Discos Recipe

For anyone interested, I found a recipe for the Discos for empanadas online.  My mother, in her drunken stupor (it was my sisters wedding tonight [which by the way, was amazing!] so she gets a pass, couldn’t for the life of her, give me the recipe.  She said something along the lines of asking a cousin in Puerto Rico, and we all know, OBVIOUSLY, that’s not gonna be something she remembers tomorrow! So, I’ve never used this recipe before, but it looks pretty legit! So try it out, but don’t hold me to it because I’ve never used it, but I want whoever wants to try empanadas, to make them! So, here Ya go!


3 thoughts on “Discos Recipe

  1. Looks amazing. I have to say my brother-in-law has an amazing empanada recipe from his Puerto Rican grandma. I always have him make them for work parties. So good!

  2. Mm I googled that you can freeze these for up to three months as well. Perfect for before baby is born, store some easy meals in freezer for quick cooking on those long days when newborns are here!!

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