Gender Reveal Part 1

Just giving you guys a little glimpse of what went down…thought u guys might be interested to know! I’ll upload my camera and give u more pics later….

P.S….No bridges for me!


2 boys!!!!!!

55 thoughts on “Gender Reveal Part 1

      • i’ve been working on the timeline thing since you suggested it, because i realized you were right! I never actually got around to posting about it before…just kinda jumped into “we’re expecting”….so i’ll write a post about that in the next couple of days…i actually didnt really care, but i was hoping and praying for at least ONE boy…our house is full of girls…my whole family is actually full of girls! 35 grandkids and 31 are girls! So you can just imagine how my family felt when we told them 2 boys! Everyone was crying! but im working on it!

  1. Lol – I was looking at the top right pic wondering why you had put the blue sparkly decorations on garden bark. Then it occurred to me that perhaps it was chocolate cake?! Or decorating a bark garden is some strange US gender reveal trend that I’m not yet aware of? Congratulations – 2 boys, 2 girls!

    • I know! We’re gonna have to talk more girl, and compare notes! Your little guys are so darn cute, but i know 2 women raising 2 boys could probably be pretty challenging at some points…exciting to know a mommy with experience! And i already have hiking packs! LOL!

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