Everything seems to be going ok…

WARNING:  Ridiculously random post for things that have happened in the past 2 days, and photo overload! My apologies.

Today marks 12 weeks.  It is the last week in our first trimester, and FINALLY we get to spill the beans! Not that we haven’t told everyone that is close to us (immediate family, closest friends who might as well be family, and most of our co-workers) but finally being able to post pictures and little blurbs about  Pumpkin (Baby A), Sweet Pea (Baby B), and my gorgeous Callie on all my social media sites is ridiculously exciting to me.  Am I the only one that is really excited to show the world what we have been up to? They are probably wondering why we haven’t really attended any social gathers and have stayed away from any invitations including the words “Bar”, “Pub”, “Game Night”, “Pool Party” or “Karaoke”. It’s been really difficult to not show our weekly chalkboard update, cute little sonogram pics, or how ridiculously adorable Callie looks in the cute dresses I bought her for the remainder of the summer.

I can’t even believe how much her belly has grown in the past 2 days!  This morning, she noticed that her bellybutton was protruding just a little bit and was able to tuck it back in.  This afternoon, changing into her fishing clothes, she noticed that it was out again, but when she tried to push it back in, it wouldn’t stay. We regret not having started to take measurements earlier.

The daily morning picture I get at work

The daily morning picture I get at work

Fishing at sunset, one of our favorite things

Fishing at sunset…one of our favorite things

We’ve been very patient in waiting to find out the gender of our little ones.  Not that I ever really wanted to know much anyway but since it’s 2 and double the planning, sure! Why not?! We’ve refrained from buying anything (2 of everything remember?) until we know what we’re having but there are 2 things I couldn’t resist! I’m on baby overload, and I can’t control myself!!! I ordered THESE GIANTS!!!! and they finally came in! Go ahead and judge me, but my family bleeds blue!!! As long as I can remember, I’ve been excited about Sundays with my kids and extended family, watching games and talking crap.  It’s gonna be awesome!! I went to Marshall’s to look for a gift to surprise Callie with, I saw these and of course i had to have them (the only ones that I could find that weren’t gender specific)!

Little snuggle buddies (lovies) or as we called our security blankets growing up, "tita's"

Little snuggle buddies (lovies) or as we called our security blankets growing up, “tita’s”

And finally, appointment this afternoon with our Perinatologist.  Even though so far this pregnancy has gone off without a hitch (minus our little scare a few weeks ago), when you talk about down’s syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities, it’s still pretty scary stuff.  We’ve come to the realization that it’s a really personal decision to make if the results of these tests show anything less than “normal”, but we always knew that we would love our children no matter what.  We will  use our resources, ask for help, and care for them as best we can.  Terminating a pregnancy wasn’t an option for us unless of course our children would be suffering. But thankfully, it looks like everything is just fine! 1 in 7400+ chance of  Down’s, and my lady is sporting the baby making insides of an early 20yr old! Our sonographer was AMAZING!! She took her time with us and worked really hard to get great pictures, and she printed about 20 pics for us.  Pumpkin even gave her moms a little wave! Our little cuties are growing as they should and their little profiles make my heart melt.

They have my nose (i think)

They have my nose (at least we think so from these pics)

Bunk beds! Sweet Pea up top and Pumpkin down below

Bunk beds! Sweet Pea up top and Pumpkin down below

These aren't that great, but how can you resist not saying "awwww" like 1000 times in 10 seconds!?!

These aren’t that great, but how can you resist not saying “awwww” like 1000 times in 10 seconds!?!

"Hi" back atcha kiddo!

“Hi” back atcha kiddo!


6 thoughts on “Everything seems to be going ok…

  1. Congrats! When we were worried about twins, some of the best advice we got was not to buy two of everything. Rarely will they both like the same thing. So start with one, and if both like something, then buy two. But initially, it’s unneeded. They’ll likely sleep better in the same crib too.


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