If you ever wanted to know what a 3 am feeding at our house looks like, well, here you have it, my good people. And by the way, it looks ridiculous!



When it’s all said and done, I wouldn’t trade a single second of it. Well, maybe the few seconds of screaming while mommy gets the bottles. But when they finish them and they look at us so intensely, i forget that their screams really just sounded like they were wailing , ” I’m starving! I’m sttttaaaarrrving!!! I’mmmm staaaaaasrrrrviiiinnnggg!!!”. (No seriously, that’s what it sounds like!). Also these pictures are interchangeable with the 12am and 6am feedings. What does 3am look like at your place? Probably as tragic as ours!

29 thoughts on “3AM

    • I was Just telling Solo Mama that it’s so hard to go back to sleep after that feeding. Between feeding tjem, changing them, and rocking them half way to sleep, I might as well stay up because I have a 7year old to wake up at around 6:50 for school. But I can almost guarantee after their 12pm feeding, I’ll be KNOCKED OUT! For at least 2 hours! Lol!

    • I’ve basically been up since then. Levi wouldn’t stop fussing, noah is gassy and Mary goes to school at 7:30 so I’m up at 6:45 anyway…I also work for Metro North (our commuter rail here in NY) and they had their biggest fatality in history so I’ve been glued to the news since 7pm yesterday. I’m exhausted but somehow not…it’s weird!

  1. Sounds like you’re running on adrenaline. Take care of yourselves as much as you’re taking care of those babies. 3am is pretty friggin’ cute though- between you girls and the twins! Sorry to hear about the fatality on the subway system. It happens once in a while here too, and is super sad. Now, go nap!

  2. I saw the news of the crash and thought of you. Just awful.

    The fact that you’re even able to position the phone to take a photo correctly tells me
    3am is a hell of a lot better than it is around here! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope for you both that they hit that 10/2/6 (or other four hour variation) feeding sooner rather than later. The extra hour makes all the difference, especially when it can take so long to get them (and yourselves!) back to bed.

    Lookin’ great!

  3. Oh the realness of babies ๐Ÿ˜‰ you seem to he handling it well and loving it though.

    Unfortunately the fatality made our headline news all the way out here in CA. Sorry to hear of that and prayers for the families effected.

    • We are trying our best. I think sleep deprivation is catching up to us tho! And the train, poor people. It’s so sad. With all the issues that our train system has had on the past year and half, safety has been our number 1 priority (since the derailment last thanksgiving). This tragedy breaks our hearts…

  4. Are you guys breast and bottle feeding breastmilk or formula, just curious? How is their weight doing, the look so tiny in comparison to their bottles. What kind of bottles are those I’ve never seen them before?

    • We are both nursing (I’m still not getting any milk but I comfort nurse which is fine by me and they love!). C pumps and we give them Breast milk but she isn’t really producing much milk, so they each get 2-3 3oz bottles of Breast milk and then formula the rest of the feedings. Their weight is really great! They ARE really tiny. Technically, their due date is tomorrow! Levi is in the 1 percentile (he was at 0 before) and has gained a pound since birth and so has noah who is now in the 3rd percentile (he was in the 1st before). We did our research with our bottles because we didn’t want them to have crazy nipple confusion with 2 different breasts and then a bottle added to the mix! Those are Lanisoh “Momma” bottles. They are closest to the nipple on a breasts and the nipple on the bottle even feels like the real thing. We have Tommy Tippee bottles too but they like these much better…and the transition from Breast to bottle is a lot easier.

  5. Glad I checked in! You will one day miss those 3AM feeds. ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like you guys are doing so great. Our’s are almost 10 months now and I was saying to another twin mom that I don’t remember the first 8 weeks. You will cherish this blog in a few months when you emerge from the twin haze and can breathe again. Congratulations to all of you. What a beautiful family!

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