30 Day Challenge – Day #10

Day 10-Something youโ€™re afraid of

I didn’t want to write this particular post, because well, I’m a ‘fraidy cat.  This post will be in bullet form, otherwise it would take me FOREVER to discuss all of my fears here…and honestly, since this is basically a judgement free zone, I’ll just put it all out there.  All my fears, both rational, and irrational are as follows:

  • Balloons – don’t even come near me with those freaking things!!!  Even my own father can’t believe I haven’t grown out of it.  No clue where it comes from, but I scream if they get to close to me, and I cringe in sheer terror!  This is my #1 fear.  And the fear is crazy real!
  • Scary Movies – I have yet to watch a scary movie in its entirety.  It took months of coaxing me to watch American Horror Story.  This lady will refuse, adamantly to watch any Child’s Play, Nightmare on Elm Street, or anything of the sort.  No way Jose!
  • Clowns – Yup…pretty freaked out by those too, although, not as bad as I was when I was like 20…but still, they aren’t normal!
  • Haunted Houses – I plan these almost every year with my friends and then spend 45 minutes outside of the place debating whether or not to go in. I get made fun of, and then the cast of these haunted places realizes that I’m a sucker and won’t leave me be the rest of the night.  I have never ONCE opened my eyes in a house, and am usually sandwiched between Callie and Marco with my head down, eyes closed shut, and clutching them both as close to me as possible.
  • The Dark – this fear comes and goes, and I realize that when things are a little crappy in my life, the fear is much worse.  I usually turn on all the lights to make my way to the kitchen or bathroom in the middle of the night.  And when I don’t, i get where I’m going really quikcly, turn on the light, do what I have to do, and then shut it off, and run speed walk back to my room, all the while convincing myself not to look behind me, because, well, monsters!
  •  Feet – or at least feet touching me.  They are so freaking gross!  Why would people even want to touch feet?!  I’ll never understand.  I barely touch my own feet!  I can guarantee you, if you try and put your feet anywhere near my person, you will not be walking for a few days…it’s that serious! ( I get mad thinking about people putting their feet on me!)  Someone put a picture of feet (from a Sketchers add in Seventeen Magazine) through one of the slots in my locker in high school, and when I opened my locker, these damn FEET were freaking looking at me, all gross and everything, and I damn near lost it!  Lucky I never found the culprit…sooooo lucky….
  • Snakes and Lizards – it’s all fine and dandy when they are behind glass (although sometimes I envision a Harry Potteresque scenario, when the glass just disappears and the snakes come loose!) but when they are in person, like around someones neck while I’m out and about Coney Island and not expecting it, I totally freak out!  I hauled ass to the other side of the park, and then the anxiety was so intense, constantly looking around and over my shoulder and clearing corners like I was some stealth ninja to avoid a snake, I just left, because I couldn’t anymore! Lizards are no better, all flicking their tongues at me and stuff.  I don’t like that ish at all! Except Chameleons.  Chameleons are super cute!

There’s a ton of other fears, but they are things like loosing my loved ones, and stepping on poo barefoot, or getting a tape worm.  There’s also loosing all my teeth (family has hereditary gum disease and most of my uncles and my grandmother lost most if not all of their teeth by the time they were 40), having sleep paralysis, and having broccoli in my teeth at a job interview.  I’m petrified of getting into a serious car accident, of hitting my cats tail in the door and severing it, and now (THANKS A LOT LADY KING!!!) hair tourniquets! Basically, I’m scared of life! Good thing my wife (as small is she is) is big and bad and brave enough for both of us! Hi, I’m Sammie, and I’m a pee.you.ess.ess.why…

15 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day #10

  1. I legit laughed out loud so hard reading about your fear of the dark. But ONLY because I have the exact same fear and do those very same things. We are ridiculous!

    As for clowns and balloons…I think maybe you had a bad bday trauma in a past life involving a clown and a balloon!

  2. I’m with you on the scary movies (never watched one in my life), and no way would I ever go to a haunted house type thing! But feet – well it’s lucky Callie ain’t like me as I’m very handy with my footsies lol. The wife says I have prehensile toes as I totally use them to pick stuff up (especially with the current belly situation), I stroke her feet and legs with them lol (which she has ‘grown to love’ – or so she tells me…

  3. Omg I hate feet too! I would not speak to my husband for hours if he dared put his feet near me. They are gross!!! But I do love babies’ feet ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  4. Feet are gross!!!! I hate them. I give my husband the silent treatment for hours if he dares put his feet near me. But I do love babies’ feet!! ๐Ÿ˜


  5. You and I share so many of the same fears! I am also not a fan of scary movies, or haunted houses. I don’t like others people’s feet, but am fine with my own. And I’m soooooooo afraid of the dark, still, to this day…. And behave the same as you described lol.

  6. Why do you keep going to haunted houses if they terrify you? Don’t torture yourself! And I’m sure you already know that people have foot fetishes, but did you know that a smaller number of people have balloon fetishes? I did not make this up, they call themselves looners and enjoy watching balloons get blown up until they pop. There is a group for everyone thanks to the Internet!

    Being afraid of clowns is normal. They paint their faces in order to be a garish exaggeration of human features. It’s just messed up. I’m not afraid of them, I just don’t get the entertainment value there. Don’t feel bad about any of your fears – mine are coming in a week and I have a couple really silly ones.

  7. That’s a fairly spectacular list! Mine is spiders. I once didn’t shower for three days because I’d killed a spider in the bath and was too afraid to move it in case it came back to life. For three days. After killing it with bug spray.

  8. I too am terrified of clowns. Daniela didn’t believe me when we were dating and she sent a friend over to hug me while dressed as a clown. It was a terrible experience and really broke our trust for a while. She believes me about most things now though.

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