…and the Living is Easy?


July 4th, 2016

Friends,  it has been quite the summer so far!  Some things a little more major than others, but very, very busy.  Signing adoption paperwork, free concerts in the park, first family vacation sans any kind of help, meeting diblings, surgery, potty training (read:dying), amusement parks, interviews for promotions, actual promotions (!!!), planning a camping trip with 3 KIDS UNDER 2!, first time at the beach for the kids, loads of swimming, loads of working, loads of fun!

So, signing paperwork!  We are a good portion of the way to finalizing Mary’s adoption.   We went in to speak with our adoption lawyer, signed all of the various documents that all basically say, “So you’re gonna keep this kid and not give her back, right?  You get that, right?  And you are you sure?”  So we signed away, confirmed with Mary one last time that she was sure she wanted to change her last name, and that it was her choice, and that no matter WHAT name she used, she would always be out best girl, our first baby, and still our family.  She decided “Mendez” was where it’s at, and even asked if she can put it on her soccer jersey even though she wasn’t officially adopted yet.  Also, soccer?  This kid is seriously the next Brandi Chastain.  She’s fast as hell, has amazing footwork, and is so damn dedicated to being “the best I can be.  I know there’s no such thing as perfect Mama, but watch!  I’m gonna do it!”  Missed tryouts and STILL got selected for the “A” team, is starting on said “A” team, and coach called me just this morning, to let me know that he was able to get her a scholarship to go to the week of soccer camp that we couldn’t afford and that we both felt she would benefit from and agreed that it was such a shame that she couldn’t do it! Also, Christine Lily will be leading practice for the girls on the final day!!!!  I was beyond excited for this…my daughter?  “Who’s that?!?”  GASPPPP!!!!!!  Sooo, we had to google a ton of games from the 1999 Women’s World Cup.  Oh nostalgia, you’re so good to me….

Family Vacation 2016 – We decided to brave a 5 hour drive with an 8 year old (who asked “are we almost there?!?!” every 20 minutes from the second that we left the house in the whiniest voice you have ever heard!), 2 toddlers who only allowed us to listen to Raffi’s “Six Little Ducks” (also dubbed “Six Little SUCKS!”) and watch the same 23 minute and 47 second Baby Einstein Animals video on loop the ENTIRE TRIP, and an awesome chubby little 8 month old that allowed us only 6 minutes of peace and quiet before waking his sleeping brothers with a shriek and reminding his sister that “NO! We aren’t there yet, obviously, because otherwise we wouldn’t be stuck in this car listening to “Six Little SUCKS!” and a crying baby wake up the freaking dead, so please, or so help me God don’t. Ask. Me. Again!!!”, and made our way to Provincetown on the Cape in Massachusetts.    We made it, barely in one piece, unloaded the car and chucked everything into our cottage, and then loaded the kids up in the van again to meet…Diblings.  I know!!  Not only was this our first family vacation, on our own, without our parents or siblings around to help us, but also the first time we are meeting 2 of the families that we have connected with who’s children share half of the same DNA as our kids!  It was…interesting, to say the least.  We spent such little time with them (when you have 4 kids on 4 different schedules, you can’t really “make plans”) and had to leave a couple of times because of melt downs or naps or meals, but ended up meeting with one of the couples again that evening at their hotel and had a nice time talking to them and getting to know them.  The other family we met in the parking lot as we were getting our van to make our trip home.  Lovely couple.  I will say though, that we connected with one couple more than the other, and also realized that the only thing that connects us all is this random man, who made a donation, and then we randomly selected the same man to help us make our dreams come true.  Otherwise, we are all so vastly different that it was interesting to hear how we all came to the decision to use the same donor.  I will say though, the resemblance between all of our kids is uncanny!  The rest of vacation was so awesome, especially for Mary.  She got to meet another girl, who was adopted, by two moms, who’s middle name was Mary, and shared the exact same birthday!!!  Talk about the right place at the right time!  Loads of activities for every child of every age, lots of groups for parents to get information (and free childcare!), Clam Bake and Lobster Dinner, animals at the library, End of Family Week party that our kids absolutely LOVED!!!  I absolutely recommend, if possible to make it out to the Northeast and doing Family Week at least once with your kids.  You will not regret it.  Also, SHOUT OUT to the Family Equality Council for doing the damn thing!!!IMG_5359[1]IMG_5421[1]IMG_5344[1]IMG_5406[1]

Callie’s job was bought by another company and they did a whole bunch of reorganizing of positions.  To make a long story really, really, really short (it’s a pretty freaking long story!) Callie’s position was eliminated in September and she was going to just ride it out, even though they had comparable positions available.  They weren’t what she wanted and we were absolutely OK with her staying home again.  Turns out, a co-worker who’s toes she didn’t want step up must have BOMBED on her interview (even though she was super convinced that she had gotten it) at which point Callie decided she would go for it, and wouldn’t you know, she NAILED IT!?!?!?  She did y’all, and now, shes the boss, again!  Better scheduling, pay, and commute!  2 hours now has turned into 30 miuntes 3 days a week!  Also, a management position opened up at my job that I intereviewed for and should know by Monday the latest weather I got it or not.  Friends, I have to admit, it looks promising!  Still in HR, still with the same people, just more money, better benefits.  Wish me luck!

Luck with the possible new job but also with this…IMG_5505[1]IMG_5492[1]

I’m not even gonna speak on this but, send help!

First time at the beach (which they absolutely LOVED) and hanging out on Papa’s boat (Papa is also new.  Thought it would be Grandpa,  but NOPE! Papa!) IMG_5247IMG_5500[1]

Surgeries…Our home is no stranger to the blood curdling scream of a child woken up out of his sleep from the stabbing pain of an ear infection. Noah in particular has been plagued by them since he was about 9 months old. From November through June, just over 7 months, he had 6 ear infections, most double. 3 in May and June. Finally, we figured it was time to go see an ENT to see what was going on. Noah had a good amount of fluid trapped even though he had been on antibiotics for 2 weeks and was ear infection free for at least one more week. They did a test to measure the pressure and it was all off. The doctor wanted to wait 6 more week to make a final decision about what to do. In those 6 weeks we did some research, spoke to some people, tried some holistic stuff, and nothing. Went back for a follow up and no difference in the amount of fluid. We were so opposed to getting him tubes….until, until my heart broke when they did an audio/visual hearing test, and I cried my face off because my son could not hear. The 2 lowest whispers got no reinforcing singing puppets banging on light up plastic drums. No monkey laughing and banging cymbals together when Noah failed to turn his head because he didn’t hear his name whispered through the 1’x 1′ speaker in the corner. The devastation that I felt at being so adamant about not getting by poor, hearing impaired baby tubes to clear the fluid from his ears. I signed the paperwork right then, and surgery was last Thursday. Everything went great, and now, with his new titanium bionic tubes, he’s already much much clearer in his speech and he watches you more intently to see how your mouth moves. He went from saying “Yate” in the morning to saying “Jake” in the afternoon. It was unreal. He startles much easier, and since surgery has had a hard time going to sleep (maybe it’s too noisy now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , who knows) but otherwise, things here are great and I could never regret a decision that gives my child their best chance at life. These moms are so, so happy.    

Also, Mama is gearing up for surgery. I’ve had a lot of health issues since I was about 20, and they’ve gotten worse lately. I have tried everything I can to get my health on track for about 10 years now, but most are weight related and PCOS makes it impossible to lose a good amount of weight (and keep it off!) and finally, FINALLY, with this bomb ass insurance, am finally able to get this taken care of. I’m on track (lots of preliminary stuff) and surgery possibly in November.  So excited and so scared at the same time. 

And finally, if you have free summer concerts at local parks, make that happened! They have absolutely enriched our summer, and have also taught my kids to dance and keep time and cadence with the music and I absolutely love that!!!​

Also, how freaking cute are Human Puppy Boys?!?! Clearly rhetorical! ​

And just because…​

11 thoughts on “…and the Living is Easy?

  1. I love your updates! So glad that things are going well and that you’re all loving summer!! Good luck on your surgery. We’ll be thinking of you. Ps- do people ever ask if you guys had triplets? Those three boys are just the cutest. So happy that Mary is now a “Mendez” and kickin’ ass in soccer! Congrats too on the promotions ladies- you girls are killin’ it!!

  2. SO appreciate your post. Glad the news is good and hope you are able to continue posting. Your children are delightful. Very best wishes for possible Nov surgery. Always spooky idea, but sometimes, like with the ear tubes, it is a desirable option.

  3. Wow you have been sooo busy! Your family is so beautiful, and I love reading about all of your adventures together. Glad the ear tubes worked so well, and awesome that you have a little soccer star :). Good luck on your own much anticipated surgery!

  4. Damn, busy bee. I guess 4 kids will keep you on your toes–who’d have thought?! (Lol–okay, EVERYONE would have thought.) It’s nice to see an update from you. SO happy that the adoption is moving forward. That just makes my heart smile. As always, those three boys are just heart-meltingly adorable. Love them.

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