56 thoughts on “It’s OFFICIAL!!!

      • She is gorgeous and she seriously looks like you and your wife! I mean I know biology is nothing in building families – but honestly she is like a little mini of you two! Congrats! I’m so glad she’s yours forever and we get to see her beautiful face!

      • It’s so crazy because with ALL of our kids, no one ever knows who the birth mom is, who is adopted or in foster care, who is biological, all of that! No one ever knows! With Mariah, I mean, even down to the gap her, Levi and I share (which is 100% undeniably a Mendez trait!). It’s so wild! And thank you!

    • Mama made that tutu! LOL! She wanted “a fluffy tutu that’s sparkly for my special day!” and that’s what she got! A journey it was, and now…we can relax before we keep on treking…the Teen years are coming! LOL!

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!! You have a Wonderful Family!!!!! So Blessed!!! Your Daughter is Beautiful!!!!!! Love, Hugs and Kisses……..Momma Contessa

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