Spotlight and The 30 Day Challenge – Day #22

A few days ago, I look on my IG account and I have a notification in my DM box.  I open it and to my surprise it’s The Next Family.  The Next Family, ” is a diverse community where modern families meet. It is the start of an on-going, open-minded and sincere dialog between urbanite families, adoptive families, in vitro parents, interracial families, same sex parents, single parents and so on. It is a way to remind people that the Next Generation of families already exists in larger numbers than the old model of a “family unit”.”

I love seeing them on my feed!  It always brightens my day to see so many same sex families highlighted.  And seeing the faces of all of their beautiful and happy smiling children, well, that just melts my heart!  So, in this message from them, they think that my family would be the perfect candidate for their “Spotlight Series” and asked if we would be interested in participating!!!  Did they even have to ask?!?!  Uh, no, not really!  So of course I shoot a message back telling them that we would “Absolutely freaking LOVE to be spotlighted” and after a few emails back and forth, we answered the questions they provided in true Non-Belly Mama (and Callie – yes, she actually wrote! GASP!) fashion, sent them some really awesome pics of our family, and voila!  We will be featured very soon as one of their spotlighted (spotlit?!) families.  A two mom, bi-racial, foster to adopt, IVF, twin pregnancy, suburban family! So excited!  So as soon as it features, I’ll post the link…but how cool is that?! And who wouldn’t wanna see allllllll this cuteness anyway?!


Day 22-Favorite city

I have visited many cities in the world, but honestly, my favorite, hands down, is the city I grew up in.  White Plains, NY is the 11th biggest city in NY sate.  With a population of 56,853 people, it still has the feel of a small town, where everyone knows everyone.  Where kids ride bikes together around the neighborhood and play manhunt in the woods behind their houses on summer nights, and going sledding during snow storms at the local golf course is a right of passage for any kid “around the way”.  A place where we are proud to scream ” DUBSET!” during high school football games while we rep our city, or where we walk down “The Avenue” with a 5lb glass beer stein when they shut the street down for Oktoberfest. Where summers at Gardella Park pool is the only way to cool down, and baseball games at Gedney Park was a great way to spend Wednesday nights.  It’s a place where the churches stand up for people of color, for LGBT families, for people with disabilities, marching through the streets and filling the space with their cries of “Black lives matter” and “We’re queer, We’re here”!  Where the community gathers together on NYE and watches our very own ball drop in the middle of our personal Times Square.  Where the 37 lives lost on 911 are honored EVERY SINGLE YEAR in their own ceremony.  Where if you didn’t  hang out at “The Galleria Mall” growing up, I do NOT know what you were doing with your life, and where McDonald’s on Central Ave for lunch during high school (even though technically we weren’t allowed to leave campus) was the place to be.  A place where Teen Night at Club Emanon (That’s No Name backwards which was so clever) was a great place for parents to send their kids on Friday nights and didn’t have to worry about their safety.  Where Webb Field was the place to play tag to your hearts delight and swing round and round and round on the dizzying tire swing. It’s a place loaded with our nations history!  The Battle of White Plains was fought literally, in my parents back yard! No seriously, it was! George Washington’s home is located just a few minutes from my childhood home.  It’s a place where selling lemonade on the corner was a daily occurrence during the spring, summer, and fall, and a place where my heart lives forever, right there on those streets.

My city, where my roots have been sewn, and the roots of my mother and father, uncles and aunts and cousins, brothers and sister, will always be “Home”.  And they say, Home is where the heart is, and it couldn’t be any truer.





24 thoughts on “Spotlight and The 30 Day Challenge – Day #22

  1. That spotlight is so cool! They couldn’t have picked a better family! You guys are all so damn cute together. I love that your favorite city is your home town. Mine is absolutely not!

    • Thanks…it’s awesome to be seen by so many other families, and even cooler to be seen by people who are getting ready to start their own brood, and can see themselves reflected through other people. That’s pretty neat…and my home city is the coolest! Where are you originally from?! Why is it so terrible there?!

      • Los Angeles! Catch and I were both born & raised here, and as long as we want to be near family, we’ll be stuck here. I have a love/hate relationship with this city. On the one hand, I very rarely fear discrimination–points for cultural diversity. On the other hand–everything else! Drought, traffic, lousy schools, poor infrastructure, overcrowding, lack of green things. I’ve always felt I was better suited for Portland or Denver. Or wine country. 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to read your feature on The Next Family! I also love the idea of it all. Families have changed and it’s so important that we represent it as diverse.

  3. That is amazing that you will be spotlighted! I love that picture. The babies’ faces are like “Seriously guys, what are you doing.” Will you have to wait for Mary’s adoption to be finalized before you can publicize her photo?

    • Yeah…unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to post their pictures on social media, mainly to protect the biological families. There have been issues in our county with Bio families and their privacy, so they prohibit it. So we would have to wait, unless of course we get persmission from her mom, but being that she hasn’t shown up or anyone has heard from her in over 3 months, that’s ot gonna happen any time soon. I hate it though, becuase I feel like a bad mom that I always post pictures of the boys and not Mary, and that no one outside of my immediate circle of friends even knows that she is part of our family…makes me sad…

  4. Yay for being featured! You have such a beautiful family and would inspire so many! Jacob asked to feature our little family in December and even shared our family picture on their website and IG, but I never submitted my answers to his questions… :/ I’m thinking it’s time I get on that…

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