My Best Girl’s Birthday

Today is Callie’s birthday.  She has always hated it.  Having your birthday be the day after Christmas has always been a curse, she says.  No one ever remembers or they wish you a happy birthday Christmas Day in case they forget.  Poor thing!

In the 4+ years that we have been together, I have made it my mission to make Callie’s birthday memorable and special.  The first year we were together, I threw her a surprise party.  She had no clue.  Her best friend flew in from Missouri and they went out to dinner while our other friends and I got the apartment ready.  When she walked in, our  yells of surprise nearly knocked her off of her feet!  There were balloons and decorations everywhere.  Her parents, my family, friends she hasn’t seen in years were all there. She loved every second of it.

It’s not easy getting someone who hates their birthday into the birthday spirit.  Believe me!  This year, with Callie on bed rest, it’s even harder.  She’s uncomfortable, she’s contracting with every step she takes, the babies are really heavy, and her back has been killing her.  But it’s still her birthday!  Although our finances won’t allow me to do anthing extravagant, I still have a wonderful birthday evening planned.  We are breaking “bedrest” rules and going out for a modified night on the town!  HIbachi dinner (which Callie loves!) and possibly a movie, depending on whether or not Callie is feeling up for it.  I’m so excited to be taking her out (with no Mary!) for the first time in a long time.  I hope those babies don’t interupt our dinner plans and decide to come early!

I’ve always been a kite, floating in whatever direction the wind takes me.  I’ve never been the one to keep my feet buried in the sand, more like the wave that continually moves, always shifting, always rolling, always crashing.  Callie has always been the rock to which I can tie my kitestring.  Keeping me grounded, but still letting me soar.  Since we met, she has always encouraged me to be the best version of myself.  Never allowing me to settle, and always pushing me to think outside of the box, and walk a mile in other people’s shoes.  She has brightened up my world when for so many years it was washed in a sepia tone.  She’s everything to me.  She’s all the things I wish I could be, but never had the courage to.  She’s my heart, my wife, my best friend, the mother of my children, and my partner in life.  I just wanted to wish her the happiest of birthdays…Happy Birthday my love….birthday



20 thoughts on “My Best Girl’s Birthday

  1. Happy birthday Callie! I love your description of how she turned your life from being in sepia tone to full-on HD colour! You two are perfect for each other! I’m so glad you have found each other.

  2. Happy Birthday Callie! And of course, as I read the first few lines I feel like shit because I forgot her birthday too! Damn it!! She doesn’t deserve that! But alas, my absentminded, feeble mind 😔. Love you ladies!!

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