Week 11

The end of the first trimester is approaching a little too quickly.  We’ve been waiting so long to embark on this journey and now it feels like it’s all moving so fast.  Week 11 already!  Little limes in there! Well, to me they are my Sweet Pea (tiny little baby A about 3 days behind) and Pumpkin (baby B who’s bigger and measuring 2 days ahead).  I’m totally convinced that it’s one boy and one girl, but it could just be wishful thinking.

It’s pretty awesome that Callie has been feeling fantastic! After all the online reading (curse you Google!) it seems that the amount of hormones coursing through her body should have her face permanently adhered to the bowl, but to be totally honest, she’s been doing remarkably well.  Her skin is immaculate, her aura is radiating, and I don’t think I’ll get that “pregnancy smile” of hers out of my head for the rest of my life.  She is simply smiling all the time for no reason.  We’ll be eating dinner and she’ll turn to me, look me in the eyes, shrug her shoulders and smile.  I now know it’s possible to love 3 people with every ounce of your heart at the same time. The intensity with which I love this women is just ::sigh:: indescribable.

We met our OB who is AMAZING! Dr. W  has to be, hands down, one of the coolest doctors ever!  I knew he would be after I read his reviews on Healthgrades and Vitals.com.  Everyone seems to be giving him 4 & 5 stars, except for one women who would have given him a BF 0 had it been an option.  Apparently she was upset because Dr. W circumcised her son without anesthesia after she had asked him repeatedly.  Then he made a comment, and I quote, ” He said my son’s penis was large like my husband’s penis. Dr. W complained of the rusty blades he had to use.”  When I read this, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  This lady OBVIOUSLY has no sense of humor.  When Callie got home and I shared it with her, she thought it was pretty damn hilarious.  We knew he was a kind of jokey-jokey guy and completely inappropriate, which we LOVE! After reading the other reviews, we knew this was the Dr for us.  So after a couple of jokes, sharing with us that his wife used the same infertility clinic we used to conceive their 3 children (a set of 12 year old twins and a 16 year old who is currently a camp counselor at a camp in the Adirondacks), and a ton of unnecessary cursing, we got to see our cute little babies and confirm that everything was still going okay after our Friday night ER scare. It was the first time they actually looked like tiny humans! They were wiggling around and moving like crazy.  Pumpkin looked like he/she had just woken from a nap and stretched it’s little arms and legs out and started rubbing it’s eyes.  It was beyond adorable! My little babies are getting big in there and my Callie is getting big out here! Life is pretty awesome right now. Week 11, nice to see ya…

My little Pumpkin rubbing her eyes

My little Pumpkin rubbing her eyes

Callie in her new maternity dress looking as gorgeous as alway

Callie in her new maternity dress looking as gorgeous as always


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