Freaking AWESOME and Are You Freaking KIDDING Me!?!?

Freaking Awesome – Callie thinks she has been feeling the babies move for a little over a week now.  Initially she thought it was gas, but her gas is usually accompanied by this “gremlins in her gut” sound.  For the longest we have been calling it “aliens”.  She’s been having this feeling, but without the sounds, so we kinda figured it might be the babies.  As she was driving home on Thursday from work, she felt that strange feeling again.  By the time she got home though, she wasn’t feeling much of anything except exhausted and panicked (the phone tag with the nurses from the last entry).  But last night, while we were preparing our favorite lazy Saturday night dinner of chicken nuggets and tater tots (Mary loves it, but we love not cooking more!), I saw callie’s face change. I asked her, “What’s a’matter? Are you ok? Are they moving or something?” She grabbed my hand and put it on the lowest part of her belly.  After about 15 seconds I felt it! The tiniest little push! One of those babies was in there kicking up a storm.  We left the chicken nuggets on the tray and the tater tots mid seasoned (try some olive oil, rosemary, and garlic-AMAZING), and all 3 of us laid on the couch to feel them kicking away.  It was freaking INCREDIBLE!!!! The more I pushed them, the more they pushed back.  The 3 of us giggled and giggled until we realized that 40 minutes had passed and the food was still sitting on the counter where we left it.  So we got up, finished seasoning the tots and put everything in the oven.  We watched Disney’s Maleficent, brushed teeth, tucked Mary into bed, kissedher goodnight, told her we loved her, and retreated to our bedroom.  They didn’t move any more after that, at least not that I could feel, but that was more than enough for me.  I slept and dreamt of my 2 glorious babies trying to use Morse Code to communicate with me!

Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!?!?-  We have been having a pretty difficult time with Mary the past couple of weeks.  She currently has one hour bi-weekly visits with her mom.  The case worker must supervise them.  I’m going to assume that because the summer is a really busy time with families taking vacations and court dates and things like that, she hasn’t really had the time to dedicate to her visits.  The past month (2 visits) have been supervised by a random case worker who has no clue what is going on with our case.  Mary’s mom has been told on several occasions by our worker that she is not say things about Mary’s placement.  For example, stop telling her that she is coming home soon. She is not.  Stop telling her that you are going to buy her whatever animals she wants (like freaking ferrets and sugar gliders!!!) so that she can have them when she comes home. You are not.  And please don’t discuss her moving with her aunt in another state and that she has tons of kids and a huge house.  She does not!  Mary has been coming home from these visits completely bent out of shape and uncooperative.  Her attitude has been the pits, and she is back to her sneaky behavior.  We have a few rules in our home that are non-negotiable.  You MUST make your bed every day.  You MUST brush your teeth in the morning and at night.  You DO NOT go into our room without asking (everyone has that drawer that they do not want ANYONE going in, let alone a kid.  There will be a lot of ‘splaining to do), and no gum chewing in the house! Gum is a special treat.  Her teeth aren’t so great and we have spent time getting gum off of the floor.   We don’t use the negative way of saying it, obviously. So last week, I went into her bedroom to put some of her jewelry away in  her jewelry box.  What do I find inside?



7 GUM WRAPPERS!!! This isn’t even all of them!!! I found the other half stashed in a toy box.  She got in trouble and was not allowed to watch TV or play computer that day.  2 days later, I was looking for my pack of gum all over the place.  I couldn’t find it.  Callie, her best friend Jenny and I are sitting on the couch.  Mary was in her bedroom.  She came over to the living room to give us hugs and Callie smelled the delicious tropical fruitiness that is my favorite gum.  When she stopped, looked and her and said “Open your mouth”, her face turned beet red and she was CAUGHT! Rule #1 broken – no chewing gum in the house.  “Where did you get the gum?” I don’t know! Rule #2 broken -freaking lying!.  I’m gonna ask you again and you better tell the truth. “Your Room” – Rule #3 broken! Take your behind to your room.  No dessert after dinner.  She was not allowed electronics that day.  So today, I’m at work, and I get a text from Callie. “She’s at it again!!!!”  Callie gave her breakfast, went to lay down, and about 25 minutes later, she went out to the living room to watch a movie with Mary.  Mary Surprised to see her, and dove onto the couch, put her face in the pillow and claimed to be sooooo tired.  Callie found it quite curious, so she made her sit up.  As she was sitting up, it was blatantly obvious that she was trying to park the gum in her cheek.  OH MAN!!!! That was it! Callie was furious! “WHERE ARE THE WRAPPERS!!!!!!!!!!”

BEHIND THE FRIDGE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

BEHIND THE FRIDGE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Starburst wrappers, fortune cookie wrappers, Hershey kiss wrappers, gum wrappers, every kind of freaking wrapper you could think of.  Yup, it’s back there.  Needless to say, no electronics for the next 2 days.  And she better not ask me for a treat when I get home from work! I think I’ll lose it! How does a 6 year old get so sneaky, because it was obviously well thought out! Correcting this behavior is gonna be so challenging.  Might have to pull out the parenting book for this one folks! Wish me luck!

15 thoughts on “Freaking AWESOME and Are You Freaking KIDDING Me!?!?

    • Yeah, that’s the other thing. We know she’s emotionally eating. She’s eating her anxiety. Like we’ll give her dinner and not even 10 minutes later, she’s all like, I’m so hungry! To the point that we have a food/eating schedule for her! It’s definitely something we’ll discuss with her therapist, but thanks for that! It’s definitely worth looking into

  1. A six year old is sneaky when it was what they needed to do before in life. Being sneaky can be a coping/survival strategy for a kid who was in a bad situation. I wouldn’t take it personally.

  2. Oh man, first of all “Everyone has that drawer” just made me LOL – fricken Nicolas found ours and asked what it was (he was like 14) so I just made something up and he was like that isn’t what it is! Nasty kid. God, the twins are going to wonder the same stuff, I need to get a lock and key!!!! Lol!

    Next recommendation, get rid of all gum, candy etc in the house or put it somewhere she can not access…

    Third, our situation was a lot different but I can’t stand when the bio moms do that stuff, NOT cool! Do they even realize how hard we work for something they can undo in a matter of minutes?! Apparently not!

    • We were talking about getting another file cabinet for our room that has a lock! LOL! And yeah, Callie moved all of the candy into our liquor cabinet that has a child safety lock that she doesnt know how to open. So when i got home we had like a 15 minutes family meeting in her bedroom, taught her about positive/negative consequences, dished out her punishment (2 days with no electronics), hugged and kissed and went about our business. We asked her why she felt she needed to take things and sneak them. At first she just kept shrugging her shoulders and saying IDK, but after Callie and I expressed ourselves to her ,” We feel sad when you take things without asking. We feel mad and disappointed when you lie to us. We feel, we feel, we feel..” and opened the doors for her to express how she felt, she opened up a little. We asked her what she felt when she was sneaking snacks and sweets and hiding the wrappers. “Did you feel like we would be happy? Sad? Mad? did you feel like you were doing the right thing? Wrong thing?” She knew very well what she was doing and was able to verbalize what she was feeling while she did it. So, lets see how this goes! Hopefully, she will stop sneaking things!

  3. Just food for thought – lying and being sneaky is age-appropriate for six. One of our kids (I won’t way which one!) was busted in a string of pretty obvious lies when they were about six years old. The thing is, they stuck to their story, even when it was so OBVIOUS to all of the adults involved that they were lying. Sometimes it’s a test of trust – which is weird, because the trust isn’t earned. But they want to know you are on their “side.” Good luck, it’s not easy to correct.

  4. I love the image of all of you feeling the babies move. They’re going to be very well loved!
    Hope things even out with Mary. Think she might have conflicted feelings about the twins? Maybe feel a bit threatened? Just throwing that out there. Either way, sounds like you two are handling it like pros.

    • I think it might have to do more with being conflicted about leaving us and going to live with someone else that she doesn’t know (even though her Aunt is family). And its totally age appropriate to lie, but it’s how calculated and sneaky she is! That’s what the problem is. But correction the behavior and showing her its wrong is what’s important.

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