Protected Post

After I put the words out there, I felt raw and vulnerable, and even though that’s totally ok, I’d feel better knowing who’s reading my truth.


Thechroniclesofanonbellymama@gmaildot com

17 thoughts on “Protected Post

  1. I read the post and was going to reply but wanted to sit on it overnight. It sounds like you’ve had a rough few months. I hope everything works out well for everyone.

    • Yeah, it was a loaded post…debating taking it down. This retrograde has communication going haywire and it just felt really heavy and loaded to reintroduce myself in this space like that…but thank you…we’re sorting things out…slowly….

      • You’re just doing your best. That’s all anyone can ask. That’s what we’re all trying to do, it just looks different for different people. I had wondered what had happened after your last couple posts.

  2. It’s been a hot minute so idk if you even remember me but I’m going to send you an email. If you’re not comfortable sharing, I totally understand. But I think about your family often and would love to know what’s going on. No matter what, much love to you and yours.

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