Versatile Blogger Award

20150307-versatile-blogger-awardAnother nomination?!?! Versatile Blogger Award??? SWEET!!!!  Thanks go out to one of my blog besties Mama et Maman for the nod.  We haven’t known each other very long (she was one of the first blogs I started reading when I joined this awesome community just 10 short months ago), or even met in real life (yet), but in that time I feel that we have gotten to know each other, not only here through our stories and the sharing of our lives, but also on other social media like FB and IG.  We’ve taken glimpses into each others lives, and enveloped one another in support, kind words, encouragement, and love.  I think the world of you lady, and I’m happy and blessed to call you my friend…

These are the rules when you are nominated:
1. Post the award on your blog (check!)
2. Thank the person who nominated you (check!)
3. Share seven facts about yourself (below)
4. Nominate 15 blogs (might be tough!)
5. List the nominees and let them know

So seven facts about me?!  Let’s see what I can come up with!

1) I have 3 best friends.  Since the day we met, we have pretty much been inseparable.  We are WAY too involved in each others lives, we are ENTIRELY too honest with each other, and we make each other nuts, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We met at an Open Mic I used to host on the Lower East Side when I was dating a girl name Remix (stage name), and she was super obsessed with her ex girlfriend, Donna.  I was like, “I gotta see what this chick is about”, and we met, instantly became best friends, and was introduced to her other 3 closest friends, Marco, Tee, and Nikki. That summer, Marco’s dad went to Texas to visit his sister, and the bunch of us spent a whole month shacked up in Marco’s 1 bedroom apartment watching the Olympics.  Best summer of my life with the best friends anyone could ever ask for. 12 years later, they are the longest relationship I’ve ever had.  Don’t know where I’d be without them. (SB: Donna is no longer in the picture, Good riddance!)


2) I am ambidextrous.  I write and eat with my right hand, but pretty much everything else is done lefty (even though I learned to write with my left hand in the 3rd grade because my teacher wanted us all to work the opposite sides of our brains, so she made us write with our less dominant hand for 20 minutes each day!)  When I bat, it’s lefty. When I kick, it’s lefty.  I ride my snowboard goofy.  And if you randomly threw an object at me, I would most likely catch it with my left hand.  My youngest brother is also ambidextrous (bonus fact!)IMG_0800

3) I have an affinity for Extra Fine Point Sharpies (see picture above).  It’s all I write with.  My boss hates it but it’s become an ongoing joke at staff meetings.  “Make sure we have plenty of pens for everyone, and Fine Point Sharpies for Sammie.”  They are littered all over my house and my car, and my mom even keeps one in the house, just in case we are playing a game and it involves writing or keeping score (which is usually my responsibility).  It started in 10th grade when I went to writing in all caps because it’s faster.  And I only like black ones (not blue) but I do keep two red ones in case I want to underline spelling or grammatical errors in books or newspapers, or circle the “Free For Kids” section in our local parenting magazine.

4)  I love to look up how to fix things on You.Tube when something in our house breaks.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  When I was little, I would take apart the VCR and switch the bands if they broke, or to dig out a Matchbox car my brothers stuffed in there or one of my sisters Polly Pockets.  As an adult, this never changed.  When my XBox got the “Red Ring Of Death”, I found the fix on “The Tube”, opened it up, connected a little cable that had come undone, did my best to close it up and tape it back together, and ta-da!  Saved myself 400+ dollars! I figure, If I’m going to throw it out, might as well try and save it.  The same with my PS controllers, an old cellphone, and pretty much anything that stops working at our house.FullSizeRender5) I constantly chew gum.  And it has to be Trident Tropical Twist (the orange pack with the Pineapple on it).  My mom gave me a complex when I was younger, always telling me that my breath wasn’t too fresh.  I buy it in packs of 3 at the grocery store, and I have Trident wrappers all over the house.  It makes Callie nuts, “If I see one more DAMNED wrapper SAMMIE!!!”.  Mary says I chew too much gum and that my teeth are gonna fall out, because that’s what we tell her about chewing gum. When I run out of gum, it’s pretty terrible, so I have a few random pieces stashed all over the place.  2 pieces at my work desk, on my night table, a few pieces in different jackets and different pairs of pants, in the car.  I’m a Trident Tropical Twist junkie, and I am not proud…not proud at all…

6) I’ve had the same recurring dream as long as I can remember.  I wake up (in my dream), throw on some jeans, a t-shirt and boots, grab a burnt orange canvas rucksack, and start trekking!  I walk out of the city waving and smiling at people as I go, into the woods looking for animals and stopping to smell the flowers, out into the desert, thirsty dirty and tired. As I walk, my boots start deteriorating, the contents of my bag get lost one by one, and the sweat from my brow stings my eyes.  I reach my final destination, and my eyes light up, my mouth goes wide in surprise, but I never see what I am looking at.  I only feel that it is amazing and well worth the long walk.  It’s really strange, but somehow, knowing it’s the same dream over and over again (since I was about 6) makes it one of the most comforting recurring dreams I have (there are 3 all together).

7) I am an avid reader.  I don’t read at home really, you know, because well, time.  But I read on the train, at my desk, during my lunch break, when I should be working, and occasionally (ok, pretty often) while I’m walking.  With this new position I’m in, I do work Monday & Tuesday, and the rest of the week is spent reading (with the occasional sending of email or faxing of some random paper).  In the past month since I have been back to work I have read 5 books.  I just started a new one yesterday (We Were Liars, which is really good) and have about 40 pages left.  I like reading young adult books (sue me! They’re interesting!), science fiction, murder mysteries, historical non-fiction, and the occasional self-help book.  One day, I’ll write a book, and free copies will go to all my blog buddies first!

I pass the torch on to these following bloggers:
Shawns and Cade
Mad About Moreau
The Other Mom of Four
The Doss Family Journal
Impossibly Royal
My Curious 30’s
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12 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. So much awesomeness in this post! Thank you for your kind words, my friend. I definitely feel like we were kindred spirits in a previous life. Your storytelling and sense of humour is just bang-on for me. Your charisma and character is contagious! I think it’s amazing that you’re ambidextrous. DW is also ambi, and shows off her skills with chopsticks and popcorn. I’m jealous that you’ve maintained the same rat pack for so long. It must be nice to have people that have seen you through so much. What happened to Donna?

    • Thanks friend! Well, Donna! Ugh…we were truly the best of friends…like I thought we were gonna be friends for the rest of our lives. Nikki had a friend that she grew up with, like their mothers were friends kinda thing. She introduced this friend, Jes, to our group. We hung out for YEARS together (at one point, when I was dating Tee [YUP! That happened] we lived right downstairs from Jes). Donna and Jes started a pseudo-relationship, even though Jes was seeing Mark, and eventually ended up marrying him like 7 years ago! But about 3 years ago, Jes and Donna rekindled their “relationship”, and the rest of us (being friends with the married couple) didn’t really approve of it. And since we are so honest with each other and waaaay too much into each others business ( I swear we’re a reality show waiting to happen), we told her that we didn’t think it was cool. That we didn’t wanna be witness to their make out sessions and that we didn’t wanna be put in the middle of all of that drama. She didn’t like it and deleted us all from FB and IG and all other social media sites. So when we asked her what gives, she refused to answer any of us, and avoided our phone calls and texts, and this whole internet war started. We both said some not nice things to each other and were passive aggressive, and just mean to be honest, and that was the end of that. This was 2 years ago. But I will say, it allowed the 3 remaining Swipples (a whoooollle other story how this nickname came about but that’s what we call our little group) to become more honest and supportive of each other. A few months ago, I wrote her an email to kinda see if she could enlighten me on why we didn’t speak any more (all the above stuff is our take on why we don’t talk because she cut us off and never really explained why) but her response didn’t own ANYTHING, where i was totally apologetic for the really nasty things that I said to and about her. She kinda threw it all back to me and was kinda like, “I’m sorry, but if you wouldn’t have, then I wouldn’t have”, and we all know that doesn’t make for a good apology. So, that’s what happened with Donna. Realizing that your best friend was never really your best friend stings, but then you see who the real ones are, man does it make all the difference. There were other things too of course, but that’s the gist of it.

      • Relationships within a group are so tough- especially when they start getting messy and hurting other people. It’s hard to get caught in the middle of it, and have to choose a side. Sounds like you chose the better side, because she’s not willing to accept the olive branch that you’ve extended to her.

      • Here’s the kicker!!! Donna and Jes remained friends this whole times…the best of friends actually. Whether or not there was something going on between the two of them still, we have no idea. We actually stopped talking to both of them. But Donna met this women Dee, and within 2 months of meeting were engaged to be married. The planned their wedding for less than a year since the day they met. THEN, Jes kept making the mistake of saying “girlfriend” and Donna insisted that she was being disrespectful for not calling her “fiance” and after saying it a few times, she dropped her too! This is the type of person we are dealing with: entitled, selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, and the list can go on and on…i wish her the best, but far far away from me and my family!

      • Yes, the drama is fun when you’re young, but most of us grow out of it. I’m glad you’ve got your core, and that you’ve weeded out those who don’t add positivity to it 🙂

  2. I so enjoyed learning more about you! I love that you break into anything and everything to fix it – Mr. MPB does the same thing. Sometimes I find myself encouraging him to wait until it’s actually broken before he cracks into things. And I had to laugh at the black fine tip sharpie rule – I have to use blue (I’m convinced my writing looks horrible in black) and it has to be a very specific pen that I can only find at 2 stores and have never been able to find online (which boggles my mind because I thought everything was online).

  3. I love posts like this because they round out from our primary blog purpose, whatever that may be! Handedness – we’re complementary! I’m ambidextrous, but write lefty (my second grade teacher made me choose one or the other…), and play guitar lefty, but do pretty much everything else with my right hand. So funny, I don’t meet many folks like that. 🙂

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