where I was baptized, and in the same gown that La’s family has been baptized in for generations. I’m so excited! Looks like it was a beautiful service for all of you!

    • Wow…that’s pretty awesome! We Callie’s mon had her baptism gown as well, but it wasn’t fair to have one and not the other. My parents sold their house and have all of that stuff in a huge over stuffed storage unit and their wasn’t enough time…so we’re sad about that, but it’s all good! It sounds like AJ’s baptism is gonna be wonderful. Can’t wait to see pictures!

      • Dont get me wrong i loved your post. Its beautiful and the babies are so cute. But i was wondering what church could put on such a positive baptism. Thankyou

      • Oh, our pastor is amazing! She truly believes that we are ALL created in God’s image and that we are all human and should treat each other the way Chris would treat us. It was a very inclusive service and our congregation LOVES our family. They call us when we don’t come to church, the invite us to dinner, they offer babysitting and BBQ’s. They are such a huge part of our lives and have really restored our faith. I wouldn’t have expected it to be any other way…

      • See thats the kind of church and community i envison, when Im actively searching for a church home. That is truly special and beautiful. I especially liked the part when it was mentioned about serving others and going against oppression, not just personal but for others as well. I was baptised and raised catholic, I’ve seen others baptised when i was older and…the baptism of your kids sounds like the way baptism should be. (Which probably sounds awkwardly worded and it is, that type of baptism and affirmations does not happen in every church)

  2. It sounds like a beautiful day full of love for your little boys and your entire family! There really is nothing quite like being surrounded by the people you love.
    I am so thrilled about the note at the end about how excited Mary is about becoming part of the family through adoption.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more…It’s funny with Mary because she had a visit with her mom today, and when she came home she was talking about the visit and telling us how much she loves her mom (“up to the sky, and all the planets and up to God”) but how we are her BEST family! That kid! I just love her so damn much! And the best part is that the feeling is completely mutual!

  3. God bless your beautiful babies and your wonderful family! I am so touched that Mary wants to get baptized after she’s adopted. What an awesome symbolism for welcoming her into your family, officially!

    • Thanks Lindsay! She was actually asking why she couldn’t just get baptized at the same time as the boys, but we can’t make any religious affiliations for her like that, Unless of course (which is ridiculous) we get permission from mom. So, it’ll have to wait, but then it’ll just be HERS, and she’ll get showered with love and attention, which in sure she’ll LOVE!

  4. That is really amazing- I’m not religious but I would like some sort of ceremony with all the important people there, just wishing us all well and blessing us in whatever way is personal to them. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh, my heart! 🙂 How are they getting cuter!? I bet the tops of their heads smell like everything good in the world.

    I’m so disappointed I missed you in NY. I wish I’d thought to throw it out there BEFORE, because that would have been awesome.

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