Nope, not Dom Pérignon, like my friends keep thinking! Domperidone.  It’s a medication that is technically used to help relieve nausea and vomiting and a slew of GI related stuff.  One of the side effects is lactation. Honestly though, can you imagine Dom Pérignon helping to induce lactation, aside from helping to get me pregnant from a freak one night stand, since I don’t drink, and when I do, welllllllllll!?! HA! Callie wouldn’t take to that very well!

I have been trying to induce lactation for a little over 3 months now, with really no success.  ONE DROP PEOPLE! One tiny, little drop! When that drop happened, Callie and I almost went out and celebrated with a lobster dinner! Since then, NOTHING, nada, zilch! Not a damn thing! I contacted the lactation consultant at the hospital where our boys will be born, and she didn’t really have much experience with inducing lactation.  She did however give us the information for a women who is a registered nurse, lactation consultant, and exclusively breastfeed her 2 adopted daughters. Luckily for me, she lives in my area (about 15 minutes away) AND takes my insurance! SCORE!  About 3 weeks ago, I went to meet with her and told her about how long I had been pumping and doing manual expression with no success.  She was actually surprised that I knew so much about the whole process.  I am pretty well informed thanks to Dr. Google and Ask Lenore.  She took a look at my breast (apparently they are perfect for nursing!), took my weight and medical history, and gave me a prescription for…tun-tu-dah! Domperidone!

So today I started the medication, taking 20mg 4x’s a day for 2 days.  I then go up to 30mg and then 40mg in 2 day increments.  I don’t think anyone understands how incredibly excited I am about this.  To think, that I will be able to help feed, nourish, and sustain my babies while creating a bond that I didn’t think would happen being the non-belly mama, brings tears to my eyes.  I didn’t think that Callie would be behind me 100%, but she is! I think she is more excited than I am!  I know that it’s possible (and more likely than not) that I won’t get a full milk supply, but I’m okay with that.  It’s more about the closeness and the bond than anything else.  Getting milk is a bonus! From what I understand and what I have been told, I should start seeing some milk (at least more than 1 freaking drop!) in the next 1-2 weeks! If that ends up being the case, I will start storing and freezing whatever milk I DO make, so that I can have it on deck in case we end up having to supplement with a bottle.  Oh, and Callie has decided that maybe she DOES want to nurse! That has been the best part of this whole process.  Those are going to be two very lucky boys!

I hope this all ends up working out.  If I don’t produce milk, at least I’ll make one hell of a pacifier!

*I haven’t had the opportunity to write a post about our Anniversary/Babymoon vacation, mainly because we just got home at 5pm and I had to be at work for my overnight shift at 9pm.  Tomorrow, after I wake up, I will upload my pictures and write a lovely post about our even lovelier trip.  Until then, I’ll just leave you with this picture of my gorgeous girl in all of her 20+ week beauty.  (Sorry about the quality.  It’s a picture of my Nikon screen)

Babymoon Silhouette

Babymoon Silhouette

28 thoughts on “Domperidone

  1. I’m REALLY excited for you! If I ever have the privilege of being a mom to an infant again, I would love for both my partner (future, of course) and I to nurse the baby. That’s just one benefit to being a two-mom household!

    I hope the Dom works for you. Keep us posted!

    • It’s a great thing, and it’s one of the things about pregnancy that we can both be a part of. Being on this end, it sucks sometimes not feeling as connected to them as Callie does. I mean, not in an “I freaking hate you for getting to do all these things!” but more like an, “I wish i could feel that” kinda way. The Dom is already working!!! I’ve pumped 7 times since i started it at 9pm last night, and today around 5ish, i had 3 little clear drops on the right side! You have NO IDEA how excited we were! I called Callie in and was all ike, “OMG! Touch it! It’s real!!!!” It was pretty hilarious! Think when i actually get the first drop of milk, i’ll put it in a little golden vial and hang it around my neck, i’ll be so proud! LOL!

  2. More power to you for inducing lactation. I can only imagine the effort and commitment you are putting forth. I’ve blogged a lot about my lactation challenges. I haven’t tried dom, but I’ve thought about it. If the dom jump starts you, I’d recommend trying Pero (or Kaffix). It’s a coffee alternative made of barley and is a powerful galactogogue. It is the only thing that has made any impact on my supply. I found it at Whole Foods for like $8, way cheaper than the supplements I’ve been buying.

    • Oh wow! Thanks for that! I will definitely look it up and possibly add it to my cocktail of Fenugreek, Goat’s Rue, Mother’s Milk, and Blessed Thistle…whatever helps…And the babies won’t be here for another 3 months or so, so I’ll be able to store as much as I can in case we have to supplement…That nursing pillow is definitely on our wishlist…it seems like a must!

    • A lot of our friends didn’t either. It was interesting trying to explain it to them. At first they thought it wasn’t possible or a little weird, but after talking about it more, they thought it was kind of interesting. My mom thinks it’s awesome! Callie’s mom still thinks it’s a little weird, but if there is anything that we have learn, “Our babies, our choices”. What’s best for them doesn’t have to please everyone, and this we feel, is the best for them and for us. But yeah, totally possible!

  3. This had also been DWs dream too! We checked out Lenore’s site a couple of months ago, and it’s super informative. Good on you for trying it au natural first- it’s such hard work. The Domperidone should really get’er going! Very excited for you two! Callie’s silhouette is very beautiful.

    • Hard work is an understatement! It’s really tough! What was especially hard was fitting it in at really inopportune times, when people were around asking a crapload of questions. We would be out on our boat with friends, and I would just cut out to pump for 20 minutes every 2-3 hours. We would be mid convo, and I’d just say, “Oh shit! Gotta pump!” It’s kinda become a joke! But the Dom is working already! When i pumped the 5th time today, I got a few drops from the right side, so you can just imagine how excited we were!!!! Tell DW, if she wants it that bad, she can totally do it! And i’ll help whatever way I can…

  4. I adore your determination to breastfeed. I so BADLY want Kate to co-feed with me for the bond and the benefits. With twins I think it’s even more important to try. You stated Callie wants to breastfeed now, what was her concern which made her not want to before?

    • She’s always had some body issues, mainly with her breasts. She’s never been comfortable with them at all. It was a big issue when we started dating and becoming intimate. I think her connection to the boys now has changed her mind a little. She isn’t really against it anymore. She still has some reservations, but now it’s more along the lines of, she’ll try it and if it’s too painful or doesn’t work, or they aren’t latching properly, then she will stop. I’m excited for her tho, that she is willing to try when she was pretty much against it before. And i would love the info for that Doula…i’ll shoot you an email in a bit…

  5. Such a beautiful thing you’re doing. Like the others have said, your sons are so lucky to be born to you two. They’re so clearly wanted. Glad you had a great trip to the Cape. Callie looks wonderfully healthy and content carrying those boys.

  6. I’m not sure how it’s possible that two people have as much love and support to give to others as you both do. This is an incredibly selfless, wholly amazing undertaking and I’m really inspired by that level of dedication and commitment you both have not only to the children you parent right now, but the two you’ll be parenting soon-ish. This is just really awesome. And, what everyone else said. Well done.

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