6 hours later….

For the past six hours, I have been diligently working on making the wearable decorations for our reveal party. It has been tedious, as I got stabbed by a fork several times while making miniature bows, burned my finger tips with the hot glue gun, got pink acrylic paint on one of favorite shirts, and had to explain to a 6 year old that the incessant questions are making me want to throw her off the boat! “I’M BUSY!!! JESUS!!!!!!!” But they came out FANTASTIC! I’m pretty impressed with myself. I’m not so bad at crafts after all.






Oh yeah, and Callie’s Snoogle came in. I am no longer her favorite cuddle thing. I have been rejected!



16 thoughts on “6 hours later….

  1. Shoot, I’m surprised she’s still sleeping in the bed! I was sleeping on the couch at about 4 months and I only had 1 in there 😉 The gender reveal stuff looks awesome. Except that I still don’t know what the genders are! 😉 LOL

  2. She looks super comfy! 🙂 My sister got me that pillow! & I love it. But I rarely sleep with it since it doesn’t allow me to lay as close to my wife. Lol.

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