30 Day Challenge – Day #6 & Day #7

Day 6- A picture of something that makes you happy



The Shawangunk Ridge…oh, how I love that place.  The Gunks is hands down, my all time favorite place to hike.  With all the crevices and fissures in the rocks to crawl and climb through, this place is an adult playground.  Marco and I have hiked miles and miles of the trails on the ridge, and every time we go, I find just a few more reasons to love this place.  Our first “real” hike, when we decided that hiking was our thing, was at Minnewaska State Park.  I had gone there with a friend and her family when I was about 12, and I loved it even then.  We lost contact over the years, but thanks to reconnecting on FB, I asked her randomly one day, what the name of the park was that she hated and I loved where we hiked for what seemed like hours.  When she got back to me, after asking her father, Marco and I made plans to go that following weekend.  I have to say, it was just as incredible as I remember it being when I was young.  The white rocks, jumping over cracks, viewing the most impressive waterfalls, experiencing all the changes in foliage as we walked from the lake up to the Sam’s Peak, with it’s breathtaking view.   We hiked the Labyrinth, an intricate ladder system that weaves it’s way through rocks, and lets you out at the Lemon Sqeezer where you climb a 30 foot ladder through a 2×2 fissure to get to the summit. Claustrophobia is real there! We’ve hiked the Ice Caves, where it’s so cold, that even at the end of the summer in late August and early September, you can still find areas covered in ice.  We made our way to Verkeerderkill Falls, where you can get so close to the edge of the falls that you’re almost tempted to jump, just because you can.  Awostig Falls, where the leaves at the bottom of the falls make the water look like tea.  Blueberry Run, where you can pick blueberries as you walk to the highest elevation in the Gunks, but be mindful of the snakes and the bears and the deer (we’ve never encountered any, but it’s very likely that you would, especially in the warm summer months).  This place has become such a staple in my life, that when I die, I want my family and friends to take the hour and a half drive, and scatter my ashes there, so I can forever be connected to this place where I find my sanity on days where it feels like I don’t have any.  This place, where no matter what curveballs life throws at me, I collect them and throw them over the edge of the crevices.  This place, where after 12 years of friendship, I continue to get to know Marco and our relationship continues to grow and flourish.  This place, where when even looking at a picture of it, causes immense joy and a dire need to Google more trails and see where they take me.  The Shawangunks, with its white rock, cracks, blueberries, and bears, will always be my favorite place…

Day 7-Favorite movies

I have to admit, I’m not really a movie person.  I’m much more interested in binge watching some really great shows.  Movies tend to just bore me to death, unless of course it’s a documentary (I have been known to watch documentaries that I like over and over and over again!) because those teach me things.  I’m always on either end of the extremes.  I love to watch things that will teach me something, or mind numbing TV that will just rot my brain.  Like the Real Housewives of Atlanta!  Talk about a guilty pleasure!  When it comes to movies though, I DO have a very definitive Top 5, and those movies I have watched at least 3-4 times a year for as long as I can remember.  In no particular order, my Top 5, and why I can’t get enough of these movies.

1. Life in A Day – Documentary
This documentary is INCREDIBLE!  If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure that you do that when you get some free time.  It really puts life into perspective, and you get to see what every one in the world is doing at any given time on the same day, July 24th, 2010.  This made me cry, made me smile, made me laugh, and even at times made me question my own existence and what life and happiness and being connected to the world really means to me.  It’s heavy and light all the same time.

2. Forest Gump – Drama, Romance
This movies doesn’t even need words.  If you don’t love Forest Gump, well, then I don’t really know what to say to that!  The first time I saw this movie I was 11 years old, and didn’t understand half of the references in the movie, but I sure did believe that he did all of that stuff! There is one thing that I understood, and no matter what you think of this movie, I think we can all agree, Forest loved that DAMN JENNY, and he was willing to go to the ends of the earth for her, and if you have ever experience a love remotely similar to that, then you feel for him, so much, through this whole film.  I mean, seriously though, what goes better with peas than carrots? That is an official love!

3.  Gia – Biography, Drama
When I was 16 and really started talking to girls and hanging out with the “gay” kids in school (even though no one knew it just then) we would get together on weekends and find all the LGBT movies we could get our hands on, and binge watch.  Gia was one of those movies that I ended up buying (the unedited version! That’s right!) and lived in my DVD player.  I would turn it on just for background noise sometimes.  It was the first real time I had seen a sex scene between two women, and I can’t even begin to tell you how fierce the Angelina Jolie obsession became after that.  I think I spent $100 that summer at Blockbuster renting everything I could find with her in it, but this one will always be my favorite.  Especially the unrated unedited version…mmmmm unrated….

4. The Little Mermaid – Animation
I know every single word to this movie.  From beginning to end.  So much so, that it’s kinda been banned in our house, because no matter how many times I promise not to sing along and not to recite EVERY. SINGLE. WORD, I fail miserable every time.  This is the first movie I remember seeing at the movie theater with my mother when I was young.  Just her and I. Holding hands.  I remember how awesome I thought the poster was, and the opening scene.  I remember the way my moms perfume smelled, and sometimes, when I’m sitting at home sneaking in a quick few minutes of TLM, I get a whiff of it.  It’s the weirdest thing.  I’ll always remember that day…

5. 300 – Action
There is something about this movie that really gets me super HYPE!!! Maybe it’s all the blood (which normally makes me queasy), or the hot bodies that I wish I had!  No matter how many time I see it, I never get tired of it.  Callie has vowed that if she has to see it one more time, she is gonna jump into the screen, grab one of their spears, and spear herself to death! She’s so freaking dramatic!  But 300, amazing!  And the amount of times that I have hilariously substituted “Sparta” with something else, you have no idea! Even when the babies start crying really loud, “THIS. IS. QUITE TIME!!!”  Or the occasional, “THIS. IS. DINNER TIME!” or even “THIS. IS. MY ASS ON YOUR LEG!”  Yup, that totally happened….

9 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day #6 & Day #7

  1. Oh wow, I don’t think I realized that all those places we hiked were all part of the Shawangunks. Those were some my best times with you swipply. I truly cherish them.

  2. I want to hike so badly but it’s so damn hot here I really fear for my actual safety. Also, too many kids. I’m determined to get into it at some point in my life and this just further proves how great that day will be! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, I have only seen one of your four movies. Looks like I have some renting to do!

    • I have a friend that live in Arizona, so almost Texas, and they hike later in the evening, when the sun is not as hot…And usually something short, like am mile or two. You’d be surprised how much kids love hiking (and nature) It might take a little longer with them in tow, but what better way to foster a love of the outdoors! And exploring is always the best. You should definitely get out there…or maybe next time your in the area, we’ll take all the kiddos to my favorite place! They’ll love the climbing! Mary LOVES to hike, and literally harasses me almost every other weekend to take her!

  3. We have lots in common. I am not much of a movie go’er either. Hands down to gia. Love that movie ๐Ÿ™‚ little mermaid is also my Favorite Disney movie. I have her tattoo’d on my upper arm !!

  4. You made hiking sound fun even though I loathe hiking. The great is cute tho! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Um, I think my fixation on 300 is as bad as your fixation is on Gia. Sparta makes me um…. bothered. *fans*

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