One Week

First, I wanted to say thank you to all my blog friends for sending such warm thoughts, offering kind words, and being so loving and encouraging…So thank you all, with every ounce of love we can muster (and at this point in our lives, love is in abundance!). I’ve been slowly catching up on blogs. I feel so outta the loop! I’ll get there…things are just busy right now, but you guys mean a lot to us and we’ll be reading time permitting.

So the boys are officially a week old! Can you believe it!?!?’ A whole freaking week! Sheesh!!! It’s been a whirlwind! The hospital was amazing and we had visitors every day. Was it exhausting? Yes! Was it overwhelming?! Absolutely! Was there love?! Like you have no idea!!! Life has been amazing this past week.

The boys are doing well, feel like they have gained some weight (Noah lost 6oz at the hospital but had gained an ounce before we left and Levi lost 3oz but hadn’t lost anymore at discharge), Callie is recuperating wonderfully (still in a bit of pain but a lot more mobile) and I am the happiest Mamรก in the world! I’m nursing (yay 2 drops of milk!), Callie is nursing and pumping on average 10-15cc per pump which is spectacular (and surprisingly she LOVES nursing the boys, and they love it too), and we are also supplementing with bottles which gives them the nutrients they need. I use a supplemental feeling tube so most of the time they drink about half an ounce like that before they get tired and start fussing (I hate when they cry) and bottle feed them the rest. They are still learning the “breathe, suck, swallow” concept, but everyday they stay on the boob a little longer.

This week is full of appointments. Follow up at the hospital tomorrow, Lactation Consultant on Tuesday, Peds on Wednesday, Doula follow up on Thursday and Callie is trying to get her 2 week postpartum visit with her OB for Friday so we can knock out all of our appointments and just get them out of the way. We expect some more visitors this weekend so we’ve been keeping our weekends free with the exception of Mary’s birthday Ice Skating party on 1/31. She’s gonna be 7, and with us for a year! I can’t believe it! She’s been an excellent big sister so far and has been very helpful taking care of her brothers. The hospital gave her a “big sister” bracelet that she refuses to take off, and we gave her an “I Am A Big Sister” t-shirt that she wore so proudly to school last week. Her teacher even emailed us that Mary was on her best behavior that day and so proud. It melted our hearts.

But all in all, the Mendez clan is happy. We are enjoying every moment together, sleeping when we can, and loving harder than ever!

One week old! Craziness!

Noah has the best baby Mohawk!

My parents and their 4 grandkids (Unfortunately Mary can’t have pictures posted, but they count her too)

Ahoy mate!

Mommy loves skin to skin

The boys love it when I sing to them while they lay on my chest

Looking as classy as ever in their take home outfits

21 thoughts on “One Week

  1. Had been thinking about how you and your family were doing with your new found chaos! Not sure how you guys keep up with everything but you guys are wonderful parents! The boys are beautiful. Hopefully some rest in the weeks to come!

  2. A week already! Slow down bubbas. I can imagine the love you must be feeling. Hope Callie is doing well. Mary must be feeling so proud and lucky to have such cute baby brothers to be a big sister too. Sending you all so much health and love. Good job mamma’s.

  3. Way to go on the lactation perseverence mama! It must be frustrating with the low volumes now, but I assume that with more regular nursing and the domperodone, it will get better. It sounds like Mary is loving her new role as a big sister. I am glad Callie is in less pain, and wish her a speedy recovery. It’s amazing that she’s loving the nursing, as I’m sure it’s gotta be painful as her body gets used to it. Those boys are adorable. We love them already!

  4. I’m glad to hear Mary is enjoying being a big sister. She’s been with you a year already? In my state at six months in the foster system they make a decision to either reunite our terminate parental rights.

  5. So darn precious! I am happy to hear that your family sounds like they are all adjusting well and very happy to hear Mary is stepping in to a big sister role nicely.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful journey you guys are on!!! I am so beyond excited to see you both surviving and thriving in motherhood!!! Yay for your 2 drops!! We are both so happy and blessed to be in your circle ๐Ÿ™‚

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