One Lovely Blog Award

Seriously!?! WOWZERS! This is neat!


I never saw this coming! I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by fellow blogger Planting Beans.  I always saw people getting nominated for these types of things, but I never thought I would be one of those people.  I’ve only been blogging for about 3 months.  I thought that these kinds of things were reserved for “the old timers” who know there way around the blogosphere (I just learned how to add a page!).  With that said, here are the rules:

  1. List the rules. (Ta-daaaaaa!)
  2. Thank your nominator.   As far as our little tight knit blog community is concerned, this was one of my first reads.  She has shared every joy, pain, love, hate, expectation, and disappointment during her journey to mommyhood honestly and openly.  It’s a constant reminder for me to be the same way. I get excited with her, I share her sadness.  I root her on and I wish sometimes, on really crappy days, more than anything that we can share a Star.bucks and one of her ridiculously delicious looking cupcakes! So thank you  for the nomination. I’m glad that I was able to touch at least one persons life with my incessant ramblings.  Know that you are a big part of this community and I look forward to reading your blogs and seeing what’s new and developing. PS – You’re awesome!
  3. List seven (7) facts about yourself.
    1) I am the eldest of 5 (technically 6) kids.  My family dynamic is something out of a TV show.  I have a different father than my siblings (hence the “out of 6” thing because of a biological half brother that I never knew existed).  My sister Raquel also has a different father that she is very close with. My middle brother Leo has a different mother, and the 2 youngest, my sister and ridiculously gay brother (yes there are 2 of us!) are the product of my mom and step-dad, or just Dad.  He took me in when I was 2 years old and is really, the only father (and the BEST father) I know!

    2) I have had pretty severe OCD, which really should be CDO so that the letters are in order…as they should be! The more my life seemed to spiral out of control, the crazier my compulsions got.  Everything was in 4’s (like I wouldn’t eat if there weren’t 4 things on my plate), I tapped the upper right corner of doors as I walked through them (which presented a problem when I was a carpenter as most doors were ridiculously high, so I just would turn around and go home) and incessant cleaning and organizing that made it damn near impossible to leave my apartment. Lets not even mention all the times that I left my place, and within 15 minutes was back because checking the stove, the windows and the doors 20x’s wasn’t enough.  Thank God for my inpatient stay and introduction to DBT where I did an outpatient program for almost 2 years.

    3) I was married before.  Well, as married as we could be in NY state at the time.  My ex of 5 years and I had a Domestic Partnership, were TTC for a year with no success and then had a brutal (leading up to myself in #2) break-up/divorce.  It was all very physical and toxic.  While I was trying to get myself better for “us”, she decided to shack up with one of my good friends.  I know, right!?! But after 4 years, lots of tears, and even more healing, we were able to restore our friendship.  It’s actually a really positive one, where we help each other as often as we can.  And get this! She ended up having twins (boy/girl) with my friend (yes we are back to being friends) and has very generously given me pretty much everything we have for infants.  I’m grateful to her and our friendship.

    4) I am trilingual.  I speak English, Spanish, and Italian fluently.  English actually isn’t my first language, even though I was born and raised here.  I was in ESL classes until I was in 3rd grade.  In high school, I took Italian as my language course, passed with flying colors, scored a 99 on my Regents Exam because I spelled freaking “che” wrong (spelled it “que” in Spanish because I got ahead of myself), and decided to challenge the Spanish Regents where I scored a 97! So annoying! Spanish will be the only language spoke in our home once the boys are born. I hope…

    5) The day of my 18th birthday was the same day as my high school graduation.  I graduated by the skin of my teeth, not because I’m not smart, but because I’m lazy as hell when it comes to school work.  I knew the work, just wouldn’t do it.  Grew up in a ridiculously strict home, so on that very day, while my family celebrated my almost not-accomplishment of graduating, I packed a bag, told my parents I was going out with some friends, they yelled something about a 2am curfew, I fake argued about me being 18, they said they didn’t give a shit, and I never came back.  Until they wanted me back (after #2 happened). Shit got really real, really fast.

    6) I used to host an open mic on Tuesday nights when I lived in NYC.  I hosted for about 2 years, and used to make little appearances to recite some of my poetry or sing some little ditty that was currently on rotation on the radio.  I kept up with the singing after losing my stage fright, but reciting my poetry still makes me shake like a leaf, even though the 2 times I performed at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe were pretty awesome and received well (despite the quivering voice).

    7) Despite my size(I feel as big as a newborn Orca), I have always been an athlete. Since I was really young, I’ve always been big boned, or as my mother would say in her thick Puerto Rican accent, “Jew is berry hushky pero cute”, but always one of the stars of the athletic teams I played for.  Undefeated in basketball 2-5th grade, dubbed “The Monster” by various soccer teams in our travel league because a girl thought it would be cute to call my sister a bitch because she stole the ball so I socked her, my field hockey teams All-State Goalie, and tons of recognition in HS soccer (all-state, all section , all conference, all league).  I started playing Varsity soccer in 7th grade and Varsity Field Hockey since 8th.  Even now, I don’t do much exercise but I’m still pretty athletic.

  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and let them know you did.
    – The Davis ladies…I truly love these girls.  We have become fast friends and relate to each other well.  They’ve made me laugh and they’ve made me cry, but mostly they have made me care deeply about them.  Their twins are so lucky to be coming into this world where their Mommy and Mama fill everything with love, hope, faith, and laughter.
    Pepibebe – This was the first blog I read.  I was captured from the first entry.  The strength that this woman (and her wife) have shown through their journey is incredible.  The ups and downs that they have endured sometimes seem unimaginable, but they are still standing strong, and she continues to write from such beautiful place.  I spend lots of time thinking about them and hoping that all the light and healing energy I send their way is felt.  (I hope i got this right!—Koe toku tino!)
    Shawns and Cade – I love the story and life that these 2 beautiful souls have made together.  Their courage and their support for one another is hard to find and amazing to watch.  I follow their story and their changes as individuals and as a couple and am excited that our babies will be born a few days from each other.  We can watch them (through a blog of course, but maybe real life one day) grow up together!
    Kirra90 – This lady has been on quite the journey! Waiting so long just to get a donor, and then after several failed IUI’s have finally started their IVF journey.  I’ve been keeping them in my thoughts, and hope that everything turns out for the best! And having them on IG is awesome too because we are able to take a glimpse into each others lives outside of the blogs which is always an added bonus!
    Mama et Maman – My face lights up when I see her on my feed, or when I see a comment to one of my posts.  Her insight, perspective, and all around great personality have fostered what I feel to be a pretty great and genuine friendsip (at least I hope so!) Wish we didn’t live so far from one another.  They have had a serious roller coaster ride and my heart has broken for them several times.  But they continue to inspire because every time they get knocked off their feet, they pick themselves and each other up with love and kindness.
    My Happy Little Family – This blog is awesome! More often than not, i go between chuckling and cracking up, having Callie lean over and ask what the hell is so funny.  Decaf is, that’s what. This blog is honest and candid and I find the writer to be the same.  There is always something witty, uncensored, and alluring to read.  Thanks for being pretty freaking awesome!
    Blackzenmama – Culturally speaking, if you are latino or black (and i hope I don’t offend anyone in saying this), it’s kinda customary to spank your kids. My grandmother would tell me constantly to “Busca la correa” (go get the belt), and with heavy feet and an already warm backside, I would do it. Working in childcare for so many years, I learned a different approach, one that is gentler and kinder and much more effective. This blog, is a  fantastic.  It speaks to volumes about our changing society and challenging cultural norms.
    Stumbling Through Faith – Kel is one of those writers that makes you feel things.  Every time something goes on in her life, i go through the emotions with her and E.  I’d be lying if when I read her engagement post, I didn’t lay in bed and tear up through the whole thing.  Through their process of trying to adopt and things going a bit amiss, they support each other and continue to stay positive and will possibly be starting their own TTC journey soon…can’t wait to read about that!
    Impossibly Royal –   We have similar lives and I love that.  I love to see how people in similar situations handle “real life”.  2 kids at home and 2 on the way, and all so young! She reminds me that I’m not crazy (wellllllll, that’s debatable) and that we can totally do this.  I get some great feedback from her and I only wish that I had been the one to think of the cool pseudonyms that she uses for her family.
    Solo Mama Life – I LIVE for this blog! What a strong and fearless mom! If I ever questioned if I could do it on my own, Lindsay reminds me that I can totally do it! She is EVERYTHING to her beautiful 19 month old daughter.  All the tears, fears, stress, joys, accomplishments, trails and tribulations are sewn together and worn proudly as a huge S on her chest.  She’s not only a solo mama, she is a super mama, and I totally dig her!

    I really wanted to do the 15, but I still have lots of reading and catching up to do on some of these blogs.  And also, a lot of the people that I would have nominated were nominated already,so I wasn’t sure if it was ok to nominate them again.  I will probably edit this later on to add a few more after I finish reading.

  5. Display the award logo and follow your nominator.

So that’s that!


7 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Congrats! I agree with Rachael, your blog is great and deserves the publicity. 🙂
    Great list of facts; definitely helps to get to know you better. Glad you, your ex, and friend were able to patch things up and now have such a great relationship. That can be so hard to do.

  2. You are awesome, and it’s been a real pleasure becoming friends with you. One day, we will have to plan an east coast meet-up! I have a feeling that you and Callie would be a blast to hang out with. Thank you for the nomination 🙂

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