Happy First Birthday!!!

Friends,  I officially have two 1 year old boys!  I can’t even believe it! I would love to write more about it, because there are so many feelings wrapped up in having made it through this first year (seriously, I cried all damn night!) but there is no time! 1st haircuts, hospital to drop off breast milk for Austin Ryan, first aquarium visit, and then taking Mommy to the airport for a 4 day business trip…yup! Lots going on!  I’ll have more time to post this week (I think!) so I’ll fill you in on our fun filled day…otherwise,  Happy First Birthday Noah and Levi…mama Los quiero mucho mucho mucho! 

   Noah 2 hours old

  Levi 2 hours old


Why, yes! Yes we did have cake for breakfast!  

Question About Milk Supply…

Hey there friends,

So I know that every woman is different and not everyone has the same experiences, but I’m ok with getting as many answers as I can!

I’ve been exclusively pumping while Austin Ryan has been In the NICU. On average, in punping about 30cc (1 ounce) every 2 hours.  He is currently eating 32cc’s every 3 hours and they are increasing his feeds to 35cc’s tonight.  That basically means, that if I pump 10x’s a day he is getting pretty much exactly what he needs.  They are fortifying the breastmilk with iron every feed to help him gain weight (currently at 3lbs 13.9oz!) and a daily multivitamin once a day.

How long before you were producing more than one ounce in a session? Did you see an increase immediately, or did it take a while to establish a milk supply? Do you feel that fenugreek, blessed thistle, mothers milk, etc. actually helped with your supply (I barely see a difference but everywhere I leave smells like straight up syrup!!! Thanks fenugreek!) I just can’t help but feel that 2 and a half weeks later I should be pumping more than this.  I know that he hasn’t latched yet and that it will help my supply increase loads (hopefully!) but I need this to happen NOW since breastmilk is easier to breakdown and whenever I don’t have enough milk for him and they have to supplement with formula and he has episodes when he tries to poop (brief Brady’s where he always brings himself back and doesn’t need stimulation – only needed stim twice this week)! I want to avoid that as much as possible. 

Any advice breastfeeding friend?!?!