Our First (Official) Family Photo Shoot!

The excitement of Adoption Day still has our family buzzing and feeling electric!  WOW!  It’s interesting, because nothing has changed, but EVERYTHING has changed!  Now, we’re busy planning sleepovers (since for 3 years she wasn’t allowed to sleep any where that wasn’t a certified foster home), getting passports for family vacations, (my parents are wanting to take us all on a Disney Cruise, and they want to take Mariah and my niece away for a week to Niagara Falls this summer), booking sleep away camp, and transferring all of Mariah’s documentation at all of her respective places.  You know, getting adopted seems like it means a lot less time with Mamas and lots more time with everyone else! Hmph!

Just a few more things to square away to transition Mariah out of Foster Care and into her Adoptive home.  And clearly, since you already know we do Milestone Parties pretty huge, Mariah will be having an “Oh-FISH-ially Forever Family” party which already has preparations under way and has an invite list of approximately 150 people!  You know, something light! LOL!   A colorful underwater extravaganza  with fish and octopi and mermaids GALORE!  Should be pretty amazing.

I hired a friend of mine to take some photos for us.  Jesse Rinka, you have outdone yourself again, friend!


The judge was asking Mariah how she felt about her adoption. “EXCITED!!!”


Papo paying close attention to the judge AND his bottle.


Does this even need a caption!?!


If anyone wants to know what my life is like? THIS! In a nutshell!




Mama being silly (as usual) to get some laughs and giggles from everyone.


Annnnnndddd, they’re off!


Whenever we go out, I can almost guarantee that this is the scene you will likely see. I’m sure you can tell, she’s the princess!



Hugs for everyone!



With her beloved grandparents. Her relationships with them individualy is so beautiful to watch. It reminds me of the special times I shared with my grandpartents and the special memories I always treasure in my heart.


Our girl!



“For those determined to fly, having no wings is just a little detail.” Jane Lee Logan

42 thoughts on “Our First (Official) Family Photo Shoot!

    • Thanks Amy. You have no idea how much it killed us to want to share so much of Mariah’s joy with everyone! But now the world can see that face, that joy! It’s EVERYTHING, isn’t it?!

    • We love you Mama C, and we miss you dearly! We might be heading to Florida this Sept. if I can get my dad to get in a rented RV with us and head down! LOL! Let’s see how that goes! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  1. Wow. The pure joy in these photos is undeniable and so beautiful. Honestly, the kid looks like you and Christina. It’s incredible. Congrats my friend, such a beautiful family.

    • You know, there’s a ton of those pictures, and those are some of my favorites from the bunch. It’s when the Judge was talking to her and saying how excited she was about Mariah finally having a forever home, and sure enough, she was engaged in conversation, and it was so, so clear and evident that she was home!

  2. Every single phone is beyond beautiful. Thank you so much for not only sharing this but your whole journey. It’s been an honour reading it. I can’t wait to see what’s next in store. X

  3. Just tears! We could blame it on my pregnancy hormones or the sheer joy in these photos! What an utter privilege to have been able to follow along on this amazing journey!

    • Thank you, friend. It’s been really beautiful to share this journey with you all, and have people feel what we feel, and see what we see, and cry when we cry. THAT has been the privilege…the connection, the friendships…so ya know, thank YOU! Love to you guys!

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