29w6d and a Christmas Miracle

I can’t even believe what happened today.  Someone was ready to make his way into this word and refused to let anything stop him.  

Welcome to the world Austin Ryan.  Welcome to the world, my gorgeous son….

Born at 29w6d, at 3lbs 9oz, he is doing great! 7/10 on the Apgar a minute after birth and 9/10 after 5 minutes.  Breathing on his own, and the NICU nurses are in love already. A perfect combination of Levi and Noah, and ready for his Moms to shower him with love! 

Birth story to come…gotta go see my Tiny Chispa (my parents have already nicknamed him Tiny Spark!) 

How’s that for a Christmas miracle?!

71 thoughts on “29w6d and a Christmas Miracle

  1. Happy birthday, sweet little man. Obviously you know how awesome your mamas are and you just couldn’t wait to meet them. Holy moly, I just can’t believe this. You must be in total shock.

  2. Oh my goodness! I don’t know much about APGAR scores for preemies, but that’s really good! Strong little guy! Congratulations on your tiny bundle and that you had a safe and healthy delivery.

  3. I can’t even believe it, either. I’ve been thinking of you all ever since you posted yesterday. I’m so happy for you and totally shocked at how quickly he came and SO pleased with how well he’s doing! Congratulations! How are you feeling? Can’t wait to hear more!

  4. Hi honey ! I was shocked to see that beautiful little face!!!! Congratulations to your perfect little family!!!!! I am so glad that you are both doing well! He is truly a Christmas Miracle! He wasn’t waiting and he is perfect!!!!!! God Bless you all!!!! Love, Hugs and Kisses……Momma Contessa!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxo

  5. So incredibly excited for you and the family! And so thankful that beautiful baby boy is doing so well! Can’t wait to hear the full story and get to see how much the love in your house will continue to grow! Happy Birthday Austin! You are such a blessing and so deeply loved! Sending you guys lots of warm fuzzies!!!!!

  6. OMG! I leave for a few weeks and this happens!? CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is BEAUTIFUL, and I am so happy for you. I’m so sorry you’re having such a rough start, but thank God for this absolute miracle. I’ll buy your next cheeseburger, because, trust me, you’ll be earning it forever. So many hugs to you, your girls, and those perfect, perfect boys. xoxoxo

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