WEEKS 34 & 35

Still no babies!!!  Believe me, we are as surprised as you are!  We definitely expected to have some babies by this point, but NOPE! Not the case!  These past 2 weeks have been very difficult for us.  With the holidays, Mary being home for 2 straight weeks while Callie was technically still on bed rest ( you can imagine the craziness!), and me having a pretty terrible upper respiratory infection, it has not been easy.  Our apartment looks like it has been flipped upside-down! I’m a neat freak, and I like things clean and organized, but this week all I wanted was sleep, and lots of it!

I guess I should really start by acknowledging the amazing year that was 2014 (Happy New Year everyone!).  2014 for us was filled with lots of love, support, friendship, and hope. In 2014 we got engaged, became foster parents to some of the greatest kids, got approved for IVF, found out we were pregnant…with TWINS, welcomed a new niece into the family, got a promotion at work, celebrated my sisters engagement to a great man, started a blog where I found a great network of friends and like-minded individuals, attended some beautiful and amazing weddings, and got MARRIED!  By far, hands down, 2014 has been the best year of my life!!!  I’m excited to see what 2015 brings, but something tells me it’ll probably be just as amazing…Cheers to 2015!

So week 34…my two little Spaghetti Squash are just wiggling and growing in there like you have no idea.  The boys hearing is apparently fully developed.  That’s great, because they are going to be musicians (duh!) so it has to be on point.  According to some of the apps we read, amniotic fluid peaks this week, they are measuring approximately 18 inches crown to heel, and should weigh just about 5 pounds.  During the week, we noticed more or less what their sleeping patterns are and when they are wide awake (thanks to the karate chops and roundhouse kicks happening in Callie’s belly).  For Callie’s birthday (12/26) we went out with some friends for Hibachi, and the boys absolutely LOVED IT, and spicy crab salad.  They are gonna love spicy things, it’s kind of inevitable. Her belly has started dropping some, and it is definitely getting quite heavy.  She is a trooper, and I am completely and totally in awe of the way that she is handling this pregnancy.  She amazes me every day…



Week 35 you ask?  It hasn’t gotten any easier on Callie, I’ll tell you that.  She is feeling the most uncomfortable she has felt through this whole pregnancy.  I’m pretty sure that at some point this week, if they don’t come on their own, she is going to reach in and pull them out!  I am gently encouraging her to start walking some and try moving things along.  After 12 looooonnngggg weeks of bed rest, the OB said she is officially off!  Not that it matters much, because Callie is so uncomfortable that all she wants to do is lay down.  A few days ago, we had a bit of nice, sunny weather, and we decided to take Mary outside to try out her new skates that she got for Christmas.  I figured I could bribe Callie with some food from the local pizza shop about a block over.  My poor honey damn near cried as we made our way around our building and to the corner.  The pressure on her “lower parts” is excruciating, and the weight of the babies on her tiny frame are giving her some serious back pains.  DAMN YOU GRAVITY for making my lady (and her lady parts) hurt so bad!!! We made it though, and the Sicilian slice she ordered was a nice reward for a pretty tough walk.  Our OB appointment went rather well.  They did a full scan of the boys tiny bodies again, and they are breathing on their own!  It was so cool to see their little chests going up and down, up and down.  We basically have 2 fully developed tiny humans as of right now.  Both boys are weighing in at over 5 pounds.  Noah is weighing 5lbs3oz and Levi is at 5lbs5oz.  Poor Callie is carrying almost 11lbs of baby on her 5’3″ 120lb frame.  She has only gained 33lbs during her pregnancy, but it’s fair to say that it’s all baby!  Her belly is measuring 44cm, which our Dr. couldn’t even believe.  Usually, it measures about a cm/week, so at 44 cm, she is already way past the full term size of a singleton pregnancy! And we thought that cervix was a problem! Unfortunately, Levi has decided to switch positions, and he is now transverse across Callie’s belly, so it’s looking more like a c-section if he doesn’t turn in the next week or so.




We finally got scheduled (in ink and not just penciled in) for January 27th at 11:30am.  So in just over 3 weeks (at the latest) we will officially be MOMS!!! EEEEKKKK!!!  This week with Levi’s positioning, Callie’s ribs have really taken a beating!  Levi keeps head butting her in the ribs, and Noah keeps head butting her in the cervix.  For Callie’s sake, I hope they come soon, so she can find some relief.  I will mention, that her contractions are still pretty frequent, but for the most part, as of yesterday, they seem to be about 20 minutes apart and lasting a good 2 minutes or so.  I haven’t seen her writhe and wriggle in discomfort like that at all (with the exception of the 2 finger cervix check), so with that being said, send all your “Babies, get the HELL out” (in a  nice way) energy this way!  I will officially be posting their eviction notice this evening.