4 Weeks Old & Back To Work Mama Goes

The time is just zooming by.  Every day I wake up, and my children are a day older, and those days accumulate into weeks, and those weeks into months, and before you know it, I’ll wonder where the years went.  Yesterday, the boys turned 4 weeks old.  In two days, they’ll be a month old (that’s weird how that works, because you always assume four weeks is a month, but not really!) and on such an awesome milestone, I was due to return to work.  Yesterday, was one of the most difficult days I’ve ever experienced, until I left my house for work this morning. The saddness hit me like a ton of bricks, and it took everything in me, not to bawl most of the day ( I snuck off to the bathroom to do most of my crying while I flipped through pictures on my phone of my babies, wondering if the were missing me as much as I was missing them).

In these 4 weeks, they have changed so much. Their personalities are really starting to become more distinct and they are getting easier to tell apart. They do this thing when they are near each other where they start to grunt and squeak, and they go back and forth like they are in full conversation. It’s so interesting to watch. I wonder what they are saying to each other. Probably talking about the ridiculous faces that we make and how two grown women can get their voices to be so squeaky and two octaves higher. Levi likes to punch Noah in the face…A LOT! I see this sibling rivalry getting a little crazy! Maybe a lot crazy! But Noah always manages to turn his whole body around by kicking his legs like a frog and in the process kicks his brothers head, shoulders, back, stomach, so he gets his licks in too!


They really love the water. When you take their clothes off they cry, and when you take them out of the water, their screams reach a decibel that makes the dog downstairs bark, but while they are in their little bucket of water, they are in complete and total
bliss. They eat the water off of their hands and they are truly relax, which is a nice change to the gassiness and the constipation they have been experiencing. It makes me excited to think about taking them out swimming this summer. We were really hoping they would be water babies, and they are!



Back at work today, I was just really feeling miserable. I had about 1400 emails to go through, a new office (they moved all of my stuff while I was out, so there was no type of organization), a ton of work to catch up on, and no wife and kids. I didn’t expect the transition back to work to be so difficult for me. I’m a pretty social person who likes to be around people most of the time, but honestly, the only place I want to be is at home. I feel guilty too that Callie is by herself taking care of two babies, a 7 year old, the house, laundry, cooking, and pretty much everything! I touched based about 100 times more than usual just to make sure she wasn’t feeling overwhelmed (snow day today so Mary was home too, making it Callie’s first day home alone with ALL THREE OF THEM!). She did send me the cutest picture with the song “I just called to say I Love You”. It really made my day!


I know the transition will get easier for both of us. She’ll adjust to caring for the both of them on her own, and I’ll get comfortable with being back at work and doing as much as I can when I get home. We’ll fall into a different routine and continue to balance each other out as we’ve always done as parents. I just wish I didn’t miss them so bad. When I got home today, I said hello to everyone and gave hugs and kisses. When I held Levi and started talking to him in Spanish, he gave me the biggest smile. I know it probably wasn’t at me being silly and making funny faces and funny noises, but the timing was perfect and made me feel like he really missed me. I didn’t think I could love anyone so quickly with so muh of my heart. And it’s happening twice! At the same time…


11 thoughts on “4 Weeks Old & Back To Work Mama Goes

  1. I can’t imagine the heartache! I’m sorry! It really sucks that they don’t give the other parent more time off PAID!! I hope it gets a little easier for you. The boys are beautiful! Absolutely adorable!

  2. I totally had a meltdown yesterday going to get groceries. It sucks but it’s natural. And I dread going back to work already even though I have 16 weeks to go. Hang in there. I have no advice. Maybe I can learn something from your experience.

  3. They are so damn precious I just want to hold them and give them kisses! You two sure did make some cute ass kiddos. I’m sorry going back to work has been so terrible, I can imagine Kate is going to feel exactly the same with ours.

  4. Man. First. Your kids are ADORABLE. Second. Callie is a strong lady, you give her hugs from me, she’s got this. Third. You are a strong lady, the working mom has it rough too, I know. Hang in there. Fourth. Just, damnit, those kids are precious and I can’t believe it’s already been 4 weeks!

  5. I am so in love with your updates. They make my day. I’m sending so much strength and courage for your return to work. Be strong mama and when you can’t or don’t want to be strong its a-o-k to throw a pity party. Invite Callie, Mary and the boys to a group hug. There is no shortage of love in your lives which is so great.

  6. Baaaabies!

    First, how helpful are those hospital buckets? They are like, priority #1 when we’re leaving the hospital. Do we have the buckets? How many were we able to steal? I love them. I use them for everything.

    Second, they are so cuuuuute. I cannot handle their little puckered mouths and squishy cheeks. I love their faces so much.

    Third, oh. Oh, friend. Leaving those babies and going back to work must feel just awful. I honestly don’t know how people do it. I never did. I don’t know if I could. It’s almost the hardest time to adjust when The Queen goes back to work and I know how Callie feels. Rest assured, those babies are definitely happy to have you home and loving on them. And Callie is a rockstar. I have no doubt she’s killin’ it at home. 😉

    Let us know if you guys need anything!

  7. Oh man I didn’t think I could survive my first day away, but it does get easier and eventually you find a balance: You’ll miss them terribly when you’re away and be dying for adult conversation when you’re home lol. They are precious!

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