Me:  Why is this house always such a mess?!?! I JUST a cleaned on Saturday! Like Clean, CLEANED!!

Callie: What are you babbling about?!

Me:  That it doesn’t matter how well or how many times I clean, it’s always a freaking disaster in here! (Huffing and puffing and organizing and putting random miscellaneous things away)

Callie: See! This, is why I worry about you being pregnant one day! You’re hormones are CRAZY!

Me:  It has NOTHING to do with hormones! 

Callie: Ooooooh Babeski, psshhh! (Laughing in my face)

Me:  ( Flips a box of Ginger Snaps off of the kitchen counter and walks away)

Callie:  (through laughter) Babeski, what the hell is wrong with you!?!


Friends, when you have PCOS, a new and sudden surge of hormones that your body isn’t used to, COULD have crazy effects.  Flipping cookies off of the counter is not recommended.  Laughing wives aren’t either. 😕
Password protected post now available….


26 thoughts on “Hormones!!!

  1. My mother used to say,

    Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing
    Is like shoveling the walk while it’s still snowing.

    ‘Course, the house was always crazy clean. But that’s what she used to say whenever anything was out of place.

  2. Ohhhhh man, I can’t even count the number of “conversations” the wife and I have had mid-hormones/PCOS/TTC madness. This is going to be fun to watch. I can’t wait! 😉

  3. Not to hijack this post or anything, but I would love your password. I can’t find an email address through which to request it, however. Mine is “notsistersblog” at gmail if you’d be so kind.

  4. Are you getting pregnant soon? I’m confused, I too have pcos. I had to dose up on a healthy amount of fertility drugs to get pregnant. During the course I was a psychopath. Callie laughing made me chuckle, sorry! I’m similar in my teasing efforts. I hope your doing better than when you sat to write the post. Hormones suck!!!!

  5. Sorry to also hijack the post but may I please have the password also? bellelucecille@hotmail.com

    I feel you with the hormones. I often find they surface for me after I’ve cooked an amazing meal or done something big and then I of course have to storm off in anger (to prove my point) meaning I miss out on the meal I have cooked. It’s usually over something as stupid as how I cooked the gravy.

  6. Awww sorry! Crazy is never fun. Yesterday I sang a song complete with choreography called “Go Fuck Yourself” to a cat. And then I was upset that he couldn’t comprehend how much he sucked. So yeah, flipping off cookies sounds about right 🙂

  7. Oh them hormones! I don’t find that I’m particularly sensitive to it- like I don’t get moody or PMS, but boy does my wife (don’t tell her I told you that- I’d be in big trouble). Hang in there….

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