Date Night

Having been cooped up in the house for two weeks was making us a little stir crazy! Today, we decided, we needed time for us. I went on Groupon and they had a deal at one of our favorite places, Bonzai Hibachi Grill! I called Wita and Wito who were THRILLED to be able to babysit their little grandbabies. We bundled up Mary and the boys, grabbed our wallets and were in the car 40 minutes after our phone call. My parents, my sister Raquel and her fiancé Sebastian, were waiting for us when we arrived. They were so excited to be able to spend time with the kids. We still almost cried when it was time to leave them, but we kissed them a million times and finally, FINALLY, made our way out the door and onto the road a few blocks from my parents for some delicious food.

My mom actually posted this photo on her Instagram about 15 minutes after we left.

Dinner was fantastic! It was really nice to just hold hands with Callie, talk to her about a ton of random stuff, and just look at her, somehow still glowing even tho she isn’t pregnant anymore. We talked about our favorite things about being new moms and what we dislike the most. What has superseded our expectations and what we think the others strongest parenting skill is. We talked about what melts our heart about each kid and what we look forward to. And we looked at pictures! Lots and lots of pictures of our adorable little family. I mean, the whole night! We showed off our babies to the perfect stranger who were sitting next to us. I swear, if the waitress had come by one more time we would have shown her too. On the drive to pick the kids up, we talked about how ridiculous 90’s fashion was, where we had a big poofy bang but wet hair in the back. How we would wear baggy jeans with boxers showing with a huge t-shirt tucked in the front and out in the back! I mean, truly ridiculous stuff. We had a good laugh, an even better make-out session (boom chicka wow wow!), and to end the night we got to pick up our 3 beautiful children. Life couldn’t be better…and the break for 3 hours was well deserved….


10 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. I love the random memories that come up in conversations like that. I’m so glad you two are taking good care of your relationship in addition to taking care of your three kids! Thank goodness for family too! Your parents look like such lovely people.

  2. I’m thrilled to hear that you two got to enjoy a few hours together just the two of you – I’m sure that will be a rarely in your life in the coming week/years. I’m sure it was so delightful to reminisce and just enjoy being together.

  3. It’s so great that you were able to do this! That alone time is so important. In high school, I used to babysit for one of the best couples I’ve ever known. They went out alone together without the kids every Saturday night. It was a great example for me! It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to make time for each other.

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