14 Weeks and Gender Reveal Planning

It’s been 14 weeks into this pregnancy (well today is 14w3d but who’s counting?!) and things are still rolling along smoothly.  Callie is starting to get what we assume is some round ligament pain. It’s down really low in her pubic area and only to one side.  Since neither of us knows what it’s really supposed to feel like, we’re just sort of assuming that’s what it is.  The “Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy” pretty much describes exactly what she is feeling.  She’s also been getting headaches pretty frequently. They aren’t every day and they don’t last very long, but we’re going to ask our OB when we see him this coming Thursday and make sure that there is nothing wrong or abnormal about that.  We understand that preeclampsia starts with headaches and is more likely to happen when carrying multiples. We bought ourselves a Sonoline B fetal Doppler and we listen to our babies every night, but we do miss seeing them once a week terribly! Pro’s of not going to the fertility clinic every week – Not going every week! Cons- it feels like we NEVER get to see our babies and we were used to seeing them at least once a week, sometimes twice! Hopefully, they might be able to tell us their gender.  Either way, the following week we get to see the Perinatologist who said she would more than likely be able to see as long as they cooperate.  We keep getting told that our babies are very well behaved (stretching alllllllll the way out when we have U/S’s), and that it takes half the time to scan our twins than it does to scan a singleton.  Hopefully, it’ll stay that way!

When life hands you lemons! (Ain't she the cutest?!?!)

When life hands you lemons!
(Ain’t she the cutest?!?!)

Hopefully, they will definitely be able to tell us the gender of the babies by the first week of September because we have already sent out the invitations for our Gender Reveal Party set for September 13th! It’s really exciting, but it would be really bad if we had no idea what they were.  Knowing our luck, they wont want to cooperate.  We’re both very reserved about out “privates” so our guess, our babies will be too! We’ve invited about 60 people, which sounds like a lot, but really isn’t.  Just my siblings, their significant others, my parents, and my nieces and nephews are 14 people. With Callie’s parents, brother, and her grandmother, we are almost at 20, so technically we really only invited 40 people, which is reasonable.  Everyone is so excited because they are ready to shower these babies with so much love, which in our eyes, they already have.  We have to keep telling people, PLEASE NO GIFTS, because they keep asking what we want or what is customary! We just want to share that moment with them.  We did really well with buying all of our decorations.  Thank you Walmart.com for all of your 87 cent stuff! We got enough decorations for 8 tables, pink and blue plates and cups for 100, cutlery, 100 gender reveal napkins, 8 mini honeycomb gender reveal signs, pink and blue balloons, and pink and blue crepe paper. I only spent $43!!!  We are having it at the marina where we keep our boat, under the gazebo, BBQ style. My mom is going to make her famous yellow rice with pigeon peas, and Callie’s mom is going to make her mouth watering Mac-n-Cheese.  Other family has volunteered to make some other stuff, and my sister ( who is a year younger than me and just got engaged Friday night at the Coliseum in Italy—WOO HOO!!!!!) is getting about 50 cake pops for us from a friend of hers.  How are we gonna tell everyone, you ask?  We bought 60 black balloons.  Inside the balloons with be either blue or pink confetti, or both.  Everyone will pop the balloons at the same time and TADA!!!! Confetti color=a lot of excited family and friends. Hopefully, it will all go off without a hitch and no one will pop their balloons too early, but I’ll make sure of that! I’ll have to cut someone! J/K, or am I??? We are making copies of the u/s’s from our first to the most recent, backing them on pink and blue construction paper and stringing them as decorations.  We are painting clothes pins blue and pink and adding little pink bows or blue bows at the top and letting people wear their guesses. There will also lip cut outs and mustache cut outs on straws for good measure.  Should be a good time.  Time to get my craft on!  With my busy schedule, I have to start making all of these things now.  I’ll be posting pics in the next week or 2 with some of the finished decorations.  Until then, I’ll just keep dreaming about these babies, and first pray that they are healthy and safe, and then that I have one of each, so I wont have to throw myself off of a bridge but If I don’t, I’d be just fine…

24 thoughts on “14 Weeks and Gender Reveal Planning

    • I will! I get so excited about sharing with you guys! You guys get as excited about my stuff as I get about y’all! I’m here waiting with bated breath for your beta results so I can do a celebratory jig with Callie! She doesn’t blog, but she loves to blog!

      • Thanks! I’m 7 days post blast transfer, and I’m trying to debate the pros and cons of POAS. Not sure what I want to do. What did you girls do? Did Callie pee on a stick?

      • we didn’t actually. We just waited till the beta. After 8 failed IUI’s we waited. To us the only thing worse than a negative at this point was a false positive. We know that the trigger shot can give you a false positive so we were like, screw it! We’re better off just waiting. They called me and told me we were pregnant and then I called Cals and we cried together on the phone, both in disbelief. But she was really good, because of all the IUI’s she just new she wasn’t pregnant, but about 2 days after the transfer she knew. She couldn’t shake it! I would wait, but it’s torture!!!!

  1. Oh man round ligament pain is awful, I’m hoping she doesn’t get pelvic girdle pain to accompany them, I have both right now and it’s brutal! She is adorable, and I love all your gender reveal ideas, can’t wait to hear what they are!

  2. What a great idea for the big reveal! I’d love to see pictures from the big balloon bust, too. By the way, I love the weekly photo idea as well. What a neat (and artsy) way to keep track of your babies’ progress.

  3. Sounds like lots of fun is happening. I do love a good gender reveal party, who am I kidding, I love a good party! I can’t wait to see pictures! Oooh, hiccups. That’s the strangest feeling ever. Because you can feel it! You can totally feel the hiccups and Punky had them in the womb SOOOOO much. I was like, damn, I’m miserable when I get hiccups, the doctor assured me she wasn’t phased, but its totally the weirdest and coolest thing ever. I can’t imagine double hiccups! That dress is awesome by the way and she’s really starting to show more and more! LOVE IT.

  4. Hello. New reader here. Loving your blog and following you and your family.
    Can I look you up on FB too?

    Cant wait for the next installment.

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