In case anyone was wondering, this has been my life the past 2 weeks! This ish is no joke!


I can only imagine what it will be like when the boys are here! What have I gotten myself into?!?! I know I’ll love every second of it though. I kind of see it like running. Put me on a treadmill and I’m over it. Throw a soccer ball in front of me, and I can run for 3 hours straight. Let’s just call this the “treadmill” of my inducing lactation journey.

11 thoughts on “Treadmill

  1. Those are some solid motivational titles. It’s so great you’re able to fully commit to this selfless endeavor. It’s going to be so, so helpful to have an early storage supply and to help provide nourishment for the babes. Mostly, this is what our nights with a newborn usually looked like so you’re getting in awesome practice! 😉

    • Yeah, it’s been pretty intense…So after the first 3 days where I was getting a few drops I haven’t seen anything else…they say it takes about 1-2 weeks to see some milk start coming in, and today makes 2 weeks and really no progression. I called the LC today to see what her available appointments are. So she scheduled me for 10/23 so hopefully by then, I’ll be seeing something. I read online it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks, so here’s hoping! But i have seen some pretty drastic changes in by breast (and they hurt like all hell!!!)

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