Protected Post

Hey friends,

It’s been about a week since I’ve posted, mainly because I’m still learning the ropes at my new job and I have a few manuals that I have to really pay attention to while I’m training, because anyone who is familiar with PeopleSoft knows, it’s no joke!  Also, if you would like the password to the new protected post, shoot me an email at  It’s protected for various reasons, and it’s totally annoying, but there is something about me wanting to protect these pictures, and I don’t really know why! Maybe because they seem pretty personal and intimate.  Anyways, I’ll have a follow-up post tonight or tomorrow regarding our 30 and 31 weeks (eeekkK! We’re almost there!) and another hospital scare! UGH! (Don’t worry! Mommy and babies are fine!).  Today is also our 30 week scan, so hopefully this time we’ll get some good pictures of the boys.  They haven’t been very cooperative the past month, both head down, and facing Callie’s back.  I’ve still been catching up on everyone’s blogs (mostly on bathroom breaks), and have been enjoying following your journeys. More soon!


15 thoughts on “Protected Post

  1. So nice to hear from you! I start to worry when I don’t see posts especially since you’re such a great blogger! But with a new position and 2 babies on the way I totally don’t blame you for not being able as active on here. Just glad all is well. 😊

  2. I, too, was wondering about you and how you’re doing! So glad to hear all is well. I would love the password to the protected post. If I don’t get a chance to email you before the move, I will when we get settled!

  3. OMG I can’t even believe how close you are getting! I always love your updates (and your gorgeous chalkboard photos!) so I miss you when you’re gone (in case you were wondering!)

  4. Great that you’re able to get a hang of the new job before babies. So so exciting.. so so close! And you are super wife. super mom and probably super employee!

  5. So glad everything is good! I hate hospital scares! You are an amazing asset to everyone’s lives (which is why everyone craves your blog posts) and we (especially) are so happy and proud that you let us be apart of your virtual world so that we may support you in all the joys of your life! Looking forward to your next post!!!

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