The 30 Day Challenge – Day #28

Day 28-Something that stresses you out

There aren’t many things that stress me out, mainly because I’m a carefree person, but also because I don’t let things get into my psyche!  I’m not a person that worries too much about anything.  If I do, it’s usually some life altering event, and even then, I give it a good 10 minutes to a day to mull it over in my head before I remember that things are as they are and will be what they will be, so really, no matter how stressful things are, the outcome is just as it should be.  No sense in getting all worked up about it.  It’s similar to my philosophy on jealousy.  (I don’t do jealousy because If someone is gonna cheat, they are gonna cheat, no matter what my actions are to prevent it, or how hard I hold on.  If they are cheaters, they are cheaters…best to move on.)Stress-2devdak

There is one thing though that stresses me the hell out, at least for the few minutes before I get up, curse someone the hell out, and move to a different location, sometimes removing myself from the situation entirely.  Ready?!  Ready?!  It really gets me going when someone is doing their personal grooming on public transportation!  Like, seriously!!!!!  You couldn’t do that at home?!  It’s called personal grooming, meaning it’s private, and as a private activity, it should take place in the privacy of your own damn home.  Your fingernail clippings, or as I like to call it, the unwanted parts of your talons, flying in my direction, cause me to become some crazed, deranged straphanger, acting all TYPES of crazy on the damn bus!  Oh and lady! You!?!?!  The one brushing her ridiculously long mane, while whipping the 4 people in your immediate vicinity in the face with your locks, while abandoning bits of yourself all over the “standing room only” train?!  Yeah, I pretty much hate you! Did you not have 45 seconds AT HOME to take care of your damn weave, because let’s be real, not ALL of that is yours!  So you had the time to put the pieces IN, but you couldn’t BRUSH it!?! I literally, can’t even! In fact….55063633So, that being said, it totally stresses me out when I’m sitting in the window seat and it’s near impossible to get out.  I have had to let a few people know about themselves and that it is really disgusting (especially the nail clippings).  I’ve had a few choice words for people, especially after asking politely to please stop it.  I think about it all day after the incident and get totally skeeved out, wondering if I need to call my Internist and get some type of HepC shot, or TB, or MMR, or Tetanus.  It is so damn disgusting.  I think about all the things I touch during the day, and how often I sanitize and wash my hands and know that the amount of times is not normal.  I also know that most people, don’t wash their hands as often.  I mean, what if they wiped their behind after making a BM and got a little on that pinkie nail that just flew across my face, bounced off the window, and landed on the lady’s knitted beanie in front of me?!  Unacceptable commuters!  So let’s get ourselves together, leave personal grooming at home (that includes brushing your teeth in THE ONLY bathroom sink and leaving spittle, blood droplets, and crusty dried up tooth paste for someone else to have to clean up! [having more than 1 sink and cleaning up after yourself is the exception to the rule).  Please, for the love of God, respect your fellow travelers, who do not fancy unwanted “company” when they get home.  I like living stress free, but this, ohhhh this, this stresses me the hell out!

**Officially have the heebie-geebies**