30 Day Challenge – Day #2

Day 2-Meaning behind your blog name

When I started stalking blogs about a year before I decided to actually create my own, I never really paid too much attention to blog names.  Alls I knew was, “These lesbians are making babies all over the world and that’s gonna be us one day!”  When I decided to take the leap and stop silently stalking and make my presence known and my voice heard, it took me a good two weeks to think of a name for my blog.  It took me a while to take that first post out of the “draft” section and into the “published” portion.  Mainly because I was petrified that someone I didn’t want reading my blog would find it (basically, my uncle’s crazy psychopath of a wife) but also because I felt the need to think of a name that was creative and something that really symbolized what my blog was about.

I toyed with things like, “Who’s Your Mama!?” which I thought was freaking hilarious, but then realized, well, we’re lesbians, and lots of times the question really IS “Who’s your Mama?” and aside from being the. most. annoying. question, I thought people might get offended and not want to read.  There was also, “And Then There Were Three” but with Clomid, it could have been “And Then There Were Four/Five/Six” and that kinda freaked me out knowing that I would have to look at that every day and see the reality that is my very crazy life.  There was also, “WTF is Happening!?!” (no, I’m so serious! Like #1 contender status!) and “A Day in The Life of Your Master”  (again offensive, but a funny back story…hear me out!)  When I first met my group of friends, we all ended up basically living at Marco’s for a month while his dad visited Marco’s sister in Texas.  We spent countless hours playing Spades, Rummy, Sing Star, God of War, and watching the Olympics.  Whenever I won, I would say in the most ANNOYING and ratchet voice you could possibly imagine, “Wanna know why I won?!  Cuz I’m your mutha-f*ucking MASTER!”  Laughter would ensue, and after that, whenever they would call me or email me, I would simply answer my phone, “This is your master speaking…how may I address your call!?” And we would all chuckle. Or I would sign all of emails “Sincerely, Ya MASTER!”…and it stuck!  My IG name is Ya Master, my NY Giants jersey is personalized with Ya Master, and even my mom will occasionally say, “Masteh!!” when I don’t answer to my given name. Funny, right? No? Guess you had to be there…  But either way, I figured, noooooot the best choice of blog name.


So finally, in a last ditch attempt to try and get this blog started, I decided on the fact that even though I was writing a blog about my life in general, most of it, at least initially, would be centered around the fact that I as about to become the other mother in a two mom household, where I was not the gestational carrier. I also noticed that in my year of stalking, I had only stumbled across a handful of blogs about other moms who didn’t carry, and lots of times, they were so inconsistent with their blogs that it seemed like months passed before they posted again.  So I was stuck in limbo thinking most of the time thinking, “Well, what the hell happens next Lady?!?!?!”  So, “The Life of a Non-Belly Mamá” was born, but that just didn’t have a cool enough ring to it.  So I substituted “Life” for “Journal” but Callie thought it was too blah…so I pulled out my trusty thesaurus (which I have in the drawer of my bedside table along with a pocket dictionary for some inspiration or looking up of words I don’t know), and sure enough, the last word that was just vaguely synonymous with “journal” was “Chronicle” and I liked the way that sounded after saying it in my head a few times and then speaking it out loud.  I looked up chronicle in the thesaurus and lo and behold, words like records, archives, diary, story , history, came up. And that’s exactly what it was. That’s exactly what I wanted.  But hands down, narration was the one that struck me.  Because no matter what my blog is called, I am narrating MY story, documenting MY journey, and Chronicling MY life as a Non-Belly Mamá….


8 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – Day #2

  1. Ok, great back story…now on to important things…when I come to NY we must meet and talk trash over a spades table. Whatcha know about that! :):):):)

    I totally geeked about playing spades! 🙂

    • Oh I can talk some trash! Callie and I are a force to be reckoned with! We don’t play that ish! And no monkey dealing or talking over the table, you hear!! It’s on like donkey kong friend! We’ll even open a new deck for the occasion of whooping your butt! Lol!!

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