Life has been, well, busy to say the least.  It seems like every time I sit to write, I get wrapped up in something.  Mary needs help with homework.  Callie is trying to figure out enrollment paperwork for daycare (who writes those packets? Satan?!?!).  The boys have had an other shitastrophe that needs immediate cleaning before we all have to evacuate the apartment.  The dishwasher floods my kitchen.  You name it, it’s happened in the past 2 weeks, and that’s not including the ever annoying Holiday shopping, family and work get togethers, and Dr.’s appointments for EVERYONE in our house.  So, yeah, life!

First, let gets this pregnancy stuff outta the way!

27 & 28 Weeks





Had an appointment with the Perinatologist and with my OB this past Friday.  I’ll be going to my OB every 2 weeks now for check ups now that I am officially in the 3rd trimester.  It’s crazy that in 2 shorts weeks we’ll be in single digit wait time for this little guy!  My blood pressure is still doing great at 132/72 which is pretty awesome, and I passed my 3 hour glucose! Woop Woop!  My Perinatologist still wants to make sure that I’m getting checked and baby is being measured every month or so to make sure that I don’t get gestational diabetes, mainly because my sugar was borderline all the way up until before I got pregnant.  The numbers were  good though so he isn’t too concerned but he’s seen it many times where his patients feel that they are in the clear and then have to go on medication in the last few weeks.

FastingGTT 83 mg/dL 65-94 1GLUC
1HRGTT 153 mg/dL 65-179 1GLUC
2HRGTT 110 mg/dL 65-154 1GLUC
3HRGTT 90 mg/dL 65-139

Also, we had a scan to measure where baby is now, and things look great!  He is measuring right on target and approximately 3lbs according to their calculations.  He’s head down which probably explains all the kicking to my ribs, and all the pressure I’m starting to feel down below.  I’ve also broken out in this strange rash that started on my thighs and then worked it’s way down to my calves and is now making it’s way up my belly.  Which reminds me, I should probably email my OB and tell him it’s getting worse :/

Biscuit is so squishy using the placenta as a pillow and was so busy showing us what was in between his legs that it was difficult to get a good shot of anything else.  He must have been saying, “Mama, if you had any doubts, well, you sure don’t now!”  We were able to get a 3D picture, although not a very good one, but both Callie and I agree that based on his profile and the squishiness of his little face, this new little boy, looks very much like Noah.  And that’s exciting, because that FACE!!!  I keep telling Callie that this baby is gonna have Noah’s face and Levi’s coloring (hair, eyes, complexion).  So far, I’m getting 50% of what I want, and we all remember how it turned out the last time I made my “wants” known for the boys! Twins (Callie only wanted 1), 2 boys (Callie wanted one of each), one redhead (Callie was NOT feeling that), and I got everything I wanted!  So here’s hoping!austinAustin1


Oh lawdy, my babies are going to daycare, and this overprotective Mama Bear is having a hard time with it.  Callie officially starts work tomorrow.  It’s her first day of orientation, and I decided that I would take the day off to go with her to transition the boys into their first classroom.  Into the arms of a perfect stranger that none of us have met.  Into an environment that we aren’t necessarily too happy about.  Well, let me explain.  There were 2 schools that we narrowed it down to.  Let’s just call them One and Two.  Center One was AMAZING!  When we went to visit, the teachers were all smiling and the kids were happy and engaged, and mind you it was 5pm, end of the day, in the midst of pick-up mayhem and everyone, from what we could see, was really happy.  The teachers all smiled at us as we walked through the hallways on our tour, and some even came out to greet us, ask us our names and the boys names, how old they were, if they were twins, and didn’t even think twice about the fact that we said that we were BOTH their moms!  It was a great experience, and the classrooms were all nice and neat, no kids with snotty noses and dirty clothes, and that’s important to me.  Center Two had basically all of the same things with the exception of happy, warm, and excited teachers.  Particularly in the infant room.

She was sitting there, looking annoyed, holding one baby while another baby was on the floor crawling around and getting into everything and she barely glanced back at us, stone faced, before she turned back to the baby on the floor, ignoring the one in her arms, and seeming to count down the minutes before her shift was over and she could get rid of the kids.  It wasn’t the same feel, so we decided that Center One was were we wanted the kids to go.  Also Center One has a school aged program, so when Mary has no school, she can go there for the week for FREE vs the $340 ($60/day + $40 registration fee) at the Y or the Boys and Girls Club.  And then we are doing one drop off and one pick up.  Only problem?!  Center One doesn’t have space in heir infant program!!!!!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! So we had to enroll them in Center Two until they turn 1, when they can go into the Senior Infant Room at Center One.  Our poor babies will be making so many transitions (new teachers, new classmates, new school, new schedule) TWICE in a month period.  On the plus side, they only have to spend 3 weeks in the school we liked less, AND we already put the new baby on the waitlist for the infant room at Center One so things are good to go!

Callie is definitely having a hard time with this whole transition to being a working mom after having been a SAHM for almost a year now.  She has been home (counting her bed rest and early maternity leave) since October 2014 making it 14 months since she has been in a work environment.  Her anxiety is manifesting in so many ways, but mainly in having control. She has never been diagnosed with anxiety, mainly because she has never been to a therapist in her life, but when you have been dealing with an anxiety disorder most of your life, went to a DBT program for 2 years and participated in exposure therapy for severe OCD, you can sort of spot an anxiety situation with your eyes closed.  The hoarding collecting has gotten to be a bit too much for me.  The space is waaay too cramped for 5 people and two mobile infants, and we haven’t even set up our Christmas decorations (which I am DEVASTATED about) because we have nowhere to put a tree or the 8 boxes of Christmas stuff that needs to come up from storage.  I actually really don’t have any Christmas spirit this year (first time EVER in my life!) and I feel terrible about it.  I want the kids to really love the holidays and have a great experience, but it’s tough when you’re wife won’t budge on getting rid of all of her unnecessary stuff, and you feel like your Christmas decorations won’t even be seen because they are being overshadowed by boxes and things in every free space and corner.  It’s to the point where I refuse to have anyone over because I’m straight up embarrassed by the condition of our apartment.  On a bright note though, we’ve spoken to a mortgage broker, and we are on our way to getting a pre-approval for a mortgage and hopefully will be buying a home before September rolls around and our lease needs to be renewed and they charge us an arm and leg with all the “improvements” they’ve been making to the properties.  And I use the term “improvements” very very lightly!  And besides, why pay $2500.00/month on a 3 bedroom apt. with no space and no amenities, when I can be paying $1500 for a mortgage on my own HOUSE and my kids can have a back yard to run around in! So that’s something that positive that has come from all the bickering and arguing that has been going on about lack of space and too many things.  Finally called the broker.  Why, Hello Silver Lining!

Aside from that, life has been carrying on as usual.  Nothing major, just living…and keeping kids alive…all I can ask for…

And now, some pictures!









13 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Holy cow, it certainly sounds like you have more than enough on your plate! Congrats on the steps toward home ownership though, that’s exciting! I hope you’re able to find your Christmas spirit– mine came early this year so I’ll try to send some of the extra your way. 😉

  2. All I can say is Wow!!! You guys are amazing!! You look fabulous!!!!! Don’t worry about tons of decorations, get a small tabletop tree so the kids have something. Please take it from Momma Contessa,,,, make things easier! They will see some decorations & the tree they can’t get into and God willing next year you will be in your own home & able to decorate. Don’t stress over little things,,,,you guys are going through so much now & Callie going back to work is going to be tough. I had to go back 3 months after Gary & Krissy but my mom watched them Thank God. So try to take care of what is necessary,,,the boys will see a small tree with lights & some decorations & it’s one less thing to stress over!!! Love to you both!!!
    Momma Contessa

  3. Ah I’ve been gone from blog land for so long! You’re pregnant! Your family is awesome. Love the pics. The daycare thing is annoying – life never works out the way you hope huh? But after the transition sounds like a great situation! Thinking of y’all

  4. You are always sooo busy! That’s a lot going on with work and daycare transitions on top of the Holiday season. It’s a lot to manage. I hope you all find a great house! Happy to hear the pregnancy is going along so well. And those pictures- ADORBS!!

  5. I really, really hope the transition (well, transitions) go well for the boys. I think they’ll do great, especially since they have each other to look to for comfort and familiarity. At least they have one familiar face in each of the centers they will be in! And I hope the transition goes easy on Callie and some of her anxiety lets up its grip soon. These changes are HARD and heartbreaking. Been there/done that.

    I’m glad your pregnancy is going well and Biscuit is a healthy ad growing little boy! I can’t wait to see what he looks like. A combination of Noah & Levi would be so perfect!

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