Send Help!

Day 3 of “Operation No More Bobo’s” started out…ROUGH!  I tried to snatch the paci’s out of the crib before the boys woke up, but it was tough getting out of bed, and I COMPLETELY forgot that the operation was still happening, so alas, it was a slow start with lots of tears and two snotty faced boys screaming, ” Mama, ana bobo! Ana Bobo!” Oh Lordt, please help me!  I may or may not have been short with them and Callie before I had my coffee.

Yesterday was super tough for them at daycare, especially Levi, who has had a bobo in his mouth since the hour after he was born and has basically never been without it.  The teacher called me yesterday to give me the progress report.  Her response?  “Please, for the love of all things good, bring that child his pacifier!”, or something like that.  At least that’s what I heard, and I FEEL her because GOOD GRIEF the crying!  Instead, we agreed to work together to help the boys through this rough time, and so they checked in today, about 20 minutes ago, and I was hoping she would say, “Today was much better!  Today was exceptional!  Today was marvelous! So long Bobo’s!”.  But that’s not how it went down. At. All.

They didn’t nap AGAIN today, Levi had a tantrum that lasted 40 minutes at 8:30am, Noah lost his shit and chased the teacher around the classroom asking to be picked up and yelling, “BOBOOOOOOO” the whole morning, and to top it all off, they didn’t get a chance to go outside after snack (which is their routine) because there wasn’t enough support , so around 10:30am, both boys sat, backs against the door, crying for another 15 minutes.  IN fact, when I was talking to their teacher, I could hear Levi screaming his head off in the background.  I asked what they were doing to support them, and they gave them the little bears that i sent that are attached to the pacifier (we took the paci part off), and we also sent their Lovies with them, so they’ve been trying to give them those too.  They know that the boys LOVE to paint, so they let them paint their little hearts away to help distract them.  Hopefully, we’ll be over this quickly, because it’s like dealing with Callie when she quit smoking, and THAT was a shit show!  My poor boys are hurting right now for their little monkey bobo’s and mama is so, so mean for not giving it to them, and even though I know that I am doing the right thing, my heart says “You’re the worst! Look at them crying! How dare you!?!?!”

So here’s to tomorrow being a better day because this mom might just give in and give them their bobo’s and buy 10 more of the same ones so that I don’t have to deal with this ever again!

On a much brighter and definitely cooler note, I  have been picked up as a featured writer for  I’ll be posting bi-weekly about being a two mom, multi racial, reciprocal IVF, foster to adopt family.  You all know the kinds of shenanigans going on at Casa Mendez, but now MORE PEOPLE will know the insanity.  So HEY Universe! How you doing? Thanks for throwing this mama a bone (and an extra paycheck!) Hope you guys will follow along with me there…

12 thoughts on “Send Help!

  1. Stay strong! It will be over soon.
    We never did the paci thing, but our pediatrician says to take them away at 9 months, so maybe that would be easier on Austin?

  2. Oh friend, this was one of my biggest fears when Darwin started taking a paci at around 4 months. I hope however it plays out that today was the worst day, and things get better from here ❤

  3. At this point you are committed and back sliding….. well. Probably not your best plan. Waaaay better to do the deed between 6-9 months as a general rule, however these thing vary from child to child and event to event and family to family and etc. I think you are now in for a long haul….especially if they have them in their beds at night. BUT, my experience on the subject says No firm advice. Lots of good wishes.

  4. Right now we only do the paci at night and in the car (and naps at our house) She doesn’t use it at all at day care and we think it’s time to get rid of them all together but I’m TERRIFIED! Our daycare suggested going cold turkey – so I think after this weekend we’ll be on the no binky train too. UGH! I’ll just keep thinking of orthodontia bills like you said 😉 Hang in there!

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