It’s Official!

As of 6w4d, we have a heartbeat!!!  Little Biscuit has a heartbeat, people!  I don’t know why I was so concerned about him/her not having one, but I was, and it scared that crap out of me, and I held my breath for the first minute of the ultrasound.  But then we saw it! That wonderful little flicker that lets you know that something in there is moving!  That your baby is alive and well.



Some of you may be wondering why this post isn’t protected.  Well, because for the most part, both set of parents know.  Sort of.  We were on Callie’s parents boat Saturday night after watching the fireworks, and Callie had told her mom that I was, potentially, maybe, a little bit pregnant, because she had asked me to help her move a very heavy wooden table.  Cal’s parents weren’t really down with the whole “another baby” thing when we mentioned thinking about having more kids, and soon.  Her reaction, well, it went sort of like this.  “You know it already?!  How can they tell so fast!? Ohhhh, wellllll, ok.  Callie, help me move this table then, so we can set up the boys pack and play so they can get some sleep.”  To say I was a little wounded (and angry) is a bit of an understatement, but that’s all I’m going to say about that, because along with this pregnancy comes all the pregnancy hormones, and let me tell you!  I have never cried so much in my life.  The joke about crying during commercials and whatnot? Not a joke to pregnant women!  In the lease bit!

Symptom wise, the nausea is really kicking my ass.  I sorta knew this would happen, and actually anticipated it, because my body really isn’t used to having all these hormones coursing through it.  With the PCOS, I’m pretty much a textbook case (said by EVERY GYN I’ve ever had),  where my lady hormones are really, really low and my male hormones are really high.  If it’s true what they say, that you carry like your mother, then I’m in for it!  my mother was sick for 6-7 months for each of her pregnancies.  Trust me when I tell you, that I refuse to feel like this for the next 5 months, and I am not to proud to get some meds to calm this nausea.  Yesterday, I threw up my early morning cup of water while brushing my teeth (yup, that totally happened) and then, I tried some crackers and water before I went off to work.  Promptly threw that up in the train station parking lot while getting our of my car, and nearly puked on my suede Clark Desert Treks!  I would have been really upset to have to get rid of my favorite, most expensive shoes!  There is also the excessive tiredness.  When I’m at work all day, it takes everything in me to keep my eyes open.  I pass out on the train ride in, take a short nap during lunch, sometimes I sneak off to the bathroom, go into the huge handicap stall in the back, and catch some zzz’s (about 20 minutes worth) before my alarm (which I tuck into my bra strap so I can feel the buzz) wakes me.  And then I pass out on the train going home for another 35 minutes.  When it’s bed time though, I have the hardest time falling asleep!  So most nights, I lie awake, listening to Callie’s deep breathing, Noah’s dinosaur grunts, and Levi’s feet constantly moving.  I try and count them, like you would sheep, but I end up laughing at the little symphony that the 3 of them are putting on without even knowing it.  And then of course, there are the tears…about everything!   I was putting together the ceremony that I will be officiating (my little sister’s wedding) and I couldn’t get through the first 2 minutes without wiping tears from my eyes.  I have NO IDEA how I’m supposed to pull myself together enough in the next 3 weeks to do this!  I HAVE to keep it together, but I really just don’t know how!  I’ll have to practice and practice and practice, otherwise, I’m pretty much screwed, and no one will understand the words that are coming out of my mouth, let alone be able to stand watching my snot faced, trembling lipped, shaky handed self try and keep my composure.  And that’s just the most recent episode.  So You Think You Can Dance (one of my top 3 all time favorite shows) literally has me a crumpled mess every Monday night.  It’s just terrible!

Aside from that, everything else is going pretty great!  I was getting a bit of an allergic reaction from the progesterone in oil ( in sesame oil) so they had to switch me over to oral and vaginal meds, which kinda suck, but I only have to do it for 2 more weeks, as I’ve graduated the fertility clinic, and have my first OB appointment on the 22nd.  Looking forward to that.  Not looking forward to being weighed, I will admit!  But hey, Big girls deserve babies too, and I’ve always been heavy, and weight isn’t an indication of health, so screw that! Here’s to being a big girl and getting preggers!  And just for information purposes, my last blood work came back with hCG at 22,763, and progesterone at 13.8, a little low, but the baby should be doing it’s own thing soon, so Dr. K wasn’t too concerned.  Friends, so far, so good!

July 4th weekend was pretty awesome.  We spend the weekend on the boat (has a Queen sized bedroom, and another room with 2 bunks beds, and also a living room couch that turns into a bed.  It’s our summer home away from home!) and everyone was really loving on all of our kids!  It’s nice to have the little boating community that we have.  Callie’s family has been friends with these 3 particular boaters for 30+ years, and it’s nice when all of their kids come home and we get to spend time together.  I love hearing their stories of all of the marina’s that they have spent time in, and the shenanigans that they pulled when they were younger.  it’s nice to see them having kids too, and know that our kids will all grow up together, and share some of the same experiences that Callie did.  I know she loves it too.  We watched the fireworks display as we lay on the bow of the boat.  The boys didn’t even mind (Noah actually slept right through), and Mary got to sit with Pop and look at their favorite fireworks together (the smiley face ones).



The next day, Sunday, Callie’s dad took us our for a swim.  We had a great day, but the boys slept through most of it.  Not even 10 minutes into our boat ride, they were passed out!



Mary had a blast “swimming” which actually means tying a rope to her ankle and putting a noodle between her legs while that and her life vest keep her afloat. We also threw a fishing line out and caught a sand shark and a fluke!  Good eatin’!

A good weekend had by all!



52 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. Woo hoo!!!! Way to go Sammie and Biscuit! I’m so excited for you and the little flicker of life growing inside you. I have a feeling that you will love being pregnant, despite your previous fears about it. Your boating adventures sound so relaxing and fun! That is a huge boat!! I grew up sailing, and our boats were always a Queen room and two little twins in the bow. Our kitchens were small though. I miss sleeping on a boat, and coasting on the water, with the sun and wind blasting in your face. So beautiful, so peaceful despite the crashing waves. I love that you got to watch the fireworks from the bow of the boat- I bet they were the best seats in the house! Sounds like summer is off to a great start for your family!

    • You know, so far, it’s not so bad! I pretty excited to see my body changing. Everyday, I look in the mirror and say, “Damn it! Nothing yet! Crap!” Lol!!

      And boating, so fun…the best thing is sitting on the swim platform with my feet in the water and a (nonalcoholic) drink in my hand, as the waves lap against my calves…serious relaxation, and watching my kids enjoy it is even better! When you guys come down to NY, we’ll take you out for a spin and swim! Maybe Dumplin1 and Dunpling2 can come too and we’ll turn it from “party boat” to “nursery boat”. I bet Pop would LOVE that! Lol!

  2. Oh the first trimester fatigue. There’s nothing like it! Growing a tiny human is hard work! Sounds like you’re doing your best. I didn’t find much to help with the nausea. Preggie pops actually were worse when pregnant because having something in my mouth that long made me gag. Sometimes all I needed was three quick sips of soda so I would burp. Later on it seemed to be helped by gelusil antacids. Seriously helpful, snag a ton from amazon for the eventual heartburn either way. 🙂

    Congrats on the heartbeat! And hey, your mil may have been insensitive but at least she kept her thoughts to herself. That’s better than nothing. And you know she’ll come around because, come on, babies! lol Any hopes for a boy vs a girl?

    • Can you believe I have never in my life had heartburn! Ever! And since I said that, I’ll have it in a few hours! I’m picking up some ginger candy tonight and see how that works, but so far, crackers sans water haven’t been too bad. And it’s true about my MIL. She’ll come around. She did with the fact that we were having twins, and then deciding to adopt. They’re pretty old school so it takes then time. And we are hoping for a little lady this time but either is fine. We know how awesome boys are, so that’s cool too. But when Biscuit comes out, and Dr tells us what it is, I think the excitement will null Any hopes and expectations. Just a healthy baby is what we want!

  3. Yay! That’s wonderful! My mil drives me nuts most of the time, but I try to keep in mind that she’s just like that, I can’t change that, and her intentions are typically good, even if she comes across as insensitive.

    • Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love and adore my MILA despite all of her (perceived) flaws, but i just kind of expected a little more. I know she’ll come around. They just worry about our finances, but like I tell Callie, they’re OUR finances and OUR life so we have to follow our hearts and what makes us happy. And let’s me real! What grandparents don’t love and dote on their grandkids?! Even the ones that hate the fact that you’re in a same sex relationship! (That’s totally not the case here)…she’ll come around, I know it…

      • Oh, that’ reminds me! Ginger is too spicy for me, but newman’s makes organic mints with ginger that helped me. I got them at convenience stores. Try those perhaps? Added bonus of fresh breath. hahahaha

      • What a perfect response. She will come around for sure. And I agree with you, this is your family, your finances ect. I’m so happy for you both!! Happy tears my friend, I can’t wait to ride this journey out with you guys.

  4. Yay for a flickering heartbeat! That’s fantastic. I’m sure having three so close in age (plus a big sister!) will be tough at first, but really awesome for them as they get older! Glad to hear all is going well – minus the nausea. Hope it doesn’t follow you out of the first trimester!

  5. What in the helllllllll….. You’re pregnant? I haven’t seen the password protected posts and had NO idea! When did this happen? Wow wow wow!!! I wanna know the details!? Ahhhh, congratulations!!!

  6. Also, as far as the MIL, to me kinda pregnant means you may or may not be trying this month. Is it possible she didn’t really pick up what your wife is putting down?

  7. I am so thrilled for you!! Thrilled that baby is doing well and thrilled that you had such a great 4th of July with the family! Everyone look so wonderful and happy! Sending you love my friend and hoping for more positive updates soon!! 🙂

  8. Biscuuuuuuiiit!

    So excited!!

    You always make boating sounds really luxurious. I’ve only been on ski boats and relaxing on them is pretty eh. Then again, I can’t relax around water that may contain fish, of any size or variety, because I am a crazy person. I need you to show me the ways of boating.

    Keep those tissues handy. My sister used to light matches all the time to suck the smells out of the air, not something I recommend in a train station but could work for home. Hope you find some relief and definitely hope it doesn’t last longer than a few more weeks.

    Did I already say bissssscuuuuuuiiittt?


  9. Xoxoxo

    So excited for you guys!! That morning sickness kicked my ass. I took zofran and it helped, but I hear there is another good drug now.

  10. Yay! Congrats!!!!! Im excited for you guys!
    I hope your symptoms will ease soon and you can enjoy your maternity life 🙂

    Your boys are such cuties!

  11. I love that your posts will now be unprotected and I can catch each one in good timing. So glad that Biscuit has a heartbeat and that so far is so good, I’ll keep up sending all the good vibes your way! Zofran was a life saver for me in the beginning with nausea but gave me a headache in place of nausea, so it’s a win lose situation. I’ve taken Promethazine on a near daily basis since the beginning too at night for night time nausea and it makes you a bit sleepy too so it’s definitely helped me sleep at night. Both are “safe” as far as most OBs are concerned. Zofran has some contradictions and law suits starting up, so who knows with that. I hope that even though you have PCOS you’ll be able to produce milk and breastfeed since I know your tried so hard to induce for the boys. I’m secretly hoping you have a girl so that you have two of each! That boating trip sounds amazing (minus the parents reaction 😤 stupid). Sometimes I wish people would just fake it for the sake of the other persons feelings.

  12. Congratulations!!! So exciting!! I can’t wait to read all about the process of creating this new little life!

  13. Wait… What. I’m so confused. I thought this was a post from before! You’re PREGNANT?!?! OMG!!! Congratulations, my lovely. How exciting!

    Knowing you from what I read, I can tell you will LOVE being pregnant. I look forward to reading the updates!!!

    Congratulations once again. Xx

  14. holy cow! congrats! i had no idea. i don’t know if i missed a previous post? I’ve been kind of just skimming posts between naps these days haha. hang in there. the MS will subside. my mom was sick her whole first pregnancy and i was until only about month 4. everyone is different. keep the hope! haha good luck. can’t wait to follow this new baby journey

  15. I am so ridiculously happy for all of you. I’m sorry C’s parents weren’t more receptive, but to hell with that. Your own family’s reaction more than makes up for it! I can’t believe you’re freaking pregnant! And now you get to experience this insanity firsthand! I hope the first tri flies by and that you’re feeling better soon. At least you have a gazillion of us on here to sympathize with your nausea & exhaustion. I will take this 38w6d pain over the pain of the first trimester(ish) any day!

  16. Ok I needed to read the FULL post before commenting. 🙂 Don’t worry if you need meds. I was so sick I wouldn’t have made it through most days without them. Sometimes we can’t control how our bodies react. And I’m sorry about C’s parents reacted. It’s hard when you don’t get the reaction you thought you would.

  17. Congratulations on seeing/hearing the heartbeat! And I’m sorry about the nausea, kudos to you for being willing to put up with that. Even if I could get pregnant, I wouldn’t just because I HATE throwing up!

    Maybe your in-laws just need time to process. It’s possible they were never expecting you to get pregnant because their daughter is the more feminine one in the relationship and thus must be assigned all “woman” duties ; P So now they need to adjust to the idea of both women having that role! My parents were the same way, when we told them my wife would be the one to carry if we went that route, they couldn’t wrap their heads around it because they see her as more masculine – but I am epileptic so I really shouldn’t get pregnant; it’s just a practical issue rather than a gender role issue. Then we decided to go the foster/adoption route and they whined “But when will you have your OWN babies?” Grr, but also, our babies will never be biologically related to me! So they’re just being silly. I’m betting your MIL just needs a quick adjustment period before it sinks in YAY MORE BABIES TO LOVE!

  18. I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus so I’m just now reading up on the good news! Congratulations friend! Isn’t the sound of that little heart beating the best sound in the world? I remember that feeling like it was yesterday. I can’t wait to see you with a big baby belly. 🙂

  19. Omg are you kidding?! Congratulations! How on earth I missed that you were trying is a mystery to me, I’m now going back through all your posts! Wow, you guys are so amazingly brave and such fantastic parents! Despite every difficult symptom, pregnancy is amazing and I hope you enjoy the good parts! Yay!

  20. I’m so shocked right now. I saw your latest post and did a double take. I then had to go back because I knew I clearly missed something. Lol, congrats!!! You officially have a very full house! 😊

  21. No joke, you guys are crazy! But I love it. So many babies to love and so many mommies to love them! I’m so happy for you guys!! As for the big girl being pregnant thing, don’t sweat it, girl. I was a big girl too, still am. When I got pregnant, I wasn’t any different. It sucked but at the same time, I didn’t gain as much as some women who weren’t already on with extra pounds. As for heartburn, try Papaya tablets, they worked wonders for me. I had such bad heart burn that I felt nauseous enough to puke, I never did, but the tablets really helped!

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