In 5 Days Time

This has been the week from hell, and it’s only Wednesday morning. In the past 2 and a half days I have taped and tarped 3 rooms in our new apartment, painted Mary’s new bedroom which she will be sharing with Laney, started packing up a ton of boxes, washed and folded 2 loads of laundry (and have 4 more to go), picked up Mary from school every day by 3:15pm, worked two 8 hour shifts starting at 5:30am (one day dealing with a service distribution on one of our train lines), went to the DMV, went to the rental office, went to the bank, went to my parents, made dinner, picked up Laney at Callie’s center because she had a staff meeting with her District manager and couldn’t keep her there (it’s 25 minutes away in one direction!), went to The Lesbian Paradise aka The Home Depot, helped Mary with homework, and am doing my regular babysitting job for Wednesday from 8:30-2:30 which today got extended until 5pm, AND made sure to spend some time with Callie, rubbed her belly with Tummy butter, and sang some songs to the twins (even if it was only for 15 minutes before I was off to Snoresville)!

With all of that said, I’m still not even CLOSE to having our apartment packed (good thing it’s just next door so I can sort of shift things over so packing will be minimal), still have the living room and the master bedroom left to paint at the new place, paint BACK the current apartment to it’s pristine white, have to organize my storage unit to fit all of the stuff we won’t be needing (I literally have to football tackle the door shut while Callie slides the bolt in place and locks it), and work my 2 overnight shifts today and tomorrow! Oh, and let’s not forget that in the midst of all of this chaos, we had made an agreement about 2 months ago with another foster parent friend of ours to do respite care for her and her boyfriend while they are away on vacation in exchange for them taking Mary (and now Laney) while we are away the following week. So let’s add a 7 month old to the mix AND the final touches and arrangements for our Gender Reveal party on Saturday and Viola! ::Insert sarcastic tone here:: Should make for an awesome remainder of the week! Thank Goodness that Marco is the best friend anyone could ever ask for because he took Friday off from work to help me move.

So, of course, after 2 days of running around, doing “new apartment” stuff, and yelling at Callie (I apologized, I promise!), I ended up having the inevitable melt down! I went to the bathroom for one of my 3 SCHEDULED (yes, I pretty much had to write it in) bathroom breaks and this wave of panic set in. “How in the hell am I gonna get all this crap done by Monday?!?!?!” So I cried! I cried like the the world was coming to an end and people have been telling me for a long time but it just sank in. That kinda cry where you’re saying to yourself, “I can’t believe I’m sitting here crying like an idiot!” Which, of course, makes you cry harder because you realize, I AM an idiot! That kinda cry you laugh about when you’re watching a Lifetime movie and you’re like, “The hell is wrong with you lady?!”. Yup! You know the one! That kinda cry! It lasted all of 3 minutes though. I shook it off, washed my hands, put on my best “I’m a Freaking WARRIOR” face, and went to pack some more boxes as little Jay (who I babysit for) takes his usual 2 hour nap! Thank the Lawd for naps! So here I am, taking 15 minutes of time to post a blog about the Universe deciding that it’s gonna throw everything at me in one shot. The move, a new 9 month old, a school aged 6 year old with homework, a 7 month old for respite care, a Gender Reveal party, and all the while a pregnant Callie and a full time job! So I thought about it!

All these things individually are pretty freaking awesome! I’ll have a 7 month old and a 9 month old in the house together for 4 days. It’ll be awesome practice for our upcoming twins. Moving is crappy but the space is great and it’s able to accommodate our growing family. Organizing the storage unit is fantastic because it will encourage Callie to get rid of unnecessary things. Gender Reveal party- need I say more?!?! Unfortunately, when u put all these things together in the span of the next 4 days, it’s all a bit overwhelming. And that’s where I am. I’m overwhelmed, over exhausted, over stimulated, and over it! I just have to push through the next 9 days until our anniversary vacation/Babymoon in 2 Saturdays! It’ll be a welcome intermission from this madness.

We’ll make it, maybe not in one piece, but we’ll make it…together…and we’ll be better for it.


*Added about 3 minutes after original post: Just got a call from Laney’s case worker. Visit with her mom tomorrow morning at 10:30. One more thing to add to my never ending ” To Do” list…