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meThere are many things I can say about myself, but if you really want to know who I am, your best option is to read my blog! I’m Sammie, a 32 year old lady, living with the love of my life, Callie (who is currently carrying our twins) (who recently gave birth to our two beautiful twin boys), and our foster daughter Mary. We’ve been together for 5 years, got engaged, *got married on 11/1/14, and were on a mission to conceive (with 9 failed IUI’s) until finally, on May 15th, 2014 we had our egg retrieval, May 20th or 5DET, and May 29th, as I was getting cash at the Drive-thru ATM, I got the phone call that we had been anticipating for 16 months…WE WERE PREGNANT!!! On January 11th, after 12 weeks on bed rest, Callie’s water broke while cleaning house on Saturday night at around 8:30pm, and our glorious baby boys, Noah and Levi, were born on Sunday just after midnight at 12:43 and 12:44am via Cesarean Section.  Now, it’s my turn to carry one of our little babies!  After deciding that perhaps, I DID want to be pregnant, we transferred one of Callie’s embryos and did reciprocal IVF, and now, I am currently pregnant and expecting another Mendez baby on 2/26/16! Austin Ryan was born on December 17th, 2015, 2 and a half months premature.



We live in a suburb 20 minutes outside of New York City, in an apartment with our rabbit (Dusty) , 3 birds (Harry, Hermione and Mama), and our kitty (Gracie). We are super close to our families, and have a tight knit group of amazing, supportive and loving friends. We love fishing, impromptu dance sessions while cooking dinner or washing dishes, avocados and mangoes, camping, our 2 3 nieces and little nephew, museums, Scrabble, ghost tours in EVERY city we visit, reading books out loud to each other, Sangria, and most of all, spending quality time together. Aside from that, I’m pretty freaking hilarious and get a whole lot of joy in making people laugh.  All in all,  Life is good!

22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hahaha! Love your ‘about me’ page – I hadn’t read it before. I just came over to look as my wife was asking if anyone blogs who is the non belly mama, so I said I thought she’d like your blog best as I figured your perspective might be closest to hers. I’ll pass your address on to her 🙂 Also – if you want to ‘hang out’ on fb – email me your name at joyous crocodile @ gmail dot com (obviously run that all together into an address!)

  2. Hi I just wandered upon your blog and had to read some, I really like how much your personality shines through your writing… I love finding IVF success stories as I have infertility issues… but I had to leave a comment and say congratulations to you and your wife on everything… and I had to leave a comment because my name is Callie also and I haven’t met very many Callies 🙂

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  4. Hey! I’ve just found you on here! Are you following me already? It never clicked to me that you were Y on Instagram! I can’t wait to read your blog now (when Phoebe permits;-) ). I’m terrible at writing mine, have sort of given up :-s It was more meant as a diary for Phoebe actually so I hope she’ll forgive me. Your family are so beautiful 🙂 Sending love from across the pond ❤

    • I’ve been following you ladies for a while! It was like 8 months ago, which is how we found you on IG. It tells me now that your page was deleted! GASP! We love watching little Phoebe grow “alongside” our boys. Her little gummy grin melts my heart. We have some awesome babies friend…

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  6. Ok now I have tagged you for the 10 Things Writing Challenge. Please don’t feel obligated to write along. I just wanted to show some #bloggerlove and share a link to your blog on my post.

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  8. Sammie I love your blog and enjoy reading updates about you, Callie and the boys. They are the most beautiful twin boys (Noah and Levi) I have ever seen and Austin Ryan is a glorious miracle. I hope all of you are well! Anna Marie

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