Best. Kitty. Ever!

I’ve come to realize that you are either a cat person or a dog person.  I, am definitely a dog person. Always have been and always will be.  Callie and I have had many an argument as to why dogs are amazing (or horrible according to her) and why cats are so stupid (or magical in Callie’s eyes).  This is my formal apology to the woman I love.  I’m SORRY! Gracie is the best kitty ever!

Callie had been asking since we moved in together if we could get a cat.  “Cats suck, and they are anti-social.  They tear up your furniture and they freaking stink! To HELL with cats!”  It’s always been our BIGGEST disagreement.  “Well dogs are freaking annoying and they bark too damn much and they will chew up all my shoes!”  This ALWAYS happened when we brought up the idea of getting a pet besides our rabbit and 3 cockatiels.  Having had dogs in my life, I looked forward to coming home where they would be waiting for me at the door with their tales wagging, anticipating that long awaited head scratch and belly rub.  They were the joy of my life, those dogs.  Callie had cats her whole life. Her parents got her one when she was about three because of her obsession with death.  The pediatrician recommended that they get a dog, but since the apartment wouldn’t allow it, they got her a cat instead.  She had Sassy for 18 years and later on got Pepper who they had for about 17.

During the whole time we were TTC, I noticed that Callie was really struggling to find a happy place.  She was stressed, worried, anxious, borderline depressed, and the fact that no Dr’s or RE’s could give us any definitive answers made the whole ordeal even more difficult.  I was given a more permanent position at my new job and ended up with a schedule that included 2 overnights.  In the whole time that we had been living together, we may have spent all of 2 nights apart, and now every week would requite 2 nights of not sleeping in the same bed.   After a few weeks of this schedule, the conversation about getting a pet to keep us company (her at night and me during the days) became a more prominent one.  I was still adamant about getting a dog, and she wouldn’t budge about the cat.  I did some searching online to find dogs we could rescue.  I was dead set on getting a dog and screw those damn cats!  As I was driving past the County Center, I saw a sign for a massive pet adoption.  “That’s where I’ll go and get me a cute little puppy!” And so I went…

I walked in and took a look at all of the dogs.  They were everywhere in this massive basketball arena sized room! There were small ones, big ones, ugly ones, cute ones, sick ones, and ones that I wanted to take home right that second.  As I was walking around,  off to the left, was a door to a room that had a huge sign that said, “CATS”.  I literally said out loud, “UGH! FINE! I’ll look, but i’m not gonna find anything!”  As I walk into the room, which couldn’t have been bigger than the size of 2 classrooms (convincing me even more that dogs OBVIOUSLY are better than cats), out of the corner of my eye, I see this little gray kitty.  It was just sitting there, with the saddest eyes and the cutest yawn.  I came over to the crate, and before I even got close enough she was up, rubbing her body against my hand with was pressed against the cage.  

Lady– “Do you wanna hold her hun?”
Me- “Uhhh, no thanks.”
Lady– “Are you sure? She seems to like you. She hasn’t gotten up all day.” She’s opening the crate.
Me– “No really. (smiling for fake) It’s okay. ” She hands me the cat.
Lady– “Her adoption fee is cheap and she’s from a high kill shelter.  She’s only 10 weeks old, and needs a home. Wanna go in that room over there and feel her out?”

She put the kitty in my hands and before I knew it, she was rubbing her little head on my cheek and purring fantastically.  I didn’t need the room.  I was taking this kitty home.  Callie would love her, and would be beyond happy to have this new addition to our family.  Gracie came into our lives on April 25th, 2014. Since then, she has been the joy of this family.  She waits for me at the door when I come home from work.  She sits next to me on the couch and nudges my hand so I can just rest it on her back.  She lays in my bed and gives me sandpaper kisses when I snooze my alarm and could possibly turn later to work.  She lays on the floor on the bathroom rug (probably making sure that I don’t slip and fall) while I shower.  She lays on Callie’s belly at bed time, and checks on Mary when she’s sick.  She’s probably the best pet I’ve ever had.  To think, that I was totally against having her.   I got lucky to have the Best. Kitty. Ever.

Gracie (because she's Gray, See!?!)

Gracie (because she’s Gray, See!?!)

Worlds best kitty

Worlds best kitty


Watching over Mary when she's sick

Watching over Mary when she’s sick

IMG_8012 IMG_8028


15 thoughts on “Best. Kitty. Ever!

  1. Love me some kitty stories! We have four at our house (and a dog – you know, for balance…) and my Petey cat thinks baby belly snuggles are the best thing ever. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all about the specific cat, and it sounds like Gracie’s awesome!

  2. My cat waits for me at the door and comes when I call too. He’s made me become a total cat person. I had been figuring I was a dog person before I met him.

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