Breast Pump Question…

Hey There Pumping Moms,

So I have a question!  I am looking into a new breast pump as we already have a Medela, a Dr. Brown’s, and an Avent.  The only one that we really like and has given us ANY kind of output (myself included and my 5 little drops over the course of 6 months, but I’m not even gonna GO there!) is the Medela, but Callie finds it quite uncomfortable, so we are looking for a new pump (she will be trying her best to relactate so that she can feed this new baby [and maybe even the boys] while I am at work, in the event that I don’t produce enough milk).  I’m curious to know how people feel about the Spectra.  It’s covered by my insurance, and it looks like it is the #1 Breast Pump for 2014-15, followed closely by the Medela.  They are seriously a fraction of a point apart.  Just trying to figure out if I should get another Medela In Style Advance (one for work and one for home) or the Spectra S1 Hospital Strength.  Any advice?!

-Non-belly Mamá




27 thoughts on “Breast Pump Question…

  1. Is there any hospital service that allows you to rent a pump for a short period of time? My understanding is that different people prefer different pumps and you may not know what works for you until you try it.

  2. Hey Suey!

    Ok so believe or not, one pump I found very helpful is the manual pump. When I had Nico, at first I wasn’t getting much milk so Alan went and bought me a pump. He got the manual one because it was a lot cheaper but girl let me tell you that thing PUMPS! I got the advent brand see the link below. It looks a little different than the one I got. It was so long ago but it works. Give it a try if you want. Just another option.

    Hope this helps!

    Marilyn Orruel


    • That’s very helpful! I have a Medela Manual pump, and the suction is ridiculous, like painful ridiculous! I used to use it when I was inducing lactation at the beginning when I was just getting my breast used to the pumping situation. But i’m certain that it’ll be a staple in my diaper bag! No doubt!

  3. SPECTRA!! It’s quiet, and very easy to use. They also sell one that you can put batteries in for cordless use and it last pretty long. If your insurance covers this one, for sure use it!

  4. And don’t worry about
    Your five little drops, once that baby comes your milk will come in. Don’t worry about now, it’s not uncommon at All!

  5. I keep hearing amazing things about the spectra, I know two bloggers for sure do, andiepants and butchjax and I remember them saying good things. I have a pump in style advanced medela I despise but cant justify a spectra when our insurance doesnt cover it and I pump like once a month lol.

    • side note
      I started pumping at 32 weeks as I was told to from my breast reduction from then until a week after delivery I barely got anything,. It gradually increased until I was able to pump 12 oz after feeding beans around 2 months. But I stopped pumping because turd wont take a bottle. I ended up donating the most giant stash

  6. My vote would be for the Spectra. I myself am an exclusive Medela user (my wife and I own four between us and I use the Symphony at work) but I have never heard a bad word against the Spectra. DO IT!

  7. The Queen used the Medela but I will say she needed to have different sized “cups” to make it a better, more comfortable fit, something we didn’t even know existed when she first pumped with Thatcher.

  8. I love love love my spectra. Also look into getting on metformin, as it helps with milk production in women with pcos, and consider renting a symphony to get things started.

    • I will definitely be going back on metformin once the baby is born. My doctor thinks it’ll be good for me with the nursing, so I’ll be doing that for sure. I might just let Callie try the Spectra and see if she can produce anything with that and the Donperidone. If after 4-6 weeks she still isn’t getting anything (which she should) then I’ll probably rent the Symphony…

  9. I think your milk will come in and you won’t have an issue using the pumps you already have. I’ve only used the symphony so I can’t be of much help but I’ve also heard amazing things about the spectra at my breastfeeding support group! $110 a month is crazy though!

    • It really is! If anything I’ll use the hospital pump they provide at the hospital for the 2-3 days to get things started and then use the Spectra after that. The truth is, it’s more for Callie to get her re-lactating…so I may just have to dig into the pockets and pull out the money for the rental, or drive a little further and pay less…

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