Happy First Birthday!!!

Friends,  I officially have two 1 year old boys!  I can’t even believe it! I would love to write more about it, because there are so many feelings wrapped up in having made it through this first year (seriously, I cried all damn night!) but there is no time! 1st haircuts, hospital to drop off breast milk for Austin Ryan, first aquarium visit, and then taking Mommy to the airport for a 4 day business trip…yup! Lots going on!  I’ll have more time to post this week (I think!) so I’ll fill you in on our fun filled day…otherwise,  Happy First Birthday Noah and Levi…mama Los quiero mucho mucho mucho! 

   Noah 2 hours old

  Levi 2 hours old


Why, yes! Yes we did have cake for breakfast!  


29 thoughts on “Happy First Birthday!!!

      • Right!! A week by yourself with all these babies??! Oh boy. Wishing you lots of patience. You should make the boys an awesome tent, they are the perfect age now. Leo’s obsessed with the tents we make for Shawn. Austin’s package should come this week, it was sent last Thursday.

      • A tent isn’t a bad idea! The good thing is that the boys are at daycare most of the day, and Mary is at school and afterschool, so I’m basically kid free from 9am-6pm…it’s the back and forth to the hospital, cooking, cleaning, getting 3 kids ready for school and for bed, and feeding them all! Hopefully we’ll all make it out alive!

  1. Happy Birthday to the cutest little boys! You are so lucky to have two of the best mommies in the world!!! Love Momma C!!!!!

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