Callie’s Follow Up

Today Callie had her 2 week postnatal check up. Our OB ( the sweetest and pretty much sexiest OB ever) was so excited to see us. She spent a good 20 minutes cooing and cuddling and giving the boys head massages. It was super cute! She checked Callie’s weight (down to 143 from 166!), pulled the tape from her incision (which looks AMAZING!) and did some pushing and kneading of her uterus which she said will be back to normal in no time. Back to a bikini (yum!) this summer. Speaking of summer, Callie and I made the decision to sell our boat. I am truly devastated! It’s just an extra expense that we can’t really afford anymore. What with dockage fees, gas, and not being able to take the boys on it ( it’s a small 15ft fishing boat), it just makes more sense to let it go. An extra $4-5,000/year can go to college funds. In a few years, we’ll upgrade and get ourselves something with a little cabin and a bathroom. For the past 5 years it’s been awesome to just be able to get up and go… When I was feeling low or needed a break from life, I would get in and get out. We spent so much time on Dash. Now we’ll just go on Cal’s dads boat which is beyond awesome and lots of fun, but it’s not ours. It’s not our baby where we fell in love, made love, caught dinner and took friends out swimming. It’s were we taught Mary to swim, celebrated birthdays, danced to old school reggae on the bow, and watched some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. You’ll be sorely missed Dash…

2015/01/img_0173.png You’re the best boat ever, my Dashie

Anyways, so the appointment went very well. Callie’s mom works at the same shopping center as our Dr. We went to go visit her after our appointment and she was beside herself. She grabbed those two babies and went around the whole LegoLand showing them off. It was adorable to see her so excited. On the way back to the car, we stopped in Pandora and I bought Callie her official “push present”, or in our case a “section souvenir”. It’s a small charm with a handprint and a blue stone on the front, and “it’s a boy!” on the back. 2 more charms and the first 5 years of our life together can be told on an 8 inch chain. Best part of the day? Holding hands with my love, pushing our 2 boys down the street and about 15 people saying either “congratulations” ” what a beautiful family” or “you have beautiful babies”.

Tomorrow we have a pediatrics appointment and some last minute stuff to pick up for Mary’s birthday party on Saturday. In 2 days we’ll have a freaking 7 year old!!!! I know right?!? We’re getting her a bicycle, setting it up in her room while she sleeps and filling the whole room with balloons so when she wakes up she will be in heaven! I’ll fill you in on all of the changes in her case tomorrow afternoon after our meeting with her caseworker.

And finally, all this cuteness!







24 thoughts on “Callie’s Follow Up

  1. They are just soooooo cute. I want to just pinch their little cheeks! LOL – I’m glad Callie’s appointment went well. The boat stuff is kinda sad, but you have a different plan right now, you can come back to the boat.

  2. I’m sad you have to say good by the dash, but I totally understand the responsible decision. Glad to hear that Callie is healing up well and the boys are cute as ever.
    And, I am excited for Mary’s birthday!!! It sounds like a child’s dream birthday! (FYI, having filled up an office with balloons before, they smell rather strongly – more then I ever expected. You might not want to put them in until she’s close to waking up).

  3. They’re adorable! I’m sorry about your boat. I grew up sailing, so I can appreciate the bliss of being on the water. It’s nice to save the money though. Happy birthday to the big girl! I’m so glad Callie is healing well. How is she feeling?

    • She’s feeling so much better, just a little sore. She cant walk for a long time eithout being in pain and she began to ween herself off of the narcitic pain mess. Shes only taking an oxy in the morning and at night, and motrin throughout the day. Soon we’ll be able to have SEX!!! Yas! Lol!

      • Oh that’s great! I’m so glad she is recovering well. It must be so tough having TWO and also trying to allow the incisions to heal. Take it easy on her in the bedroom 😉

  4. So happy to hear Callie is doing well and is healing up. I imagine she’s ready to feel like herself again.

    And those babiiiiies! I can’t. They are so damn charming and dapper and I want to squish them to bits.

    I want to sleep on your boat. That was actually my first thought: I want to sleep on that. In all fairness, had you posted a fire hydrant, I would have thought the same damn thing. God speed, Dash. Cheers to the memories and the extra cash. 😉

    And all the birthday wishes to Mary! So fun!

  5. Their going to look so different from each other, yet so alike if you know what I mean? Noah is such a chunk and really resembles you (good donor choice), and Levi looks sooo much like Callie. Their just too damn precious. I truly wish we lived closer so I could cuddle them!

  6. Glad all is good. Sorry about your boat but it makes sense. Those little cuties are adorable 🙂 I don’t know how you ever manage to get anything done. I think I’d just snuggle them up all day! X

  7. So sad to hear you have to sell your beloved Dash. But all of the memories you created on her…those are priceless and will never be taken away!

    It sounds like you two are doing amazingly well. So proud of you! How has Mary reacted to the babies?

  8. They’re looking so dapper! I love the matching sweaters. I’m glad Callie is recovering so well! I also liked hearing about your Dash memories and sorry you have to sell it. It sounds like a good decision, though. Have a great weekend!

  9. They are totally the handsomest babies on the block!

    My family always had a boat when I was growing up (grandfather had sail boats and my aunt had ski boats) and I have such great memories of being out on the water, but it’s way more fun when everyone can fit comfortably! You guys will get there!

  10. Omg I can’t beleive you’re getting rid of Dash! But I totally understand, you’re doing the right with. Love those babies! Love you guys!

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