Half Way There!!!

Thats right friends! 20 weeks! Half way there and I still can’t believe it! This baby and this Mamá are both growing and growing!

I don’t have much time but I couldn’t miss chronicling this important milestone in our lives.  Yesterday we went for our 20 weeks scan, and despite deciding with Callie to find out the gender, this tiny human refused to cooperate so we don’t have a SINGLE scan picture to share! Not even a crappy profile shot! So frustrating! BUT we did get to see that Biscuit is doing just fine and that s/he is growing on target measuring 20w3d according to most of the parts that they COULD actually measure.  So we go back in 2 weeks for another scan.  The doctor was really nice about saying that they didn’t get good scans because I’n fat! He said, “Ultrasounds work based on sound waves. So being closer to an object will give you better sound quality, better waves.  Being further away gives you less sound, worse waves.  It’s like whispering next to someone or whispering to someone from acros the room.  Women that are, well, heavier, it’s like whispering from across the room”.  Doc, spare me! I’m a big girl! I get it! At least didn’t say, “it’s hard to penetrate your fat, fat girl! So lose some weight and we’ll see what we can do!”  So when baby is a little bigger, in two weeks, they’ll be able to get a better scan.  

So for now, half way, healthy baby, AND another scan! I’m cool with that! Excited to be at the halfway point and finally starting to show!



46 thoughts on “Half Way There!!!

    • We’re gonna find out in 2 weeks (if Biscuit Cooperates!) and then we’re doing a small reveal with our families, so we’ll let all of you guys know as soon as our family and friends know…the suspense is kinda killing me here (this from the person who wanted a surprise at birth! hahah!) !

      • Haha, I wanted the same until I was actually having the ultrasound lol. A friend of mine told me to drink something sweet before my scan, to get the baby moving. I had some sugary cranberry juice and he was flipping and everything during the scan! The tech had a hard time getting measurements lol. Not sure if you’ve tried that already, but it might help!

      • I actually had my glucose tolerance test right before my scan, so i’m sure that sugary drink worked just fine…baby was allllll over the place…i think it was more the quality of the ultrasound and not being able to really SEE much…you know, being a thick girl and whatnot…hahaha!

  1. We must have rolled over laughing a million times. Your crazy girl. You look so pregnant now! Aww I can’t wait to see what your having. Let’s have some girls up in this….

    • I know! I want a girl, but honestly, I’m ok with whatever…I love my boys, and adding one more would be awesome…the only thing Id be concerned about is having 3 teenage boys at one time…my house is gonna stink and we’ll have no damn food!

      • 3 teenage boys…..that was never in my agenda lol. I’m on the same boat as you, boys are fun. They are easy, I would imagine they will continue to be laid back guys. Either way we are fine. Just want to even the playing field a little bit

  2. Lol oh doc was sweet to try, but I bet his feet were tasting pretty nice! You’re such a cute prego! I’ve always been curious to know what DW might look like prego (that’ll never happen though!). Congrats on halfway! Xx

  3. I love that baby bump!!!! So excited for you guys that you are at the half way point! Maybe baby just wants to remain a s/he for a bit longer just to give you some suspense! Either way just happy for a healthy baby in there growing up a storm!! Keep on growing mamá

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