30 Day Challenge – Day #16

Day 16-Dream house

I always thought of my dream house growing up, as this huge mansion looking home, on a huge plot of land, with a stone fence and electric gate.  A 3 car garage with automatic



stable doors, and Japanese Cherry Blossoms lining the walk way to the front door.  It would have huge floor to ceiling windows, a winding staircase an no less than 6 rooms. I’ve always wanted a greenhouse (I actually have quite the green thumb and have brought several plants back from the brink of death) where I can grow my families fruits and veggies year round (I don’t think I want to leave NY as much now as I did when I was younger and the winters here can be brutal), and a swimming pool, right by the ocean.  And then I saw my first real paycheck (not the after school job ones, but a REAL one) and all that crap flew out the window!

As I got older, and my need to “fit in” with everyone else became less and less relevant, I



started thinking of my “dream home” as a small farm (like 5-10 acres or so), with a few animals that would be more our pets than anything, and plenty of space for my kids to run around, wind whipping through their hair, grass between their little toes.  Where they could get lost in fields of sunflowers, and pick lemons off the trees and challenge each other to see who could eat the most without making a face.  A place where my kids would learn to ride horses, and tend to the fields, and get to ride around on huge lawn mowers, while Mommy makes ice tea, and then hangs laundry on the line.  Where they would gain an appreciation for the land and learn to take care of our very precious planet.  But the reality is that we are too attached to our families (more so Callie than me) and we would have to move too far to actually have us all be happy and not miserable that we are missing out on everyone’s birthday’s or graduations or baseball games.  So my dream of having a farm has been put on the back burner.

If there is anything that I know about my little family, it’s that we LOVE the water.  We would take a summer of sitting on the deck of Pop’s (Callie’s dad) boat since we had to sell ours, floating around the Long Island Sound any day!  The first time we took Mary out, she just threw on the life vest, grabbed a rope, tied it around her wrist, and jumped right in!  She learned how to swim very quickly, and has been asking since the weather warmed up when we are going out again.  Callie’s parents, also lovers of the water and fishing and boating, decided to forgo buying a house, and instead invested their money on a boat.  They have been boat owners for longer than Callie has been alive (35+ years)!  They say it’s the best thing they could have ever done.  They live on their boat from March-October (this year the dock is getting repaired so they are still not in the water, which to them {and the rest of us} is completely frustrating) in the marina across the street from their apartment (which happens to be 2 buildings down from us in the same complex!).  So when Callie and I talk about our “dream home”, we never fail to mention how much cooler it would be to just live on a boat for a few months and then in the apartment when it gets cold.  I think we MIGHT actually do that one day. Our dream boat would have 3 rooms, a master for us, a room for the boys with bunks,and a room for the girls with bunks.  It would have a living room, and a bathroom, and a small dining area.  It would have a huge deck at the stern, and a nice seating area as well.  It would have lights underneath for night swimming (which looks SO FREAKING AWESOME!), and a flat bow where we could lay towels and soak up the sun.  Then when the kids grow up, Callie and I can travel the oceans and seas of the world and visit places that we have always dreamed of but know we can never afford to travel to, like Tonga, and Fiji and the Maldive Islands.  We could travel to Europe and the Mediterranean and take our grandkids on a trip along the east coast of the US down to the Florida Keys.  That would be the best!  A boat would truly be our Dream Home…






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