22 Weeks

22 Weeks! Wow!!! I can’t believe we are even this far along! You don’t realize how quickly life moves until you have something to look forward to every week, something to track, something to take account of.  I’m so blessed/lucky that our little guys are still with us and very healthy.  Callie has been experiencing a lot of discomfort, but nothing unbearable.  I do my best to keep her comfortable, but there is only so much I could do.  I wish there were a way to take at least half of it or all of it! Papayas y’all! Freaking PAPAYAS! She’s carrying 2 of those…madness!  As of week 22 Callie’s belly is measuring 27inches and she is up 10lbs from her 16 week visit, so in all she has gained 4 pounds from her pre-pregnancy weight. Not too bad!  She could have gained 10 pounds and she would still be the cutest, most beautiful, sexiest woman on this planet.  best part is, she’s all mine! And the boys. And Mary’s. And Laneys, but you get my point.

Gorgeous Girl

Gorgeous Girl

We had our 20 week (well, technically 22 week) scan this past Thursday.  You know when you have a big test, or a very important game, or a job interview, or a solo in the school winter concert and you can’t sleep the night before because your so wound up and so nervous?? That’s how most of my Thursday morning was ( I work overnights on Wednesday, so the morning is my bed time).  I could barely get more than 30 minutes in before I woke up from a ton of different dreams (not all of them bad, and some were so cute!):

  • The babies had an arm growing from the tops of their heads
  • One of the boy looked like me but had Callie’s coloring, eyes, and ginger hair.  The other one looked like Callie but had my coloring and curly hair and light brown eyes ( I woke up because I thought it was real and that I heard babies crying, but it was just my kitty purring in my ear to feed her…so annoying!)
  • Callie started having contractions and it was way to early so we went to our OB who told her she was making it up, and she driving home she had the babies in the car
  • the donor showed up and said he wanted the boys, but then changed his mind because they had red hair and red haired boys are bad! ( I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!)

All that worrying for nothing, because the scan was AMAZING!  Baby A (Noah) is measuring 22w5d and is well over a pound, and Baby B (Levi) is measuring 22w3d, and just over a pound.  Their hearts are strong, and it was so neat being able to see all 4 chambers.  Their little kidney look perfect, and the lungs are where hey should be doing their thing.  We saw all their little fingers (all 20) and all their little toes (20 there too!).  The perinotologist (who is usually really dry and to the point and does that weird thing where he closes his eyes and they flutter while he’s talking to you, almost like his eyes are spazing—always seems weird to me when people do this) lit up and got kind of excited when he say the boys playing together.  They were in a ying-yang position and looked as if they were paying Pat-A-Cake.  ::Swoon:: And at one point, it looked like Levi was rubbing his feet like his Mommy does all the time. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Noah kept rubbing his eyes and let us see his beautiful face a couple of times before the scan was over. Those perfect little noses, and those adorable little lips! I am sooooo in love!  All in all, our boys are PERFECT! More perfect than I remember from the last scan.  I will admit, I was disappointed when all 10 pictures that Dr. G printed out were all the same profile shots! I wanted those little hands and feet, but they are doing exceptionally well, and honestly, that is all I care about!  It looks like Noah has Mama’s profile and Levi has Mommy’s  and that’s exciting! Glad we chose that donor that looks like me!

Levi's profile that looks like Mommy

Levi’s profile that looks like Mommy

Noah's profile that looks like Mama

Noah’s profile that looks like Mama

11 thoughts on “22 Weeks

  1. Awesome! I can’t even believe how big she is! She must be so sore. Also love the names. Noah is Cade’s middle name.

  2. Look at those precious little dudes! Well done, ladies. Sorry to hear about Callie’s discomfort. Hope she’s able to find some brief moments of relief. It’s such a helpless feeling, watching them suffer. Sucks. Glad to hear everything is going well!

    • Thanks! Yesterday was probably the worst of all the days so far. Her back was killing her and she was having spasms, the boys were pushing down so hard that she had to brace herself, breathe, and then continue what she was doing. I felt so helpless, for sure! But i’ll send her your “comfy” vibes…

      • I spoke to The Queen about it this morning because I remember her physically moving the babies to get some relief, and she found laying down and rolling from side to side helped shift them in a new position. Also, if you have access to a pool, that can help immensely. And they’ll reposition themselves when she gets out to maybe a more comfortable spot. The back pain has been unbearable this pregnancy, so she definitely feels Callie’s pain. Just passing along her best advice!

  3. Twins are so, so special. I’m glad you get to see them interacting with each other already! And I LOVE that you used a donor that looks like you. The boys do have pretty different profiles! Can’t wait to see their faces on the outside in less than 20 weeks!

    • I KNOW! I know when people search for donors, they look at all these things but for us it was most important that they resemble me. I mean, there are 7 frozen embryos and if i’m gonna carry at least one of them and none of my own, we knew that it was a definite that he look like me. Donor matching is awesome! I can’t wait to see them either (and to show them off!) LOL!

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