8 Months Old and 16 Weeks

Good GOD, the boys are 8 months old!  How awesome is that?!  Things are a-changing around our house, and some space has to be made in order to accommodate 2 growing (and now two mobile!) boys.  Both boys are really doing awesome and meeting milestones left and right!  It’s so exciting and awesome to watch them grow.  I just wish I had more time with them during the week, but that just makes the time that I DO have with them so much more special and cherished.  They are both understanding English and Spanish, and we can tell because when I say “leche” they both start opening and closing their hands rapidly which is the sign for milk.  They constantly look for each other when the other isn’t around, and they give each other food from their trays when the other starts grunting.  It is ridiculously cute and melts my heart every time!  GUYS, I just can’t sometimes!musicians hat BWW bathtimeLEVI
My little Casanova!  This kid can get women to flock to him like there is no tomorrow!  He is gentle and caring ( you can tell already!) when he rubs your face and looks deep into your eyes with his blue ones, and just smiles at you while he does it.  He can be caught several time a day, just patting his brother on the head, almost like giving him an, “I love you bro!”  He likes to sit most of the time, but about a week ago figured out how to army crawl.  He has been navigating his way around our living room and kicks his legs in excitement whenever he reaches his goal.  He laughs at just about anything, especially when Mamà pretends to be shocked, and eats like a champ!  He is still very cautious and very aware of his surroundings.  He is hesitant to stand but loves moving around the house in his walker.  He maneuvers it like he has been using it for weeks, but just started in it about 3 days ago.  He can even back up and around corners with ease.  He loves music and singing songs, and is starting to be able to do the gestures to a Spanish song I sing to them about birds in the sky (flapping arms), fish in the sea (putting their hands together and swishing) and horses in the forest (holding reigns and bouncing).  He loves playing by himself, and can keep himself entertained for long stretches of time. Something tells me his is going to be our laid back, practical joker, musician .  I look forward to seeing if that’s true.musician2 levipaintNOAH
My little daredevil!  This kid is gonna give us a run for our money when he actually starts walking, which I don’t think is far off, considering that this week, he has let go of his standing toys a handful of times and stood unassisted for a few seconds, before becoming distracted and wanting to move, realizing that he can’t and sitting quickly on the ground.  We’ve had to lower his crib and move all breakable things out of the way.  This kid crawls, and FAST!  Like, turn around for one second and he is down the hallway, fast!  He has no sense of danger and tests his bodies limits constantly.  We may have to get him some soft climbers because he is constantly on the move and climbing over everything, especially his brother!  He doesn’t do well with new food textures and it takes him a little time to acclimate to new tastes, but he is really good at picking up loads of cheerios and puffs and shoveling them into his mouth.  He doesn’t really babble and is a lot more quiet than his brother, but when this kid smiles, oh those dimples!!  He loves reading and books (especially eating them!) and is our champion sleeper (we’ll leave it at that!).  He’s an easy baby who loves adventure.  He’s gonna be our athletic, kindhearted, gentle book-worm!  It’s gonna be so awesome! musician1 noahpaint


How I’m Feeling this Week: I’m actually feeling pretty great this week.  I have loads of energy back, I’ve really been spending a lot of time with Callie now that school is back in session and all children are in bed by 7:30, and I have my first hike of the season planned with my best friend Marco.  That first trimester was NO JOKE, but this 2nd one is pretty great so far.

How Big is Biscuit: About the size of an avocado!  I just had one with dinner last night, and almost brought one for lunch today.  That’s kind of big!  Also, for people like me who find that those kind of things fluctuate in size, that’s about the size of a Campbell’s Chicken Soup can.  That’s nuts!  Also, this little person is finally able to hear Mamà, so I’ll be singing and talking to this baby much, much more now!  That makes me really happy!

Baby Bump News?:  Well, I DEFINITELY don’t fit any of my regular pants anymore, so today, for the first time, I am wearing maternity jeans.  Not my style at all, but I am coming to terms and really surrendering to the fact that maternity clothes for gender non-conforming individuals is going to be difficult, so I was handed down some stuff that isn’t SO terrible.  So, today, I actually FEEL pregnant.  Some co-workers have mentioned that I’m glowing (I don’t see it!) and that I am definitely starting to show.  That’s pretty exciting!

Sleep:  I’ve still been having pretty weird dreams, but they aren’t every night anymore.  I think I have definitely been sleeping more soundly, mainly because of not having to get up to pee in the middle of the night.  But I will say, when I sleep on my stomach, it feels like I am laying on top of the remote control.  It’s really strange to realize that it’s NOT the remote control, and totally, Little Biscuit.

Food Loves/Hates:  Still don’t want anything to do with salad, but corn beef hash over white rice?!?!  AMAZING!  I’ve had it twice in 7 days!

Symptoms:  A serious case of bad gas again, but otherwise, more energy is definitely a plus.  Also, I haven’t really been hungry much.  I know that’ll change in the next couple of days with a growth spurt on the horizon.  Something about double in weight and size in the next 2 weeks or so!

Next Scan:  My next scan is scheduled for October 8th, for the anatomy scan.  I really want to keep the gender a surprise but everyone’s been hounding me and calling me selfish for not wanting to find out.  So I’m sitting on the fence.  Mainly because I am totally convinced that Biscuit is a girl, and I want to know if my “intuition” is right!  I also have an appointment on September 24th (possible ultrasound) to check my blood pressure and to do a non-fasting glucose test to see where my sugar is since it’s been pretty borderline for the past 2 years or so.

Sex:  It’s up and down the past 2 weeks, but also, doing respite care for a 7 year old girl for a week who’s sleep patterns we don’t k now, is tough.  Mary sleeps like a rock…this kid, not so much!

Overall Feelings:  Hella excited to be able to go hiking on Sunday (and football obviously!), since my pregnant body is finally catching up to my barely pregnant brain and is FINALLY allowing me to do the things that I THINK I can do, but my body and exhaustion wouldn’t allow.  Also, feeling like, this baby is getting more and more real as my body starts changing.

Something I Didn’t Expect:  For real, for REAL, I didn’t expect maternity pants to be so damn comfortable!!! I might live in these for the next few months, and maybe even more than that!  I really wish they were more my style, but this will have to do in the meantime, and the comfortably factor counts for way more points then style factor, that’s for sure!  I also didn’t expect that these subtle changes in my body would warrant me wanting it to change faster and be MORE pregnant, but all in due time, I suppose.

Friends, this pregnancy so far, has been pretty awesome! And don’t laugh, but my first official internet “bathroom break bumpie”…



27 thoughts on “8 Months Old and 16 Weeks

  1. You look awesome in those damn maternity pants. Funny that you said you may not be able to take them off. I lived in my yoga pants for 6 months after both kids….I just could not for the life of me transition back to jeans. I still hate jeans, but rock em because I have to. I mean right? Who would I be if I didn’t wear jeans every once in a while. I’m also pretty sure Shawn had the same shirt your rockin in your bathroom selfie. Lol it’s on of my favorites. The boys already have your sense of fashion. Them in their little red polo’s and beach hat!! Sooo cute. Im glad your energy is coming back. I cannot wait for my energy to come back. We went for a radiology appt this morning in regards to my 8 week blog. I’ll comment back on that a little later. I’m happy Noah and Levi and both so sweet, they both look like extremely happy babies. You got lucky. How’s the teething. Any new teeth yet? How’s Callie hanging in with twins during the week by herself? I would imagine it’s pretty easy, they seem to keep eachother company. How FUN!!! Leo’s ten months and all over this house, it’s only a matter of time before he’s walking. He walking along our furniture, were so close. It’s bitter sweet watching them get independent. Time flies, huh?

    • Callie really loves being home with them..she already stresses when they are 4 and start going to free UPK, and that’s more than 3 years away!!!! They don’t have any new teeth, but Levi’s are right on the surface..you can feel the little ridges, and they are like 2-3 days from poking through, but i totally swear by those amber necklaces! Not a single fever, and maybe a few more wake-ups that usual..but otherwise, it’s been really good! And If i could live in shorts year round, I would! I mean, I pretty much wear shorts until it get to be about 50 degrees, and then pull them back out when it hits about 50 degrees so basically I’m in shorts from March-November..hahaha..makes Callie crazy!

      • Oh girl!!!! Those necklines that my boys have on in all their pictures. Baltic Amber…it’s a resin that has Succinic Acid, that when placed on the baby’s skin releases an all natural anti-inflammatory with antibiotic and pain relieving properties, and they also are loaded with antioxidants…they are so dope…I bought them for my sister and one of my best friends for their kids who were having terrible times teething, and they have thanked me numerous times…they seriously are amazing…the best way to find them is like at a holistic mom and pop shop (you should have some around you and keeps money in the community) or you can order them online…but do your research because sometimes they are imitation ones and those obviously won’t work.

      • What in the world? Why have I never heard of these. Did you find them in a shop or online. If online what was the links? Leo’s teething is quite demonic. I’ll try anything at this point.

  2. Maternity pants are amazing. I’m keeping a pair out for Thanksgiving. Lol. The boys are gorgeous and you look fantastic! I think you’re having a girl, too!

  3. Are you kidding!?? 8 months already???? Where the hell did that time go? Granted, I’m not the one caring for those 3 children right now, but it really seems like just a couple months ago you were announcing their births! Yeah, maternity pants knock regular pants way the F out of the park! Glad to hear you’re feeling so well. One of these days those salads will be screaming your name. I was so happy to be able to stomach healthier for again once my nausea went away! Looking good, mamá!

  4. I love your bump! You look great. You already know I think Biscuit is a girl. 🙂

    Your boys are both heart melters! You can actually tell Levi is the more laid back one just from looking at their photos! Both of them have these beautiful mega-watt smiles. They are the sweetest duo! My dad was a twin. My grandma shared SO many stories of my dad and uncle getting into antics together. They were inseparable their entire childhood. Twins are so special!

  5. Congratulations!!!! You look wonderful and so Happy!!!! The boys are beautiful!!!! I can’t believe they are 8 months already. Love and hugs to you all!!!! Momma Contessa

  6. Those boys are SO CUTE! And it sounds like things are going pretty well, pregnancy-wise! I can’t help saying, though, if you don’t want to find out the sex, don’t let anyone tell you you’re being selfish! It’s your pregnancy, you get to decide. 🙂 We didn’t find out the sex till birth with Darwin, and we wouldn’t tell anyone the names we were considering, either. (On the other hand, if you want to do it, DO IT!) Either way, do what feels right!

  7. Your boys are seriously the cutest! I love Levi’s beautiful eyes and Macho man’s ear-to-ear smiles! Yay for maternity pants lol. They are seriously comfy eh? I love them too. I do agree that there is a little baby bump happening!!!! I can wait for your anatomy scan. Lots of love to all of you!

  8. You look amazing! I’m so happy you decided to try the maternity pants. I’m trying to figure out how to get some M will be comfortable with. She hasn’t worn women’s pants since middle school. I am hoping to rope her mom into helping me sew some for her out of cheap black jeans from Walmart. What brand is it you are wearing and comfortable in?

  9. OMG you are 16 weeks pregnant! I shall NOT show your blog to my husband never ever, ever, ever or he’s gonna wanna start trying out for the boy based on this “look! she’s doing it!” reference!!!
    I think you are brave and amazing and absolutely rocking those pants!!!

  10. Oh gosh, those kids just keep getting cuter!

    I tried on a pair of Di’s maternity pants and thought, holy crap, why on earth doesn’t everyone wear maternity pants all the time? So much more comfortable than regular pants, and the funny waist band is easily hidden. (Okay, maybe ‘style’ is the answer, but whatever.)

  11. Wait wait. Respite care for a 7 year old? Did I miss the post on this? You all are amazing really.
    Glad to hear 2nd tri is better. I loved being preggo once 1st tri was over and up to the uncomfortable 36 weeks and beyond. So glad to hear all is well

  12. The twins look amazing! I hear you about maternity clothes – I basically worse dresses for six months and although I like dresses okay, I started to feel pretty out of my element. I hope you can find some pants you feel comfortable in. You guys are awesome moms and building such a great clan!

  13. “Research shows” [what research? where? I dunno!] that labour and birthing is easier, faster and less traumatic for women who don’t know the gender of the baby. Be selfish, it’s YOUR pregnancy, only find out if you want to 😉

    Eeeeeeee those boys are cute!

  14. Argh! SO CUTE! (all of you…) I can’t wait to find out, but if you wait, I totally understand that, too. I totally intended NOT to find out the second time around. That lasted until the first ultrasound (at 20 weeks), when they told me there were two of them. 🙂

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