“Later, Laney” and 24 Weeks

Thursday afternoon, my phone is blowing up. I recognize the number as one I’ve seen a few times before but I don’t remember who it belongs to. First 2 times there is no voicemail. Third time they leave a message. It’s Laney’s case worker and we knew this call, this day, was coming. We were to drop Laney off at her usual visit with mom on Friday and then they would be picking her up and taking her to her paternal aunt after the visit. Callie was devastated. I was upset but understood from the moment that they dropped her off, that this arrangement was temporary. Callie on the other hand spent almost 24 hours a day with Laney and was definitely feeling it. Thursday night I went to work for my overnight shift and when I got home at 5:15am, I pulled Laney out of her crib and laid her in bed with Callie and myself and snuggled and cuddled her so she could feel how much we loved her. Friday morning, I got her dressed, brushed her hair, put her “smell good” on, and dropped her at her visit. Callie cried all the way to our OB appointment. I don’t think that tiny human will ever understand what she has given us in the past month and a half. She showed us that we can do this “parenting of an infant” thing even while completely sleep deprived. She showed us that cuddles are the best thing ever! That we swore up and down we wouldn’t do co-sleeping, walkers, propping bottles, playing in the crib with toys, baby Bjorn’s, but we lied…about all of it! She gave us more than we gave her and we are grateful that she was in our lives. So little time with us but such a huge chunk of our hearts were taken with her when she left. On a positive note, the caseworker gave the aunt our phone number (she asked first and we said whatever they needed we are available) and she invited us to her 1st birthday party in a few weeks, and called us family because it was obvious that her niece was well taken care of. Callie spoke with her on the phone for 30 minutes about feeding, sleep, and play schedules, thumb sucking and blankies and exchanged email addresses for swapping photos. All in all, we feel confident that we’ll stay pretty well connected to this little person we love so much! It’s not “good-bye” but more like, “Later, Laney”.

24 weeks! Can you believe it?!?! One weeks shy of our third trimester and these babies are a week sooner to coming home with us.

Fetal movement has been CRAZY! Their kicks are stronger, sometimes even shifting Callie’s clothes! The past week, they have really been loving their sweets. Callie’s been having Skittles, ice cream, milky ways, Reece’s Pieces, homemade cinnamon toast, and pretty much anything sweet she can get her hands on. Not that I thought it was a very good idea to indulge so much with her glucose test this past Thursday quickly approaching, but how can I deny 3 PEOPLE all that sweet and chocolatey goodness!?!?! I’d be a bad Mamá! So I admit, I bought her a cheesecake from Juniors at Grand Central on my way home last Sunday from work and chocolate chip cookies and a pumpkin spice latte from DD’s yesterday! We had a Dr’s appointment Thursday, where they did a scan to see what was going on. Looks like everything is still good and it seems that the bed rest has been working. Callie’s cervix went from 1.97 to 2.2 which is great! She is still on bed rest (which she is simultaneously loving ::no work:: and hating ::can’t do shit::) and spending most her days in bed with her Snoogle or on the couch with the kitty who hasn’t really left her side since the day she stared bleeding. The ultrasound showed 2 very healthy boys (2 fat chubba’s!) who are still measuring bigger than they should. No wonder mommy’s cervix is struggling! The nurse did our 1st 3D Ultrasound and I was in awe! I couldn’t believe how clear they were! I could see my boys! Like really see them and not have to imagine what they look like anymore. They look like real humans! It was incredible. I held it together pretty well though, right after I jumped out of my chair and stood up close and in front of the TV monitor. It was surprising to see our donors nose on one baby and lips on the other. Callie says you can’t really see that yet, but I can see it! And I’m excited about it! Callie has gained 4 pound from her pre-pregnancy weight and her bump is measuring in at a whopping 28 inches!! Aside from that, we are just waiting on the results of the glucose test and are scheduled to check in again in 2 weeks. Everyone, say hello to our handsome boys!


Here are 2 pictures of our donor…am I bugging about the looks?!



28 thoughts on ““Later, Laney” and 24 Weeks

  1. Beautiful Boys!!!! So sorry about Laney, but God works in very strange ways!! God knew it was time for Callie to rest, as hard as it was to let her go!. Hugs and Kisses from Florida and will continue to send prayers Love Momma Contessa.

  2. Is that a typo? Has Callie seriously only gained 4 lbs? Sorry that you girls had to say goodbye to Laney. It must be so hard for all of you- even Mary. I hope the glucose test comes back fine, and that Callie continues to keep those big boys in. Congrats on reaching viability! I hope you are doing great too Mama!

    • Def not a typo. She lost 10 lbs at the beginning of her pregnancy and gained 14 and some change back, so really it’s more like 5 lbs gained…LOL…to be honest, Mary has had the hardest time with the transition. She has problems forming attachements, so when she does, they are are much harder for her to process. She has been crying for 3 days now..every time she passes one of Laney’s toys on the floor, or past the high chair, she’ll start WAILING, ” I REALLY MISS LANEYYYYYY!!!” so we just have to remind her that Laney is in our hearts and that we are lucky that the aunt is so nice and that we will get to see her soon.

  3. So sad to hear about Laney but glad you guys are looking on the bright side!

    I love reading your updates because you’re 4 days ahead of me and I keep looking forward to what’s about to come hahah.

  4. Parenthood has taught me that all of my “I’ll never…” were all bullshit! LOL Im sorry to hear Laney has gone already, but it sounds like she came into your lives at the exactly right time.

    • Bullshit is an understatement! The one thing we were adamant about was co-sleeping. I can’t even tell you in the month and a half that Laney was living with us how many times i threw her in the bed to get an extra 40 minutes of sleep! It was insane!! So, more than likely, we’re gonna need a king sized bed with twins!

  5. Awww 😢 Laney leaving breaks my heart!!! I can’t believe she was with you all over a month already! It feels like just yesterday! (Though I’m sure it felt much longer!) I hope her family continues to stay in touch with you & Callie. You two are heaven sent. How’s Mary handling it?

    The babies are adorable!!! I’m glad Callie is doing better. I would be in heaven on bedrest. I would do nothin but stuff my face and sleep lol

    • We’re glad she was with us…opened our eyes to having an infant full time. Mary is really having a hard time with it,….every time she passes one of Laney’s toys on the floor, or past the high chair, she’ll start WAILING, ” I REALLY MISS LANEYYYYYY!!!” But we just keep telling her that Laney is in our hearts…LOL about stuffing your face…that’s Callie’s mentality…!

  6. So sorry to hear about Laney, but i guess if it was always known that she would leave, then I guess as Mama Contessa says – bed rest time for Callie is probably a good time to have less responsibilities. Doesn’t make it any less suck-arse though. 😦
    Those babies are cute and so is your donor!!

  7. So sorry to hear about Laney. My aunts foster sons returned home a week ago and she was very sad. I can imagine how you guys Are feelings.

    In other news, looks like LJ does have your donors nose! So cute. Can’t believe such technology is available !

  8. Later laney! Aww love it! What a blessing to have you two mamas no matter how fleeting it was because those cuddles will last well into adulthood. Those boys are presh and your absolutely right about the looks! Those babes are gonna be lookers for sure 🙂

  9. Oh my Swipply I’m so sorry to hear about Laney. She is such a sweet little girl. You guys took exceptional care of her while she was with you. And yes the babie DO resemble the donor! Love you guys!

  10. Oh…such memories of bed rest. 🙂 They are BEAUTIFUL, and you’re right, they do look a ton like the donor, but that’s typical. There was study done which showed that infants at birth could almost always be physically identified to the father, but very infrequently the mother. Theory stated that it might be a function of evolution to establish paternity and create bonding. Good news…they do evolve into looking more like mom with time. 🙂

  11. I’m so excited for you guys! Getting to see those handsome faces I’m sure takes the edge off of all the other stress you are under! Hope you continue to have a great week and will be looking forward to seeing how Callie’s glucose test goes!
    Love and Joy

  12. Aww, I’m so sorry you’re having to feel all of the Laney feels–that’s rough. I’m sure it’s hard for Mary, too.

    On the more smiley side of things–I can’t believe how big the babies are getting! The weeks seem to be flying! I’m so glad bed rest seems to be doing the trick for Callie. Keep growing, boys!

  13. This is why we decided that we just are not ready to Foster and that we just want to go for the adoption first. I just couldn’t say good-bye and I don’t think I could be that partner for reunification that is required by the system. Jenn and I wish we were as strong as you guys!

    • It’s not easy, believe me. I’ll be honest tho, the trainings really helped. It puts things into perspective, because not all cases are really all that bad, just circumstance. But yeah, it’s tough. We hope to adopt eventually through fostering because it’s the easiest (and cheapest) way…

  14. Ahhhh I know Laney will always be grateful for the time spent with you wonderful ladies 🙂
    24 weeks is just amazing! Wow! And awesome that things are looking great. Those 3D scans are incredible – will have to look them up for when our time comes.
    Your boys are looking lovely 🙂 And Callie is glowing!
    I miss Juniors…

    • Aren’t those 3D scans crazy!?! I’ve seen side by sides of pics of 3D scans and babies when they are born and they are identical. There is no doubt that they will look similar to this when they are on the outside world. And mmmmmm, juniors! I was upset that I only bought her one, and not one for myself!

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