My good friends lost their baby yesterday.

No parents should have to feel that. To have their nightmares played out in real life.

No one should have to know that pain or carry that weight.

It feels even heavier hearing the wavering, hysterical voice on the line of my friends, screaming to me that he was gone.  Trying to put her grief and her pain to get me to understand what she is feeling in the handful of words she can choke out.

My heart broke for them.  For my dear friends who are missing one third of their children, one fifth of their family.

I cried myself to sleep last night thinking about the unfortunate events that have taken place in their life this past year. I can’t wrap my head around it.

I held my kids super tight, and then found myself climbing into bed with them at 3am, and then spending way too much time at drop off this morning, crying and hugging, and crying and kissing, and crying and hugging some more.  I was realizing that instantly, all of that joy, pain, craziness, affection, love can be ripped away from me at any moment.

Keep my friends in your prayers.  Do what you can to help them.  No parent plans to put money away for their toddlers services.  We only plan on loving them.

This weight is so heavy for them, for those connected to them, for their other children who lost their best bud.  Help however you can…$1 can go a long way for a family that feels like they are losing everything.  And prayers are miraculous. I believe their family is getting a food train together too.  I’ll keep you posted on that.   We can try and lessen this burden, if even an iota of it. This is what this community that we ALWAYS lean on is for.

Kiss your kids hard today, hug them with your entire heart, tell them you love them and then tell them again, and then again and again! Be PRESENT in the moments you spend with them, and hopefully during this unspecified and unguaranteed time we have together, we can let them know how very  much they are loved.  I’m sure baby Leo felt every second of that love….

Keep the Ladd’s in love and light….they REALLY could use it…

(shared with their permission)


36 thoughts on “Shock

    • She took it down because she couldn’t keep seeing it, and I MEAN, obviously! Ive been in touch with them today and they are absolutely not well. We just keep praying for them. Best thing we can do. Hopefully, The Universe will hear us and bring them some desperately needed healing… Thank you friend…I will pass the love on to them…

  1. I’ve never been so gutted for two people I’ve never met in real life. I sent Cassy an email but the next time you talk to her, please let her know we’re all thinking of her and sending our love.

  2. My heart is broken for Cassie, Cherish and their entire family. What a horrible experience. I donated what I could to the gofundme and am saying so many prayers. I’m just sick with the horror of this. Leo seemed like such a sweet soul. What an enormous loss.

    • Tremendous loss…I just don’t even know what to say when we talk except, “What can I do?! How can I help? I’m all te way over here but use me! Please! Let me help!” And it’s always the same. “Just pray for us. Tell them all to pray for us. That’s all we need now” So we pray…that’s what we do…

  3. I don’t know them but the pictures are heartbreaking. Can you share what happened? I always have this underlying fear that we could lose Melody at any moment. I assume all parents have that to some extent. No parents should have to say goodbye to their kid. 😦

    • It is very hard to digest. I think it’s best they share their own story when they are ready to say it out loud or put it on paper. I will say, there was a accident which makes it all the more tragic. Send your love to them and pray for their hearts to heal…they could really use it

  4. I am so sorry. Two years ago, some close friends of ours lost their 8 month-old baby boy very suddenly. It absolutely broke my heart, and I know it broke them in ways that most humans will never understand. I think about him, and them, every single day. I’m sending love and light to you and the Ladd’s.

  5. Sammie, thank you so much for helping in any way you can. I appreciate this so much. I could never repay you. Your the only
    One on my side of the family that’s made any effort to help. I can’t repay you

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    • You are wonderful! Everyone here, in this space, this community, is just wonderful. We all have our own craziness going on, and the comfort in knowing that we’re all still here, all still paying attention, all still caring…it’s beautiful! Thank you friend!

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