28 and 29 Weeks

To think that we are just a few short weeks away from the birth of our sons is so exciting and ridiculously nerve wracking at the same time. I think I have acquired even MORE of Callie’s pregnancy symptoms. I am OFFICIALLY in full nesting mode!!! I have cleaned out my storage unit (thanks Marco!) organized the closets, put together the nursery (with loads of help, of course), took out our Christmas decorations to set up tomorrow after church, did about 2 months worth of laundry and am washing all of our bedding this coming week (including all of our comforters), and will be reorganizing all of our kitchen cabinets as well to make room for the loads of baby bottles that we bought today. I have this insatiable urge to get it all done. Oh, and I also want to take a Magic Eraser to all of the white walls in this apartment (they all got a little scuffed up moving crap around).

•Another scan that went pretty well. The boys are both head down which means that we are still good to go for a natural delivery (so far), and Callie’s cervix is at 1.9cm
•We put together one of the cribs and set up the nursery with help from T, Marco, my mom Wita (pronounced Wee-Tah) and my dad Wito (pronounced Wee-Toe)
•We got hooked up with a free doula thanks to our LC
•We have been making more time alone by putting Mary to bed 30 minutes earlier since we know that’s all going to change very soon

•We got a washing machine!!! This is exciting stuff because a) the washers in our building cost about $7 per load to wash and dry and b) we want to cloth diaper but it wasn’t economical because of reason A, and c) we’ll have gone from a family of 2 to a family of 5 in one year and will be doing laundry at least 2x’s a week. And did I mention freaking reason A?!
•We bought the boys car seats and put the stroller together
•I started my new job and really, really, really like the new people that I work with, especially my super cool boss
•Had another OB appointment and Callie’s cervix is up to 2.3, which is great!
•Met with our doula and we love her!
•We have our maternity shoot tomorrow with a friend from high school that is an amazing photographer ( Check him out at Jesse Rinka)

The boys have been wiggling around like CRAZY!!! You can see Callie’s whole
belly wave and shake. We’ve seen feet poking out, whole legs move across her whole bump, and little elbows protruding at odd angles. It’s weird, yet strangely awesome. They have been very active lately, especially when Callie drinks juice or eats fruit. They seriously have a sweet tooth. Their development has slowed down a bit with the exception of their lungs, brain, and putting on some fat. They love being read to and they really enjoy having the ABC’s sung to them and another little song where I say good morning to them and call them
both by their names. I’ve been trying my hardest to speak Spanish to them in utero, but it’s still kind of weird. It’ll be easier once they are here. Callie will only speak English and I will only speak Spanish. It’s something that I find really important. We will also be teaching them baby sign language so that they have “words” when they don’t have words. We’re so excited for these little nuggets to be here. Words can’t express the joy in my heart…




35 thoughts on “28 and 29 Weeks

  1. Because I’m used to Maori pronunciation I was like ‘well how else would you pronounce Wito & Wita but then I realised with an American accent maybe it would sound like white-o and whiter hehe.

      • Sorry for late response! Yes we will teach as much as we can at home (finally motivation for the wife and I to go do some formal classes – although I’m close to fluent), then we will try and find total immersion pre-school for baby. There aren’t many in our area weirdly. (Urban & communities that are largely Maori have education options from full immersion to bilingual to classes from preschool to university level.) Toku will also teach them her language which is Kweyol – a patois / French creole (a mix of French & African). Plus she speaks a bit of Spanish too. Then we hope they will also be okay in French due to her language base. That should’ve brought languages to start lol…oh and English too of course!

  2. That baby bump is just perfect! Following you and Ashley & Devan makes me want twins!! (Though I’ll be perfectly happy with just one! I feel so strongly abt being bilingual! I am Italian, Irish and Mexican and I only speak English. I really wish I knew Spanish! God, yes! Sign language is sooo amazing with children. My sister in law is 6 (she has Down syndrome) and sign language was her first language. It’s amazing how universal the language is!! Continuing to send positive vibes to you ladies!! Ahhh you’re so close!!

    • So so close! My 2 youngest siblings, seems like my parents quit trying to teach them the language so they are still kinda upset about that. Myself and the 2 right below me are fluent. My sister spend a year teaching in ecuador and my brother spend 2 years living in Spain just because. I will not, well relaly, i refuse to make the same mistake with my children that my parents did with my sister and now my sister with my niece who looks at you like your crazy when you speak spanish. it’s never to late to learn!

  3. That was my favorite thing about home-ownership- we have our own laundry machines that only cost electricity and water. Water’s pretty cheap here at least.

  4. We had a very brief period of time where we didn’t have a washing machine. (They come standard in apartments here usually. Sometimes, you have to rent them.) It was a trying time though the whirl and smell (and quiet!) of the laundromat was really, really enticing. We do at least two loads of laundry a day on a normal day with disposable diapers. :/ So glad you were able to snag one!

    Callie looks so great! That’s a beautiful bump. So happy to hear the cervix is holding steady! She’s rocking it! (And glad to hear you’ve had reinforcements to help check off your to-do list! The nursery is adorable!)

    I wish either myself or The Queen spoke an additional language. The kids know a little french that we remember from college that we throw in every now and then. (They weirdly have very, very good French accents?) (Mine is horrid.) That’s an amazing gift you’ll be giving those boys. Actually, could you just record everything you guys say and we’ll play that around our house? Yes? I’d buy it. 😉

    Happy 28/29 weeks ladies!

    • I told my brother that he can teach them french, or more like, “You better teach them French!” He on the other hand, doesn’t know a lick of Spanish which is ridiculous! And I’ll send you a copy of Rosetta Stone! It seems to be working for Callie…BUT the best way to teach them Spanish (and this is the best age) is the same way you teach them English…picture and word association. And how’s the Queen doing? Still pregnant?!

      • I havr Rosetta for French. I wish I could find time to do it. Maybe some midnight entertainment. 😉

        Still pregnant! And getting less and less mobile everyday! Everything okay with you guys?

  5. Congratulation on 28/29 weeks! I have just started following you ladies and wanted to thank you for sharing you journey here in a blog. I finally got brave enough to start one of my own. I love that we can share our experiences with each other and have really enjoyed reading your blog! Your two boys were so loved from the moment they were thought of 🙂

  6. I know how exciting getting a washing machine is! I have one of those little portable ones I bought and have been using for the past couple years. But in our new home, we have a washer AND a dryer. I feel like I’ve won the laundry lotto! lol

    Callie looks AMAZING and your boys are doing great!

    • Thats what we got. A 2x2x3 portable washer. It’s amazing, and In our small apartment, it’s just what we needed. And it wheels right into my closet in case maintenance has to come in for whatever reason. We technically aren’t supposed to have them (whoops!) but screw that! And you sure did win that lotto laundry! We need a dryer, but those are a ltitle trickier to sneak i think.

  7. oh yes. washer and dryer a must! If you cloth diaper two kiddos, expect to do diaper laundry once a day. Sorry. I had to break the news to you. But but but! It becomes so part of your life as annoying as it is, you get used to it. I also have a lofti for drying purposes. I am not sure how much ceiling space you have but it has seriously saved me (and my diapers). Check it out here: http://www.thenewclotheslinecompany.com/lofti.php

    Congrats on 29 weeks! Almost there!

  8. I just love your updates! So glad the boys are doing so well! It’s a very exciting time! I definitely understand the washing machine situation, at our first apartment we didn’t have a washer or dryer and it cost us about $8 to wash and dry… Ridiculous… We went a month without washing (because we were trying to save to buy one) and let me tell you…the outfits we had to put together were hideous… I was all but wearing ball gowns to work because that’s all we had left in the closet to wear! I love the idea of sign language for babies! I have always used it when nannying for all my friends kiddos and it works so well when they haven’t reached their verbal stage. I do recommend some baby Einstein videos that teach sign language because they really helped jump start the process. But that’s just a suggestion, everyone figures out their own path 🙂 glad your enjoying the new position!!! So happy for you guys and can’t wait to hear about the next few weeks!!!!

    • We almost always go a month without washing laundry becasue a)I hate it b) Callie hates it c) There are so many things to do and laundry is at the bottom of the priority list. And trust me! I know a think or two about hideous outfits. I think everyone is well aware of when it’s laundry day. Especially when it’s 90 degreees outside and I am in navy blue corduroy pants and a christmas red/plaid shirt…pretty atrocious! LOL! Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to check it out tonight! 🙂 ❤

  9. A washing machine will get lots of use soon! I can’t believe your boys will be here in a couple of weeks! C looks amazing, and I’m so happy that you’re loving the new position at work.

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