26 Weeks

I wish it would just slow down.  I hope that time doesn’t got his quickly when the boys are born.  It makes me sad to feel that this is all going to be over soon.  I love seeing Callie pregnant.  I love the great mood and the positive attitude she has had.  I especially love coming home to my wife (hehe wife!) every day now that she’s on bed rest, because our opposing work shifts only allow for us to spend time together on Friday evenings and Saturdays.  It’s been so great to catch up on our TV shows and cuddle on the couch or in bed (kid free!) all day on Wednesdays and Thursdays when I have my overnights.  It’s amazing to watch her body change every week to accommodate our growing babies.

This week Levi and Noah are about the length of zucchini.  They should be weighing in at just over a pound half, but they are weighing in at (Levi) 2.2lbs and (Noah) 2.0.  The doctor says that’s great!  They continue to develop their lungs by breathing in amniotic fluid and then exhaling it.  They keep stretching their bodies out and pushing all over Callie’s belly.  I’m almost certain that they (because they are exhibitionists!) are sticking their little butts out for Mamá to rub.  Of course, I appease them!  Their fingernails have grown all the way in and will probably be really jagged when they are born.  Grimy and jagged nails are one of our pet peeves with kids! They might also open their eyes this week or next and begin batting their eyelashes (hopefully they’ll be long and I’ll be really envious!).  This week, their brain-wave activity is also the highest it has been throughout their development.  They are really starting to make sense of the warm pool that they are encased in, and all of the sounds around them.  Their sensitivity to light is also at its most sensitive since they have been able to sense it.

This week, at our OB and Perinatologist appointments, we were told told that Callie’s cervix got back up to 2.1 from a 1.94 so that’s great.  We were also told that the boys have quite a bit of hair, Noah more than Levi.  Callie also passed her 3 hour glucose test (phew!) but that she is sort of borderline so she has to monitor her intake of carbohydrates and sugars.  Unfortunately, it was Halloween Friday and Mary brought home enough candy to satisfy (10 times over!) Callie’s insatiable urge for sweets these past 3 weeks.  And by insatiable I mean, piece of pie, 10 minutes later sherbert, 30 minutes later candy, 20 minutes later more pie, 1 hour later looking for something sweet again.  Marco brought a pie, Crack Pie to be exact, for the wedding and it was AMAZING! Callie has been talking about it ever since.  No seriously, EVERYONE and their mother needs to have this pie.  If you have a Momofuku near you, make it your business to get a slice.  It’s pricey ($45/pie) but soooooooo worth it!  All of that said, everything looks  and seems to be going well. Our weekly appointments continue with the OB and bi-weekly with our Perinatologist.  I’m starting to get a little worried that we haven’t even painted the nursery yet, but I enlisted Marco for a hike and help with cleaning and organizing our storage unit and getting some stuff done in the nursery this Saturday.  Even on bed rest and with everything going on, Callie is still encouraging me to take some time to myself since I’ve been doing everything basically on my own for over 3 weeks now, so I’ll be able to really enjoy the autumn foliage this Saturday hiking Storm King Mountain and revisit the sculpture park at Storm King Arts Center down the road.




I have been trying to induce lactation pretty much since we found out that Callie was pregnant.  I have done manual expression and used a breast pump 6-10 times a day (depending on my work schedule) for about 15-20 minutes each time.  I wasn’t having any success with the exception of 1 little drop, so I contacted a lactation consultant who put me on Domperidone.  After the second day on Dom, I had a few drops of clear liquid the next 2 days of pumping.  After those first few days, there was nothing else.  Not a single drop, but I never gave up.  I called the consultant to ask her if birth control was the way to go (I think my PCOS is preventing me from having the appropriate levels of estrogen and progesterone to really get the milk making ball rolling), but she said it can take more than the 1-2 weeks that everyone says it takes from Dom to work.  So a month and a half of taking Dom 4x’s a day later, and still nothing.  I decided to make an appointment for both Callie and I, so Friday morning we went there to discus with her our next options.  She checked to make sure that I wasn’t producing anything (which I’m not), and decided that since we still have time it would be best for me to stop pumping (thank the lawd!), take Birth Control to stop my period, trick my body into thinking I am pregnant by not taking the sugar pill and going right into the next cycle, and continue with the same dosage of Dom for the next 2 months.  Then I’ll stop the pill, keep taking the Dom, and start pumping with a vengeance like before.  HOPEFULLY, that will work.  If not, then there really isn’t anything else I can do besides get a feeding tube and supplement with Callie’s breast milk or formula.  I hear that once babies latch on, there seems to be an increase in milk production from non-birthing moms, and then I can start taking herbs again that will help with that as well.  So I’m still on this journey of trying to be the best Mamá for my boys.



31 thoughts on “26 Weeks

  1. You are both amazing. Callie for rocking the bed rest, and you for working so hard at the lactation! Seriously impressive. I hope the birth control does the trick for you without playing any of the other birth control tricks on you.

    • The daily headaches and the mood swings are in full effect 4 days in…my body DOES NOT react well to BCP…it never has and it probably never will..my attitude is probably the reason Callie agreed on the hike, “Whatever the hell gets you outta this house!” is probably what she was thinking…lol!

  2. Hope you figure out things with the lactation consultant. Question, do you know where one can buy one of the supplemental systems?

    • There are a couple of way to do it. One (the one pictured) if called a Lactaid. Just Google Lact-aid supplemental nursing system, and it will come up. Then there is also one made by medela but from what i understand it leaks. Then the way i’m going to do it which is the cheapest and most effective way is to take a regular bottle and cut a whole in the nipple to fit in a small tube and use medical 5 french tube with mild in the bottle and take that to your boob so baby can syphon the milk using their suck reflex and it doesnt just spill out like the other 2 systems. You can order a box of 50 for like 30 bucks, and you can use them over and over and over again if you wash them with soap and warm water. That’s the way I’m going…The lact-aid uses little bags and that can get expensive, and the SNS from Medela leaks, so if you use breast milk, you don’t want to waste it…so reusing the same nipple and bottles is economic and earth friendly and doesn’t wait precious breast milk.

    • Awww, thank you Lindsay…and i have never responded well to BCP since i was 16…I’ll take them for a month or 2 to regulate my period and then I’m like FUCK these pills!!! The head aches and the hemorrhaging periods are the worst, but I wont get any periods (at least I’m not supposed to ) as long as I take the BCP without the spacers..

  3. Sounds like, perhaps, those boys are growing as fast as they can, knowing they don’t have a full 40 weeks to grow! Hopefully Callie can stay as comfortable as possible. Have you asked the doctor about getting a maternity belt? I have found it quite helpful for my comfort level.

    I have to give you huge props for the lactation. I had looked into it for adoption and just couldn’t bring myself to that place. Then again, at that time I couldn’t bring myself to the thought of carrying a baby either. So, things change. My wife can’t even think about it due to her meds and such. I hope you can get it worked out soon!

    • She has a belt, since about 12 weeks (lol) but since she is on bed rest and barely gets off the couch or out of bed it;s uncomfortable to wear, but she does have one and has worn it until the bed rest. IF and when we have to go out to do something it most certainly goes back on.

      The lactation is definitely a labor of love, let me tell you! I don’t even know what to do with all my free time now that I’m not pumping…it takes up so much time. A baby latched on as often as the pumping has been, but at least i can move with baby and put them in the sling and still do things. With the pump, I’m confined to one spot because of the plug…but it’s been quite a challenge and lots of hard work. Hopefully, it will all pay off!

  4. I love that you want to breastfeed the boys alongside Callie. I so want Kate to do that with me but she’s uncertain how she feels about it. The lactation systems seem to work very well for most and even help the milk production happen faster (so I’ve read). There also comfort nursing, which you nurse without lactation for when the babies are fussy but don’t want to eat. Lots of people did this in the old days. Callie looks beautiful as always, getting so much fuller each week! Can’t wait for you guys to get those boys here so we can oogle them lol. But for your sake I hope time slows a bit. XO

    • I have always wanted to breastfeed, so that wasn’t ever the issue. The issue was that I was concerned that I was stepping on her toes, but when she assured me and reassured me that I wasn’t then we decided to really look into it…especially since initially she didn’t want to breastfeed (she’s changed her mind which is the other reason we went to the LC for Callie’s prenatal appointment). It’s not for everyone i suppose. Does kate ever want to carry? It might change… And i’m all for comfort nursing, although we still plan on introducing a pacifier for when they stay at grandparents or aunts and uncles houses and there isnt a boob readily available..LOL! I always joke about making one hell of a pacifier…I don’t mid that either, but the feeding tube is said to definitely get the milk going because they are actually suckling..they have yet to invent a breast pump that can actually simulate what a baby’s mouth does, so until then a latch is the best way…

  5. I’m so glad you loved the Crack Pie! It was a hit! Finally should that I bring for everyone that everyone likes!! I’m so sorry to hear about the lactation not working. What a bummer. But I give you major props for keeping on trying! Love you my swipply!

  6. I’ve seen the type of dedication it takes for The Queen to pump for The Lord and The Lady and I cannot imagine taking that on, and knowing you’re not really getting anything? That’s a sacrifice. It’s amazing you have different options – the nursing system looks pretty neat – but I’m hoping the BCP work for you since I know feeding them naturally is your goal.

    Callie is looking awesome! Hoping she’s able to keep herself busy and entertained for the duration. So glad to hear the cervix is starting to slowly cooperate.

    And I promise you time will move quite slowly again. Usually around the time the babies are teething, or toilet training, or you want to be watching baseball. 😉

  7. Holy moley! Those are some big boys! Glad that Callie’s cervix is doing better. Bed rest must be so hard. You are such a trooper with inducing breastfeeding. I hope that the birth control is gentle on you, and that the Domperidone does its thang! Congrats you newly weds!

  8. Hang in there with the BC. I induced lactation with this approach and now able to feed my 6wk old along with my wife. Not got lots of milk, so probably is mostly for comfort, but seeing her little blue eyes looking up at me as she nurses – best. thing. ever. So worth all the pumping. I am sure with twins it will be super valuable for your family. Enjoy the pumping break!

    • This is good to hear! Most of the women that I have spoken to about induced lactation say the same thing. That is really comforting to hear because after almost 6 months of hard work and dedication, i hate to say it, but i would be devastated if it didn’t work. The milk production is not the biggest deal, but definitely a perk!

  9. This may be silly of me but I had no idea you could induce lactation. I think it is amazing that you are working on supporting your family in this way, and from what I hear it’s no walk in the park so good for you! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I wish we had known about the lactation stuff when I was pregnant. Though Kim is on a lot of bipolar meds, so it probably wouldn’t have been successful. It’s so impressive the things you two are doing for these boys! Its so awesome. I can’t wait to see their little faces – you may want it to slow down, but I assure you Callie will be ready to speed it up soon. And you will too! There are no words in any language in the world to describe the depth of love you have when those babies are out and in your arms. And you will be ready to watch them grow – it really is the most phenomenal thing to watch!

  11. Ummmm….I friggin’ LOVE that this is an option. 🙂 Nursing my twins was the best thing I ever did (for 2 1/2 years…). The best advice I ever got was from my midwife who had 6 kids including twins… The first two weeks are hell, but after that, it will fall into place, and it will be the best thing you’ve ever done. At 3am, when you’re ready to give up and it hurts and you’re exhausted, grab your big girl panties, get an attitude and say to yourself, “This is NOT going to beat me.”

    So proud of you for going to such lengths for your babies…you guys are AMAZING.

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