Photoshoots and BoBo’s

Callie and I finally had a few minutes to go over the boys 1st birthday photo shoot from JANUARY!!!  I know! I know!  We need to get our lives together, but you know, full time jobs and FOUR KIDS!  Anyways, they look adorable…086003045012046073-v2156Despite all of that cuteness, it had been a tough 2 days. We got rid of the boys Bobo’s (pacifiers) and they are absolutely, positively, not happy about it.  2 days without naps, and crying themselves to sleep.  We aren’t necesarily a full fledged CIO family, but we do dable in the world of modified CIO, and last night was absolute torture.  Noah cried for a good 20 minutes before he finally was like, “Eff this! I’m going to bed”.  I had to cuddle Levi because he was hyperventilating.  It’s been awful, but so are those teeth.  It’s time for them to go!  Wish us luck! But they sure look cute with bobo’s, don’t they?!?



9 thoughts on “Photoshoots and BoBo’s

  1. My goodness, those are hands down the cutest photos I have ever seen of any children, including my own, ever. Wow, friend. They are stunning little men!

    Have you tried the tiny pin poke in the pacifier? It’s small enough not to shred it (and cause choking) but it renders it useless since there is no suck. That’s how we got Thatcher and Scarlett off the soothers.

    Good luck, boys! (Mostly, good luck mamas!)

  2. Oh my gosh those photos!!! Seriously the cuteness is too much!! 🙂
    And the pacifiers, I’m dreading the day we take away Baby MPB’s, he loves it and it truly is his sleeping companion. If you have any advice, please share!

  3. Those photos! Oh my goodness, those boys are GORGEOUS!

    As for the pacifiers – yikes! Evelyn refused to take a soother. Instead, she used my boobs as her personal soother. And it SUCKED getting her weaned from me! I hope the boys get over the loss of their precious bobos sooner rather than later!

  4. I hope it eases up around there soon! Changing expectations is so hard on everyone but kids are mostly adaptable and there will be a point where you see an older kid with a pacifier and you can’t come close to imagining your boys with them anymore!

    Awesome pics!

  5. What a fun photo shoot! Love the balloons picture in particular. Cute kids too. 😉

    What motivated the bobo weaning? This is a world I am not familiar with as Clementine gave hers up on her own at five months, but I think we will not be so lucky with Julia. Hope yours get over it soon. The good news is, they probably won’t remember in the long run.

    • Language development. Noah is starting to talk more but Levi is still very delayed. Not more than 4 words at 16 months. We are having him evaluated for speech next week, so we figured part of that might be the the paci is NEVER out of his mouth, and if it is, it’s only because he is eating something, drinking, or crying…scratch that! It’s usually in his mouth if he is crying…and also, the teeth are starting to look terrible! Hopefully this won’t last very long, because yesterday was terrible! Neither of them napped at daycare! It was a second really rough night…

      • Oh sounds brutal! The not-sleeping I mean, not the not-talking. That…actually sounds kind of peaceful.

        (Not that I’m making light of speech delays, mind you; it’s just hard to resist the set up when every other sentence out of the resident preschoolers mouth is “why?”)

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